18 Former WWE Stars Who Now Work Regular Jobs

For quite a long time now, the World Wrestling Entertainment or WWE has been the ultimate source of wrestling entertainment. WWE began dominating the wrestling world in 1982. Since then, it’s become the home of top wrestlers such as Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, Dave Bautista, Sting, Rey Mysterio, Samoa Joe, Sheamus, Mark Henry, Triple H, Steven Anderson, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Bret Hart, Brock Lesnar, John Cena and many more.

Over the years, these wrestlers have amassed quite the following. Moreover, some of them managed to launch even more successful careers after they decided to leave wrestling for good. On the other hand, there are also former WWE superstars who left wrestling and ended up with regular jobs.

Let’s find out who these are and what they’re up to today:

18 Ivory, Entrepreneur

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Back in 2018, WWE announced that Ivory would be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, remarking she was one of the “most passionate competitors during her career.” Ivory, whose real name is Lisa Mary Moretti, has been quite busy since her retirement from professional wrestling.

In fact, she has been busy running a doggy daycare called “The Bow Wow Bus.”

17 Tonga Fifita, Car Dealership Employee

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In the world World Wrestling Federation (WWF), Tonga Fifta went by several names, such as King Haku, King Tonga, and Haku. This Tongan wrestler was said to be one of the most feared in wrestling history, perhaps due to his brute strength.

Today, reports indicate that Fifita is currently working for a car dealership in Florida.

16 Ted DiBiase, Preacher

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WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase was once known by a popular nickname, the Million Dollar Man. And after enjoying a successful career in the WWF, DiBiase decided to retire in 1993 due to a neck injury.

Several years later, DiBiase found his ultimate calling in religion. His website proudly proclaims, “Ted is a full time [sic] evangelist and motivational speaker. Officially ordained into the ministry, he is speaking to church congregations, youth groups, men’s meetings, corporate businesses, and in public schools and universities all over the world.”

15 Dennis Knight, Food Caterer

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Back in WWE, Dennis Knight was a wrestling star who establish quite a reputation. In fact, according to WWE, Knight “portrayed a Texas outlaw, a pig farmer, a hired bodyguard, a Satanic disciple and WWE’s resident exhibitionist.”

In 2000, Knight decided to leave the wrestling arena for good. Afterward, he established his very own food catering company.

14 Harvey Wippleman, Concierge

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In WWE, Bruno Lauer a.k.a., Harvey Wippleman, was a star, even though he was not exactly among the wrestling greats. However, he did have some pretty memorable fights in the ring.

Moreover, he also became well-known for his role as a wrestling referee. Today, Lauer is said to work as WWE’s “concierge.”

13 Beulah McGillicutty, Mom and Author

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Trisha Laughlin, better known as Beulah McGillicutty, was once an eye-captivating wrestling superstar in the ring. According to WWE, “She didn’t want to be treated differently than her male counterparts, either. She carried herself like a professional throughout the toughest of situations.”

In 1998 though, Laughlin decided it was time to pursue other goals. And today, she is a mom and author.

12 Steve Blackman, Martial Arts Instructor

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Steve Blackman was a WWF superstar who made quite a debut, by “jumping over a guardrail on Raw to help Vader in a brawl against Bret Hart’s Hart Foundation,” according to WWE.

Meanwhile, it also just so happens that Blackman is a martial arts instructor. And so, after his stint in wrestling, he went on to open his own MMA school and teach.

11 Jimmy Wang Yang, Entrepreneur

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In the WWE scene, Jimmy Wang Yang was once known by the ring names Jimmy Wang Yang, Jimmy Yang, and Akio. According to WWE, Wang Yang is now “keeping the party going with a unique business venture.” This is none other than the Jimmy’s Redneck Party Bus.

According to WWE, “The camouflaged vehicle gets plenty of attention wherever it goes, with people pulling up alongside it on the road to get a snapshot.”

10 Rick Steiner, Real Estate Broker

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Rick Steiner was WWE star who wrestled alongside his brother, Scott. In fact, during the 90s, the Steiner brothers even won the WWE Tag Team Championship twice. However, Rick famously turned on his brother and joined the nWo.

Following his stint in wrestling, Steiner went on to become a successful real estate broker.

9 Vickie Guerrero, Medical Administrator

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Even as a manager, Vickie Guerrero truly became a WWE star in her own right. As WWE recalled, “Sometimes, all it takes are two words to polarize an audience. In the case of Vickie Guerrero, those two words are, “Excuse me!” Barking the phrase out to a disinterested audience, Guerrero’s voice rises in pitch and intensity as a chorus of boos attempt to drown her out.”

Following her stint in wrestling, Guerrero went on to take up a career in medical administration, according to Wrestling Inc.

8 AJ Lee, Author

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When she was still a WWE star, April Jeanette Mendez went by the ring name AJ Lee. And during her wrestling stint, Mendez became a three-time Divas Champion. Since retiring from wrestling, Mendez went on to become a successful author.

In fact, according to a report from The Sun, she published memoirs entitled “Crazy Is My Superpower: How I Triumphed by Breaking Bones, Breaking Hearts and Breaking the Rule.”

7 Maven Huffman, Dental Sales Professional

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Maven Klint Huffman is perhaps, best known for taking part in the Survivor Series Elimination Match in WWE back in 2004. Here, he teamed up with Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, and Randy Orton to take on Edge, Snitsky, Batista and Triple H. Today, on his official Twitter account, Huffman acknowledges that he is a “former WWE Super Star now into Dental Sales.”

Moreover, he remarked, “Thank you to all my fans who have been with me!”

6 Bart Gunn, Electrician

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When Michael Polchlopek entered the world of professional wrestling, he went by a couple of ring names, including Bodacious Bart and Bart Gunn. Moreover, he also became known as one-half of The Smoking Gunns who wowed the crowd with pre-match antics. According to reports, Polchlopek spent six years with WWF.

Today, the former wrestling star works as an electrician, according to WWE.

5 Shawn Stasiak, Chiropractor

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Back in WWE, Shawn Emile Stipich, a.k.a. Shawn Stasiak, went by the moniker Meat. And despite the mean nickname, WWE remarked, “Stasiak lacked confidence back then.” Since leaving the world of professional wrestling, Stasiak decided to pursue a completely different career.

According to WWE, Stasiak has become “a Dallas-based chiropractor with a burgeoning career as a motivational speaker.”

4 Spike Dudley, Financial Planner

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When he was still a WWE star, professional wrestler Matthew Jonathan Hyson went by the ring name Spike Dudley. At that time, he knew he had a special role to play. As he had explained to WWE, “I was supposed to be a little maniac who wouldn’t back down from anyone.”

According to the Albany Daily News, Dudley currently works as a financial planner. Moreover, he and his wife now have an adorable daughter.

3 Paul Burchill, Firefighter and Paramedic

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In WWE, Paul Birchall went by the ring name Paul Burchill. At the moment, it seems Burchall believes he’s done with professional wrestling. He even told WWE.com, “Having wrestled with the best in the world, I got my fix. I didn’t want people to remember me as the wrestler. I needed to do a little less for myself and a little more for others.”

Following his stint with the WWE, Burchill went on to become a firefighter and paramedic.

2 Eve Torres, Mother, and Instructor

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In WWE, Eve Torres became known after becoming a three-time Divas Champion. According to WWE, Torres is now a dedicated mother. At the same time, she also teaches self-defense techniques.

Moreover, according to her IG page, Torres is currently the head instructor for Women Empowered, which offers free self-defense seminars.

1 Gene Snitsky, Bodyguard

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Back in WWE, wrestler Eugene Alan “Gene” Snitsky went under the names Gene Snitsky and Snitsky. In 2013, it was reported that Snitsky had gone on to do some professional security work. Specifically, he got hired to become a bodyguard for now-retired baseball player Alex Rodriguez.

It is unclear how long Snitsky had that gig for.

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