Man Buys Winning Lottery Ticket After Fortune Cookie Tells Him He's Lucky

Fortune Cookie

One of the best parts of getting Chinese food is the customary fortune cookie at the end. Who doesn't want to eat a delicious meal followed by a cute, supposedly predictive, note? Most of us don't put much stock into what the notes actually say and brush the comments off as completely random. However, one man has given us food for thought after winning the lottery when a fortune cookie inspired him to buy a ticket.

According to Good News Network, Diego Caceres was enjoying a hearty lunch at a Chinese buffet with his brother in Riverdale, Maryland, a few weeks ago, when he cracked open a fortune cookie. The cookie told the unsuspecting man that it would be his lucky day. How right it was.

Later that the same day, spurred on by the message he found in the cookie, Caceres borrowed $10 from his sibling so he could purchase a Power 8s scratch-off ticket.


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It was only the second scratch-off ticket Diego had ever bought in his life. He had never bought a Power 8 previously but chose it as 8 happens to be the number of his favorite soccer player, Ricardo Kaka. Incredibly, the small piece of paper netted Caceres a cool $100,000 in lottery winnings.

The two siblings were shocked to discover they had actually won and were more than likely thankful that they went for Chinese that day instead of Mexican! As it was his brother who loaned him the money to buy it,  Caceres has revealed they will be splitting the money right down the middle, even-stevens.

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They plan on spending some of the money to visit relatives in Argentina, Guatemala, and Italy, while also living it up a little bit at sports events when they can. And, of course, they will be putting some away for a rainy day.

Retailers sell thousands of lottery tickets every year to hopefuls wanting to get rich quick. Unfortunately, it very rarely turns out that way and the majority end up in the trash.

After learning about Caceres' incredibly accurate fortune, we think it might be time we all reconsider our stance on fortune cookies. Whether you believe there's truth in what they're trying to say, or if you're of the belief that Caceres' $100,000 win was just a huge coincidence, we can likely all agree that it's probably in our best interest to start paying a little more attention to them from now on!

After all, who knows what fortune might come true next?

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