Fourteenth Son Gets She’s A Boy Again Middle Name

One family chose a special name for their latest arrival. Jay and Kateri Schwandt picked "Sheboygan" for their newborn son Finley's middle name. It is spelled just like the city in Wisconsin, but the Michigan family has no special sentiments toward the Badger State. "Sheboygan" is a condensed abbreviation for the sentence: "She's a boy again."

Again and several times over... Finley is the fourteenth child and son of Jay and Kateri. The Schwandts love their boys, but have been holding out hope for a girl. Since they prefer to keep their pregnancies surprises, they had been hoping for a girl to add some femininity to their male-dominated family, but once the baby was born all hope for a girl was dashed. The couple had previously joked that they should name one of their son's "Sheboygan" as a middle name if indeed the baby was a boy.


"Well, we decided to have a little fun with it," proud papa Jay Schwandt told Today. "We're probably getting toward the end here. If ever we were going to use it, now was the time. We held out hope for a little girl but she was a boy again so we pulled the trigger on Sheboygan for a middle name." Schwandt added that he is leaving the "door cracked open just a little" as far as having another child goes, since the couple thought they were done with baby #12 and baby #13. They did say that this baby will likely be their last. "It feels like we're at the end of the road here," Schwandt said.

When asked how she made it through her fourteenth pregnancy, mother Kateri answered, "The grace of God" adding that, "I'm feeling great. His arrival was perfect. We're very blessed."


While the Schwandt family is perfectly happy with their new addition and his chosen name, there are many people in the kingdom of Twitter who do not share the happy couple's feelings. "I don't even know where to start," one Twitter user said. Another person tweeted, "What in the..."

The couple's other children, boys ranging in ages 25 to 2 years old, have happily taken photos holding their tiny brother and seem pleased with their newest little playmate. Today pointed out that the odds of giving birth to 14 boys in a row are 1 in 16, 384. Congratulations to the growing Schwandt family!

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