France Is The First Country On Earth To Ban Plastic Cups, Plates & Cutlery

It's been mentioned multiple times before, but we'll say it again: there's too much plastic in the world. It continues to pollute our grounds and our oceans, making Earth more of an inhabitable place to live. It's no wonder that countries and companies alike are taking crucial steps to reduce their use of plastic however possible. Whether it's phasing out plastic straws or eliminating plastic bags, every step taken in this direction matters more than you think.

But in France's case, they've taken the ultimate step by passing a law that will ban all plastic cups, plates and cutlery everywhere. This is coming off the heels of the European country banning all plastic bags just last year. It's clear that the French government is taking plenty of steps to better the environment.

This new initiative was announced this past August- just nine months after the COP21 summit. The new policy has outlawed most plastic cups, plates and cutlery throughout France. The only exception to this law will be disposable items that are made completely from biodegradable substances.

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All of these bans on plastics in France are extremely important. Every year, an estimated 4.73 billion plastic cups are thrown out, with only one percent actually being recycled. With these new bans in place, the government hopes to increase innovation in biodegradable products while also cutting down on plastic waste. The hope is that the products that survive these bans are made from at least 50 percent biodegradable material. Ultimately, France wants this threshold to be at 60 percent by the year 2025.

While the move to plan plastic cups, plates and cutlery has been praised by many individuals both online and otherwise, there are others who aren't pleased. A so-called  "European convenience food packaging association" known as Pack2Go has voiced its disapproval of the government's plastic ban. The organization claims that it violates European law on the free movement of goods. As a matter of fact, this law was even delayed due to concerns brought up about making things harder for lower-class individuals who may rely on plastic utensils and the like. Still, it looks as though it's been greenlit to happen.

Will other countries follow in France's steps to ban plastic in the same manner? Only time will tell.

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