France Passed A Law To Ban Plastic Cups, Plates And Cutlery

While America may have opted out of the coveted Paris Agreement, the rest of the world is scrambling to try and save the inevitable demise of the Earth. The consumption of plastic is a huge problem for all of us, with America alone discarding 33.6 million tons of it last year. Only 9.5% of that was recycled. Now, France has passed an important new law that is due to come into effect in 2020.


Part of the Energy Transition for Green Growth, an ambitious plan that leads the way to allow France to make a big dent in climate change, the law dictates that all plastic cups, cutlery, and plates are made of biologically-sourced materials so they can be composted. The change could go a long way to paving the way for other countries to follow suit, thus eliminating a huge issue. Though the revelation has been met with a largely positive response, some argue that it could violate the European Union rules on the free movement of goods and cost companies millions.

One company called Pack2Go isn't happy with the change. "We are urging the European Commission to do the right thing and take legal action against France for infringing the European Law," they say. "If they don't, we will." Pack2Go believes that France has hastily rushed into the decision and doubt that there is sufficient evidence to prove that environmentally-sourced materials are any better for the world. Company secretary Eamonn Bates believes that the term 'environmentally-sourced' will lead consumers to believe that the products are biodegradable, causing them to leave their used items in the countryside and on the beaches, resulting in a peak in pollution - not a downturn.

It's no secret that plastic is one of the major issues we face, as it's thought that around 13 million metric tons of it made its way into the oceans last year alone. This type of pollution causes all manner of irreparable damage to our marine life.

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