France Wants To "Make Our Planet Great Again" By Offering 4-Year Grants To US Climate Researchers


France is looking to snag maligned American climate researchers by offering them a 4-year grant.

Let’s be honest: America sort of hates the environment right now. The American people certainly don’t, and most of them are alarmed by what the government is doing, but this doesn't mitigate the fact that American withdrew from the Paris Climate accord last June and the current administration ordered the censorship of climate research hosted by the EPA soon after coming into office. And if there was still any question where the government stands, the president literally mocked climate activist Greta Thunberg after her address at the United Nations.

France, on the other hand, doesn't have a climate change denier in charge. President Macron is 100% committed to tackling climate change and he’s willing to help out American climate researchers who have been sidelined by their government.

That's why France is now offering US climate researchers, students, and scientists a 4-year grant to continue their studies and/or instruction in France. Details are now available as part of the French government's new "Make Our Planet Great Again" website, which is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the Denier in Chief.

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The site includes info on how to get a work visa and eventually permanent residency if the researcher is granted a permanent position. Scientists and students can bring their spouse and children, with special note being made to how French public schools are free and French universities are much cheaper than American schools.

Business and NGOs are also invited to apply for grants.

I have a message for you guys.

Posted by Emmanuel Macron on Thursday, February 9, 2017

After Trump entered office, President Macron made a direct appeal to US researchers offering to relocate them to France to continue their work. The new website is a continuation of that promise with the hope to make France a carbon-neutral nation on time with the Paris accords.

Sadly, even if France is making headway, global carbon output is increasing rather than decreasing. A global report states that emissions rose by 2% in 2018, with the power industry leading the charge with oil and coal-fired plants.

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