This UK Salon Hosted A Pampering Day For Homeless

A pop-up salon in Reading Berkshire, England spent the day giving the homeless people in their area some much needed and deserved pampering.

BBC News was first to share a video of the special day, featuring good people helping out others. The pop-up salon offered haircuts, manicures, pedicures, massages, eyebrow styling and even some free clothes in the hopes of making the homeless in their town feel better. It was a total makeover day.

Lisa De-la-plain, the owner of Cocoon Hair and Beauty where the pampering took place, revealed to BBC how crucial it was for her employees, the homeless, and her paying customers to see the salon put on such an event. It was all about making people feel good De-la-plain explained. Her hope was that everyone who participated in the day walked away feeling confident and inspired. When people feel good about the way they look, they feel better mentally.

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Organizer John David-Vance understood this was a rare opportunity for those living on the streets, which is why he wanted to have the event. By getting local business involved, he was able to hand out clothes, as well as serve the homeless people a good hot meal. Chef Mario Otvas was in charge of the cooking and revealed that this is what cooking is all about for him – making people happy.

Everyone who helped with the pampering day was a volunteer. Those who were pampered were full of gratitude. It was a day about community and it proved that the little town in England is ready and welling to help their own. Plus, it was a good reminder for everyone involved that there is nothing stronger than having a community behind you regardless of your circumstances.

This pop-up salon is making headlines after devoting an entire to day to pampering the homeless in their area. It is such an inspirational story and a good reminder for people everywhere that it is important to give back, as well as help out those in need. Hats off to everyone involved in helping plan such a special day that was definitely life-changing for several people in need!

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