“French Spiderman” Climbs London Skyscraper With Bare Hands

The 'French Spiderman' has struck again-- this time by climbing the Heron Tower, one of London's tallest buildings, with his bare hands.

Alain Robert executed the illegal ascent of the 662ft (202m) tower - now known as the Salesforce Tower - without safety gear nor rope, according to CNN.

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The 56-year-old daredevil is in excellent physical condition which contributes to his fabulous athleticism and skill. As with other unlawful climbs, he was carrying his passport in a chalk bag "because it is very reassuring for the authorities" when he is arrested. He uses chalk to improve the friction between his skin and the building, and he also tapes his fingers and wears wafer-thin gloves to protect them from the "aggressive" building.

When City of London Police officers arrived at the scene, they set up a taped cordon stopping traffic around the building and ushered the growing crowd back.

The crowd burst into cheers when the intrepid climber waved from about three-quarters of the way up the skyscraper. Robert raised his arms to cheers as he reached the top, where police were waiting to arrest him.

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According to Reuters, the 56-year-old climber made it to the top in an hour. Standing 230 meters (755 feet) high, it is one of the highest buildings in the city, so scaling it is seriously impressive.

“I’m not crazy,” he told Sky News before the climb. “What I’m doing may seem crazy but I’m not that crazy.”

“While the incident has caused immense disruption to everyday business in the City of London it also posed a significant level of risk to the safety of people in and around Heron Tower at the time,” Commander Karen Baxter from the City of London Police said.

The talented rock climber has tackled landmarks including the Burj Khalifa (2011), the Eiffel Tower (1996), the Sydney Opera House (1997) and the Montparnasse Tower (1995). In 1997, he climbed the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia but was arrested at the 60th floor, 28 floors below the top. But in 2009, he managed to get to the top without being caught.

Alain Robert has had seven falls in his life which have resulted in fractures and him needing stitches, with the highest fall being from 15 meters (49 ft), but that does not seem to deter this real-life spiderman from undertaking, even more, daring and spectacular ascents.

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