Friends: 20 Huge Potholes Everyone Missed (Until Now)

A sitcom about a group of 20-somethings living in New York City, Friends is one of the most popular television shows of all time. Even more than 20 years after its debut, the series is still beloved by people all over the world. Witty and cleverly written, Friends has provided joy and laughter to generations of fans, and will no doubt continue to be adored in the future.

That said, the show’s not perfect. Like anything, Friends has its flaws, including a variety of plot holes that don’t make any sense. The writers got all the jokes right, but we guess they forgot about keeping everything consistent! Keep reading to find out what 20 plot holes most Friends fans never picked up on, until now.

20 Chandler’s Supposed To Be A Sad Case, But He’s Been With Some Beautiful Women

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Before Chandler gets together with Monica, he’s known as the one friend who’s seriously unlucky in love (besides Ross). But is that really true? We always see him with so many great catches, including none other than Julia Roberts herself. He doesn’t seem like so much of a sad case to us!

19 How Do Rachel And Ross Get The Ink Off Their Faces?


In the episode where Ross and Rachel get married in Vegas, we see them walking through the casino with permanent ink on their faces because nothing will get it off. They try everything and nothing helps to remove the ink. And yet, the next morning at breakfast, their faces are totally clean.

18 Contrary To Popular Belief, Chandler Can Actually Cry

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Chandler also has a reputation for being the one friend who’s incapable of crying. Not even the death of Bambi’s mother could do the trick—Chandler doesn’t think it was a big deal when the “guy stopped drawing the deer.” But in an earlier season, Phoebe made Chandler cry like a baby. Which one is it?

17 Joey Seems To Get Progressively Less Intelligent


Joey isn’t the smartest friend, but his intelligence seems to drop to new lows as the seasons progress. In one of the later episodes, he refers to his Adam’s Apple as his Joey’s Apple. In an earlier episode, though, Joey seems to already know this, describing the Adam’s Apple of his date.

16 Phoebe Should Know That Rachel Has A Wild Side


As Digital Spy points out, Rachel might be seen as the “vanilla” friend, but Phoebe certainly shouldn’t be surprised when she finds out Rachel kissed Melissa in college. Remember when Monica and Rachel make out to save their apartment from Joey and Chandler? Well, Phoebe’s in the room, so she has to know that Rachel isn’t as “vanilla” as she seems.

15 Monica’s Varying Beliefs About Soulmates

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Phoebe causes an issue between Monica and Chandler when she meets a guy a few weeks after their wedding who she thinks is Monica’s soulmate. Chandler understandably gets upset by this, until Monica tells him that she doesn’t believe in soulmates. Except during her wedding vows, she called Chandler her soulmate …

14 Rachel Is Pregnant For A Curiously Long Time


We know that Rachel is late giving birth to Emma. By the end, she’s so irritable that the other friends try to avoid her at all costs. But her pregnancy carries on for much longer than most people think. She’s six months pregnant at Monica and Chandler’s wedding in May, and then on Valentine’s Day In February, she’s still pregnant.

13 How Many Times Do Rachel And Chandler Have To Meet?


Rachel and Chandler meet for the first time more than once, though none of them seem to remember this. We first see them meeting in the pilot, where they’re introduced at Central Perk. But later, we see that they actually met multiple times during high school and college. They even made out once!

12 Chandler Totally Knows How To Slip Money

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One episode’s plotline revolves around the fact that Chandler has a hard time slipping money to people. But an earlier episode in Season 2 shows that he actually has no problem with this. He impersonates Monica’s boyfriend with Joey by slipping him money. And he does it without an effort, mind you. How interesting!

11 Ross Seems To Forget About Ben


In the later seasons, Ben seems to totally disappear from Ross’s life. Not only do we not see him, but we don’t even hear about him. Some fan theories claim that this is because Ross was such a terrible father that he lost custody of Ben. We hope that’s not true, but it does kind of explain Ben’s disappearance.

10 Chandler Should Remember That Monica Lost Weight


When Chandler sees video footage of Monica before she lost weight after high school, he seems shocked, as if he doesn’t know that she used to be bigger. But Chandler was friends with Ross when they were younger, and would have met Monica several times before she lost weight. He shouldn’t be so shocked!

9 Ross’s Little Black Book Is Inconsistent


One small plot hole that fans have picked up on is that the list of women that Ross has been with seems inconsistent. In Season 1, we find out that Carol is the only woman Ross has ever been with. Then later in Season 7, we find out that Ross slept with the cleaning lady in college.

8 How Many Sisters Does Joey Actually Have?

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Not even Joey can remember how many sisters he has! At his birthday party in Season 3, it is made clear that Joey has seven sisters, meaning that there are eight Tribbiani kids in total. But in Season 1, Joey says his mom gave birth to seven kids in total, meaning he has six sisters.

7 Rachel’s Magic Key

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In one of the most famous Friends scenes in history, Monica and Chandler lock the others out of their apartment for being late to Thanksgiving, but Rachel opens the door with her old key and the gang pop their heads in. Only Rachel shouldn’t have had a key, because the apartment locks were changed in Season 8 after Rachel moved out.

6 The Friends Should Really Recognize The Celebrity Guests


There are tons of celebrity guests who appear on Friends, and honestly, the gang should recognize at least some of them. Ross, Joey, and Chandler are all huge fans of the Die Hard films, but they don’t bat an eyelid when Bruce Willis plays the father of Ross’s college girlfriend and Rachel’s new date?

5 Phoebe Is Suddenly Fluent In French

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When Joey has an audition in French, Phoebe offers to teach him how to speak the language because she’s fluent. Or is she? Before this episode in the final season, Phoebe seems to struggle to understand the most basic of French words. She doesn’t even know what “sous” means when she dates Monica’s sous-chef!

4 Chandler Says ILY For The First Time To Monica Twice


It’s always a big deal the first time a couple says I love you. Apparently, that even applies when they do it twice! Chandler first says he loves Monica when she dances with the turkey on her head, but later he tells Phoebe that he’s in love with Monica while she’s hiding in the bathroom, and she totally freaks out!

3 Clearly, Ross Does Actually Like Ice Cream

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There’s one Season 7 episode where Ross caves and admits to the rest of the group that he doesn’t like ice-cream. They’re horrified, although it’s not quite as bad as Chandler not liking dogs! But earlier in the series, Ross is seen happily devouring ice-cream with his monkey Marcel. So which time was he lying?

2 Pretty Much All Their Birthdays Are Inconsistent


When your show runs for ten seasons, it can be difficult to keep even the most basic of facts consistent. Rachel’s birthday is a point of confusion since she first tells Gunther that she was born in May. Later, she says that she’s an Aquarius. Being born in May would make her a Taurus or a Gemini.

1 And So Are Their Ages

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The gang’s ages tend to vary from season to season. Rachel is famously the last friend to turn 30 (and majorly freaks out about it), but somehow, Joey is also said to be the youngest in Season 1 when he’s 25. Ross also seems to stay 29 throughout Seasons 3, 4, and 5.

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