Friends: 20 Wild Details Behind Ross and Monica’s Relationship

Six best friends living in New York got through it together. Of course, Ross and Monica are more then friends. They're siblings. They're like any other brother and sister. On the other hand, there are times they're unlike any siblings. Indeed, they might be a bit too close. It's safe to say that Friends wouldn't be the same without Ross and Monica. At times, they're tight and the best of friends. Other times they're back to being rivals. Indeed, there are times it's like their kids again. At the same time, there are many details fan don't know. These wild details might be a bit alarming. It's time to take a closer look at the Gellers. Here are Friends: 20 Wild Details Behind Ross and Monica's relationship.

20 Ross' Fiance

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At one point, Ross and the gang travel to London. He was all set to marry Rachel. No, Emily. Monica does Ross a favor and picks up the wedding dress. She pretends to be Emily and tries the dress on. Monica even wears the dress while washing the dishes. It seems a bit odd that she pretends to his fiance.

19 Ross And Carol's First Time


Ross and Monica are very close. Regardless, there are some details that sisters don't need to know. For instance, Monica knows the date of Ross and Carol's first time. She might know that it's their first date. However, it's easy to see that this means a lot more to Ross. There's a chance she knows the truth.

18 They Share Dating Details


As noted, Ross and Monica share many details. They're very open about their dating life. They get into great detail about their dates and relationships. At times, Ross does seem a little bothered. On the other hand, he often flirts with women in front of his sister.

17 They Still Wrestle As Adults


It's no secret that Ross and Monica are highly competitive. They both like to win and be right all the time. As kids, they often wrestled and fought each other. Indeed, they both admit that Monica usually won. Regardless, they continue to wrestler even as grown-ups. It appears the fighting never ends.

16 Ross Walks In On Monica Showering


At one point, Phoebe and Monica attempt to play with a dollhouse. Of course, Monica's not good at sharing. Later, Phoebe makes her a dollhouse as well. It catches on fire, and Ross struggles to put it out. The only thing he can think of is running into the shower. Well, Monica's in the middle of a shower when Ross does so. It seems a bit odd that he would choose that option.

15 Ross Watches Chandler And Monica


When Monica and Chandler start dating, they keep it a secret from the rest. Of course, soon it starts getting out. There's just one last person that doesn't know, Ross. Not only he is Monica's brother, but he's also Chandler's college friend. Ross ends up finding out when he watches them kiss from across the street. He does flip out until he finds out they're in love.

14 Monica Was Really Into Rachel And Ross Kissing


Ross and Rachel's romance was the heart of the show. There wasn't a person in the world that wasn't happy the first time they kiss. Monica was one of those people. However, she wanted to know every single detail. It seems odd that she wants to know details about kissing her brother.

13 Monica Gets Personal


Ross always enjoys pulling pranks on Monica. He still does it when they're grown-ups. He tricks Monica into thinking her boyfriend calls, but it's their mother. She ends up sharing personal details with her mom. She feels embarrassed and gets mad at Ross. Of course, it does seem odd to talk about that in front of her brother.

12 They're Openly Intimate


Ross and Monica have no problem being intimate with their partners in front of each other. For most siblings, this would cause awkwardness. Well not for the Gellers. Indeed, they kiss and get physical in front of the other. As noted, Ross sometimes states his awkward feelings. Of course, that only happens on the rarest of occasions.

11 Monica Listens To Charlie And Ross


Monica and Ross need to set boundaries. For instance, Monica listens in on Ross with Charlie in his hotel room. Of course, part of the reason was Charlie was with Joey at the time. Monica and the rest didn't realize they broke up. It does seem strange that she listens to her brother with a woman. She does realize her mistake and switches walls.

10 They're Very Touchy Feely


Monica and Ross might be siblings, but they don't always act that way. They sometimes get very close to each other. It's not in a brother-sister kind of way. They are often very touchy-feely and get very close physically. Also, they also sit on each other's laps. It sometimes feels uncomfortable to see this.

9 Ross And Rachel's Tape


At one point, Ross and Rachel have a baby. There's a great deal of debate on who made the first move. Nobody believes Ross, but he's got proof. He got the whole thing on tape. In his defense, it was an accidental recording. The entire gang wants to watch the video to find out the truth. In particular, Monica wants to watch the tape. It's a bit odd she would want to watch Ross and Rachel.

8 Monica Doesn't Care If Ross Watches


Monica and Chandler struggle to have a child. They put in a considerable amount of work. Indeed, Monica didn't care who was around. Not even Ross. She was once very eager to get to be with Chandler. However, Ross was still in the room. Ross refuses to leave. Monica then claims she doesn't care if he stays or goes. Luckily, he chose to leave.

7 The Football Game


As noted, Monica and Ross both like to win. They both go to great lengths to be the winner. As kids, they played an annual Thanksgiving football game until it got out of hand. They play again as adults, and the same happens again. They both do whatever it takes to win. That includes cheating and getting rough. In the end, they both miss Thanksgiving dinner because they're still at the park.

6 Picking Out An Outfit


For most guys, it would feel strange that their best friend is dating their sister. Well, Ross seems to have no issues with it. Indeed, he even helps Monica choose undergarment outfits. At first, Monica just wanted to ask Phoebe. Of course, she could have waited until after Ross left. He insists on helping even after he realizes its to intice Chandler.

5 The Happy Days Game


Monica and Ross are a bit too comfortable with each other. They even played a variant of the Happy Days game once. They all headed to the beach for some fun in the sun. Of course, that didn't end up happening. They ended up playing the grown-up Happy Days game instead. It seems odd that they'd play a game like this together.

4 Ross Checked Out Monica's Legs


Ross famously tried to get a tan, but it backfires. He has a horrible tanning experience. Ross gets the idea after seeing Monica's tanned legs. He stares at her legs and kind of flirts with her. It's such an awkward and odd moment that even Chandler says something. He feels uncomfortable with his best friend saying things about his sister.

3 Ross Bullies Monica


In her younger days, Monica was a bit overweight. It became a running joke in the show. Everyone teased her about it, but Ross and Chandler were the meanest. Ross picked on her when they were kids. However, he often mentions her weight still as adults. He enjoys mocking her weight even after she lost it all.

2 The Dance Routine


It was Ross and Monica's dream to one day dance on Dick Clark's New Year's Eve Show. When they were kids, they even create a dance routine they knew would impress everyone. They finally get that chance but as adults. They struggle to gain any attention, so they bust out the routine. Ross and Monica both still remember the moves. It seems odd that they didn't forget the steps. It turns out they've both been practicing it all these years.

1 Ross Was Monica's First Kiss


Everyone always remembers their first kiss. It's something that stays with us forever. Well, Monica probably wishes she could forget. When Monica and Rachel were in high school, they attend a party at Ross and Chandler's college. That night, Monica had her first kiss with a handsome stranger. It was dark, but she knew it was love. It was Ross. That's right, Monica's first kiss was with her brother. He thought he was kissing Rachel. It's just awkward for everyone.

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