Fuller House: 15 Behind The Scenes Secrets That Change Everything

Back when word broke that Netflix had greenlit a sequel series to the always popular sitcom Full House, it is very safe to say that millions of people around the world were very excited. Thankfully for many of those fans, the resulting series lived up to their expectations. With Fuller House’s final season set to debut on the streaming service in the coming months, it seems like there is no better time than the present to learn more about the popular series.

Even though Fuller House fans are likely aware of everything there is to know about each episode of the much-beloved series, a lot of things went on behind the scenes they may be ignorant of. With that in mind, it is time to take a look at this list of 15 behind the scenes Fuller House secrets that change everything.

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15 Jimmy Fallon’s Connection to the Show

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When Dave Coulier agreed to bring Joey Gladstone back to life as a part of Fuller House, many fans of the original series were excited to see that character’s signature style of humor again. As is turns out, Mr. Woodchuck almost didn’t appear on the show because the original puppet had been eaten by Coulier’s dog. Fortunately, Jimmy Fallon gave the actor a replacement Mr. Woodchuck puppet.

14 Dave Coulier Was Really Touched to Be Back in His Classic Role

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If anyone wondered if Dave Coulier only agreed to be a part of Fuller House for the money, they can rest assured that he truly cares about working with his old friends yet again. In fact, as it turns out, walking onto the show’s stage the first time made him so overcome with emotion that he began to cry. In a world where many actors seem jaded, that says a lot.

13 Andrea Barber’s Unfortunate Allergy

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As Andrea Barber revealed to Redbook, during the early Fuller House tapings the Tanner family couch bothered her. "I was allergic to it when we first started filming, every time we had a living room scene, I'd have an asthma attack until finally, Jodie figured it out that it was the couch." Thankfully for Barber, the show’s producers brought in a new couch that didn’t bother her.

12 The Cast Works Under Favored-Nations Deals

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Due to the fact that Fuller House features a massive starring and recurring cast, some of whom are celebrities, negotiating everyone’s salaries could have been like walking a minefield. As one of the show’s producer’s, John Stamos, told Details magazine, that wasn’t a problem. “I made sure it became a favored-nations thing, so we all make the same amount.”

11 The Real Reason Tommy’s Character Kept Looking Up

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During one of Fuller House’s most whimsical moments, baby Tommy could be seen looking up during a scene at the breakfast table so Jodie Sweetin (as Stephanie) followed suit in a hilarious way. Funnily enough, that moment wasn’t planned as it was improvised after the baby actor who portrayed Tommy kept staring at the boom mic that was being held up in the air above him.

10 Jodie, Candace, and Andrea Have a Lot of Influence

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As three women who’ve experienced a lot in their lives and have attained a lot of success in their field, Jodie Sweetin, Candace Cameron Bure, and Andrea Barber have a lot to offer to Fuller House. For example, Sweetin told Redbook, "With us all being moms, we really had a lot of input with what is going on with the story lines about having to balance work with kids”.

9 The Exterior of the Tanner House is Now a Set

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As Full House fans know, footage of a real San Francisco house stood in for the outside of the Tanner’s abode. In fact, so many fans of the series have had their photo taken outside of the real home that it greatly annoys the people who live there. For that reason, Fuller House wasn’t allowed to shoot new footage at that location so they built a set of its exterior instead.

8 John Stamos Wasn’t Too Pleased with the Olsen Twins

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During an interview with Women’s Wear Daily that was released before Fuller House debuted, Mary-Kate Olsen claimed that she and her sister had never been personally asked to be a part of the series. Greatly angered by that claim, John Stamos made it clear in a crudely phrased tweet that he passionately disagreed with her claim. Thankfully for everyone involved, Mary-Kate and John have since made up.

7 Reportedly Many Cast Members Were Very Surprised By One Joke

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In some ways, Fuller House is very different than the series that preceded it. For instance, it has included some jokes that Full House would have shied away from, including the time Stephanie made a crack that she’d had a girlfriend longer than a Veterinarian’s Clinic had stayed open. In fact, even Marla Sokoloff and Candace Cameron Bure were surprised by that moment as it wasn’t in the script.

6 Several Full House Reunions Were Attempted in the Past

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In recent years, several classic sitcoms have managed to find a new life with revivals of all sorts. With that in mind, you may think that efforts to bring Full House back were part of a trend. In reality, that isn’t the case as John Stamos tried to get a sequel series off the ground in 2008 and a movie reunion going in 2009 but couldn’t get either project off the ground.

5 The Creator’s Allegedly Bigoted Comments

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As the man who created Fuller House and the series that inspired it, Jeff Franklin used to have a lot of power over the franchise until he was fired in 2018. Let go due to a series of offensive things he allegedly said, one example is he told his writer’s room that he would never date a Jewish woman.

4 The Cast Has Supported One Another Through Lori Loughlin’s Exit

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Unlike some shows, Fuller House boasts a cast that really cares about one another. Sadly, that has made Lori Loughlin’s current legal problems and firing from the show hard on them all. In fact, according to a report, the adult actors have a group chat in which they help each other cope with the drama and everyone involved is trying to shield the young cast members from the situation.

3 The Show Tried to Get Elizabeth Olsen to Play Michelle Tanner

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For many Fuller House fans, it still is disappointing that the Olsen twins aren’t a part of it. As John Stamos revealed during an appearance on Radio Andy, the show’s producers attempted to find an unorthodox solution to that situation, they asked Elizabeth Olsen to portray Michelle Tanner. “We talked to her agent and her agent was like, 'Come on, she's not going to do that'. But we did call her agent."

2 The Creator’s Alleged Treatment of Female Employees

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Another entry about the firing of Fuller House’s creator Jeff Franklin, this time around we are going to look at his alleged treatment of his female employees. Said to have instructed his female writers to bring their bikinis during a writer’s retreat in his home, he also allegedly said that female directors are “all the same”. In addition to that, he reportedly said other things about his female employees that are too vulgar to include here.

1 The Original Concept For the Show Was Very Different

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If you have ever imagined the Tanner sisters and Kimmy Gibbler living it up like Carrie Bradshaw and her four best friends, then you almost got to see that happen according to John Stamos. As he told USA Today, when work on Fuller House began, the show was going to focus on the main characters dating lives just like a classic HBO show that starred Sarah Jessica Parker.

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