10 Perfect Items For Your Kids' Loot Bags

Throwing a child a birthday party is a lot of fun. You can pick a theme (or, more accurately, your adorable little one will pick a theme... or demand it), have a good time picking out the paper plates and napkins, planning the menu, and coming up with some enjoyable games and activities.

One of the most important parts of planning a kid's party would definitely be the loot bags. Kids look forward to these when they attend a friend's birthday bash and the parents probably do, too. Wondering what would be good party favors? The following 10 items would be absolutely perfect for any birthday party loot bags.

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10 Healthy Gummy Candy For Happy Kids And Parents


It's no secret that kids love candy, and candy is a typical feature at many birthday parties. Instead of giving out party favors in a loot bag that are full of sugar, why not go for some healthy gummies?

You can make your own healthier gummy bears, like this recipe from Diynatural.com, that use gelatin, honey, and fruit juice. You can also purchase some organic gummy candy from a health food store and give those out. The children will still get a sweet treat, but you'll be glad that the candy isn't as full of sugar as it could be. Happy kids, happy parents.

9 Bubbles Are The Best Thing Ever


Remember when you were a kid and bubbles were the most exciting things ever? You couldn't wait for summer because it meant carefree afternoons spend outside, chasing bubbles around and having tons of fun. There is just something so sweet, innocent, and adorable about kids blowing bubbles.

Every kid loves bubbles and every kid attending a birthday party would be more than happy to receive a bottle of bubbles that they can enjoy. It'll go over really well and you'll be the most popular mom ever for thinking of it.

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8 A Sweet Stuffed Animal


Another perfect item for your kid's loot bag would be a sweet stuffed animal. As long as you pick one that is small and can fit in a loot bag, this is a great idea and your guests will appreciate it.

Kids can never have too many stuffed animals. Well, you might think that there's such a thing as too many because you might be running out of room in your kid's room (or in the house or apartment in general), but children are happy to have tons of fake furry friends. The kids coming to your party will love having a sweet new stuffed animal friend to play with.

7 Tiny Flashlights To Light Up Your Little One's World


Flashlights are fun for kids and tiny flashlights are even better since their little hands can easily hold them. This is a perfect item for your kid's loot bag. Your party guests will love these. They might even start running around and pointing them at walls and at people, wanting to see what will happen, which will be super adorable.

Flashlights are really mysterious and cool to children since they can't believe that when you turn the lights out that you can still see, thanks to these magical things. It'll also be fun for parents to play with their kids and their new mini flashlights.

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6 Have Kids Let Out Their Inner Artist With Sidewalk Chalk


Kids love sidewalk chalk! Have you ever walked down a street in your neighboorhood in the summer and not seen at least a few drawings that a child made in colorful chalk? Exactly. You always see at least a few pieces of sidewalk art and it's cute every single time.

You can definitely add colorful sidewalk chalk to loot bags and it'll inspire lots of little kids to let their inner artist out. It's also a fun way for kids to be occupied and entertained during the warmer months when school is out and they need a lot of stuff to do.

5 Individual Packages Of Smores Ingredients To Have Some Sweet Fun


Smores are fun for everyone, but kids love them most of all since, of course, they're super sweet but they also involve a fun activity: roasting marshmallows.

Give the gift of summer fun by adding individual smores packages to the loot bags at your child's birthday party. You can give each kid a few graham crackers, a chocolate bar, and some marshmallows, and when they get home they can roast the marshmallows (this can definitely be done indoors on the stove or in the oven). Every kid will have an amazing time and it's honestly a truly great summertime experience.

4 A Disposable Camera For Budding Photographers


Most kids are really interested in getting their hands on their parents' cell phones and sometimes they like to take photos using the phone camera (and they like to play all kinds of games or randomly press buttons, too). Why not get the children attending your kid's birthday party a camera of their own?

Disposable cameras are awesome ideas for loot bags since they're affordable and easy for kids to use. They'll have the best time ever snapping pictures of the world around them, and some of them just might discover that they are talented budding photographers who want to pursue this passion.

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3 Some Adorable Erasers


We might find erasers kind of boring, but that's because we don't tend to use pencils very often or at all. We write with pens and most of the time we're typing on our computers. It's a different story for kids. They are all about fun, adorable erasers and they think they are really cool.

This is a great loot bag gift since kids will not only like lining up all of the cute erasers, but they can use them to learn how to count (or to practice their counting). Parents will definitely love that. It's a gift that is both fun and educational.

2 A Set Of Fun Colored Pencils


Children really love any time that they can get creative, so artistic activities are always welcome. Colored pencils are really fun to use. It's funny because when we get older, we don't tend to use or buy colored pencils, but when we were kids we had a steady supply of them on a regular basis.

A set of colored pencils is a perfect thing to put in a loot bag for a child's birthday party. Kids always need art supplies and everyone will be happy. Just think of all the gorgeous drawings that the kids are going to create. It's pretty cool.

1 Some Stickers That Will Be A Big Hit


It's hard to imagine something that is more fun than being given a new set of stickers as a child. There's something magical about them. Maybe it's because you can stick them anywhere and that includes places that your parents don't really want them.

Another good pick for a kid's birthday loot bag would be some stickers. You can get a page of stickers for each child and they will be absolutely thrilled to get this. You might hear some excited screaming and see some jumping around. Stickers are definitely the perfect addition to a fun birthday party.

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