10 Videos To Entertain Your Dog While You're Away

Anyone who owns a dog knows how stressful it can be to leave their pet at home. We are constantly worried about what they might destroy or if they are being too loud, but most of all we are concerned about their need for entertainment. We want our dogs to live a fulfilling life, but how do we accomplish that when we work for eight hours or more a day?


Videos created specifically for dogs are the answer you were looking for. You can give them bones or toys, but nothing is as entertaining as a video. Videos capture your dog's attention through sight and sound, showing them things a toy never could. These videos take them on adventures or allow them to listen to other dogs, providing an educational experience as well as an entertaining one. Keep reading to see the ten videos that will entertain your dog while you are away from home!

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10 A Field of Cows Will Relax Your Dog

This video of cows will relax any dog as they take in the warm scenery and slow-moving mammals wandering across their screen. It provides 10 hours of nonstop footage so your pooch won't have any reason to rip up your couch cushion while you're gone. They will be entranced by the spots and soft sounds of nature as they drift into a fulfilling sleep, dreaming of lush green pastures with you by their side. Their canine souls will be soothed and comforted, despite the pain of your absence.

9 Doggy Reality TV

A reality tv show involving dogs is their dream, and a show they will binge watch over and over again. They will connect with these dogs on a personal level as they experience things every dog goes through in their daily life, showcasing the hardships every dog experiences at one time or another. Their eyes will be glued to the screen as the drama of this video unfolds, from the struggle of a laser pointer to begging for treats. It exposes the hard truths of a dog's life as well as highlight a few of their shining moments.

8 A Day of Doggy Adventures

Dogs love this video because it transports them to a different world, helping them forget you are not at home. This particular video transports them to a wooded park, beside a flowing stream, where they can watch pedestrians taking their daily walk or admire the birds flitting through the tree branches.


They are also taken to a serene pond and a beautiful waterfall, calming their fluttering heartbeats with its tranquility. It has clips of other dogs napping, helping your dog feel less alone as they sleep, provided the comfort of another friendly face.

7 Help Soothe Their Anxiety With Zebras

We can't take our dogs to the zoo, but we can bring the zoo to them through this video. Dogs love zebras, their mesmerizing stripes tugging at their attention. The sounds of this video are relaxing, as the zebras calmly munch on blades of grass, filling their tummies to contentment. Your dog can imagine lying in the field, surrounded by these beautiful creatures, as his soul is calmed by their unique essence. A video worthy of occupying your dog's attention, rather than the enticing plate of food you forgot to put away the night before.

6 Hunting Dogs Will Be Drooling For These Ducks

Hunting dogs are trained killers, many of them used during duck season to retrieve the bodies. This video will appeal to their love of water and the fowl that resides near it. You might come home to find them drooling over the beautiful specimens pictured on their screen, wishing they were there to bring you a prize worthy of praise and treats. They study this footage to improve their trade, memorizing the ducks' movements and how they react as a group. Hunting is your pooches true passion and this video will serve him well in the field.

5 Birds Will Enchant your Dog

Your dog will prefer this video to watching for you out the window, enjoying the noises and fidgety habits of these small birds. They could wait for hours to view anything of interest outside, but this video provides them with the stimulation they need. Their heads will zoom back and forth as they try and follow the speedy birds across the screen, wondering what the birds are eating and wanting a taste of it. Your dog will ponder what it means to fly, ultimately deciding the leap from your bed to the floor is enough for them.

4 Doggy Talk Show

Humans love talk shows, like The View or Jimmy Kimmel Live!, as they discuss relevant topics with a mix of humor. These barking dogs are short clips of the same type of thing, ensnaring your dog's full attention as they bark about the things which matter most in today's society.


They are sharing their voices to entertain your pooch and their segments will leave your dog barking for joy. Some of them are activists, fighting for the right to use their neighbor's lawn, or stand-up comedians, offering a hilarious rendition of their owner's quirks.

3 Mesmerize Them With Windshield Wipers

No one knows why windshield wipers are so mesmerizing, but dogs have loved them for ages. Maybe it's the steady rhythm or the sound as they swipe back and forth, but the world may never be given an answer. All we know is this video allows your dog to have the experience without actually having to put their stinky body in your car. They leave behind hair and drool, leading you to clean your car multiple times a month, but no longer. Now you can let them enjoy their favorite pastime without giving yourself a headache in the process.

2 A School Gone To The Dogs

This follows one dog's journey as he heads to school, allowing your dog to experience it along with him. He is quick-witted and a teacher's pet, constantly getting knocked down but always picking himself back up off the ground. He enjoys math and history through the eyes of dogs, daydreaming about the perfect date with Sandy, his crush. Your dog will beg to be signed up for school after watching Oakley skate his way past obstacles and win the best smelling girl in school.

1 So You Think You Can Dance?

This video is a mashup of dancing dogs and cats, shaking their adorable bodies to popular songs. This is the best of the best of the dancing animal world, and your dog is the judge, choosing who should be named the world's best animal dancer. He might be biased as he prefers the dog clips to the cats, but that won't stop him from watching. He understands talent when he sees it and will be sucked into the video from the moment it starts.


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