9 Animal Photobombs That Prove It Really Is A Wild World Out There

We all love a good photobomb. There’s nothing like slipping in behind someone while they’re trying to take a photo just so that you can ruin their perfectly planned picture. And as much as we appreciate it when people do it, it’s even funnier when animals are the culprits. When humans do it, they usually plan it out, but when animals do it, it’s completely random. That’s what makes it so great! These individuals (and some animals) were just out there trying to live their best life when, out of nowhere, they were greeted by an unexpected guest.

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9 Move Over Penguins, I’m The Star

This has got to be one of the most iconic animal photobombs in the history of animal photobombs. The image has been circulating around the World Wide Web for a good minute, but it never gets old.

Whoever took this picture was just trying to get a snapshot of a bunch of penguins doing their thing, but this seal caught wind of it and got a little bit jealous. That’s when it made the decision to pop its head in so that it could be in the photo too. Next time, the photographer will think twice before deciding to exclude certain animals from the spotlight.

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8 Squirrel!

The best part about this picture is that the squirrel is in the classic squirrel pose. Whenever you see one of these animals they always look like they were just in the middle of something when they hear some calling for them from another tree. Luckily, the individuals in the photo don't look bothered by this adorable photobomber. He adds some character to the photo.

7 How Could They Miss That

When we look at this picture, we just can’t help but wonder what these women are looking at. They were so interested in whatever was going on in front of them that they failed to see the giant elephant walking up behind them. It’s really hard for me to imagine that whatever they’re photographing is more impressive than an elephant, and yet, it must be. It’s not like an elephant could just sneak up behind them. They had to have heard it approaching, which means that they really didn’t care about getting a photo of it.

6 Say Cheese

This fish didn’t just do a regular photobomb in this woman’s picture. It decided that it would take it a step further by putting on a smile for the camera. It didn’t fake little grin either. When someone forces you to take a picture, you may keep your mouth closed and just turn up the corners of your mouth slightly. But, when you’re really into it then you make sure that your pearly whites are showing. This fishy was definitely into it because we could see all of its chompers.

5 You Shall Not Pass

This llama looks like its daring the photographer to try and get past it. Its face is serious, which means that if you try and walk by, you might get attacked. This is definitely on llama you don't want to mess with, especially in this area.  There’s nothing but rocks and hills, so if you take one wrong step, it’ll be game over.

4 Nosy Ram

When one of our friends asks us to take a photo for them, we do it. We dig down deep and summon our inner professional photographer. When we’re done, we just have to sit back and wait patiently for our pal to give us their seal of approval. Sometimes we just hang back and wait to hear the feedback. Other times, we’ll creep from over their shoulder to look at our work. That’s exactly what it looks like has happened here. It seems like the ram is waiting patiently to hear if his buddy likes the picture that it took of him. That’d be great if that’s what was happening. In reality, it’s just another animal photobomb.

3 Don’t Feed The Birds

Duomo di ilano has a ton of pigeons all over the place. People feed them, which is why there are so many around. The birds know that they can go there to get some food. It's no surprise that this guy got photobombed by one of them. This specific pigeon probably saw another person with some bread a couple of hundred feet from the guy getting his picture taken. So it decided to fly past the camera so that it could get to it before any of the other pigeons did.

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2 Group Hug

Via: The New Yorker

When I was in grade school, I went on a class field trip to the local aquarium. One of the things that I vividly remember was being able to touch a stingray. The woman at the stingray exhibit told us that they were okay to touch because their stingers had been removed. All we had to do was put our index finger and middle finger together, stick them inside of the water, and wait for them to brush past us. I thought it would be a cool thing to do, but the second that slimy creature wiggled its way by finger I regretted it. That’s why I know that I would react the same way as these women did if one of those creatures came up behind me like this!

1 Side-eye

This turtle is looking at the camera like the person who took the picture just said the most idiotic thing a person has ever said in the history of mankind. The group of people behind the marine animal didn’t hear it because they were too far away. But because the creature was so close to the photographer, it could hear it loud and clear. Maybe next time the individual taking the snapshot will think about what they say before they open their mouth to actually let it out.

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