10 Times Dogs Were The Cutest Members Of The Family

It’s nice to live in a time where we have access to so many pictures of dogs doing cute and funny things. Before social media existed, we didn’t have that. No one took a picture of a pooch, got it developed and brought it around to show their friends because they didn’t think that it was important enough. The only photos we got to see were ones of people’s human babies. And babies are cute and everything, but at some point, you just have to be like, “No, Susan. I don’t want to see another pic of your sleeping daughter.” But now, people realize that fur babies are just as adorable–if not more–as human children are, which means we get to see images like the ones on this list all the time!

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10 Fireman Pup

What kid doesn't like a good doesn't like a good fireman slide down the pole? Apparently, kids aren't the only ones who can appreciate them as is evidenced by this pup! Our main question though is how in the world did this puppy even get into this position? He seems to have a great grip which we can certainly appreciate. All in all, we doubt that a baby could pull off a face like that while somehow sliding down a pole which makes this dog the cutest member of this family.

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9 That Clearly Wasn’t Meant For You

People put little doors in their homes so that their furry friend can come and go outside as they please. They don’t have to wait around for their owner to let them out because they can just do it themselves. However, if the door is too small for their animal, then it’s not really useful.

This family had a cat flap but they didn’t have one for their pooch. So when this little lady tried to get out in hurry, she ended up with a new piece of neckwear instead.

8 Best Treat Ever

This pooch just looks happy and surprised all at the same time. This little one knows that their taste buds are going to be thanking them in just a few short seconds, and that’s exactly what this look shows. Chances are that they have had this snack in the past. That’s why they know how delicious it’s going to be. Maybe they did something good to deserve it or maybe their owner was just trying to be nice, but whatever the case may be, this doggo is surely thankful.

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7 Sibling Rivalry

Anyone who has a sibling can relate to this picture on a fundamental level. At some point in time, we all probably did stuff like this to annoy our siblings. It was just a part of how we interacted with them. We knew that it got on their nerves, but engaging in activities like this was just one of the many ways that we showed them that we cared. You couldn’t do this to a complete stranger, but you could do it to your family only because you loved them so much.

6 Tangled Up

We definitely understand this little one's pain. Blinds can be a difficult thing to maneuver. We've all been in a new place and unable to either lower or lift the blinds. Even in our own homes sometimes we're stuck tugging at those two strings in every which way. For a dog, that has to be a whole new level of "ruff".  At least the pooch doesn’t look concerned about being in this tiny jam.

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5 Shotgun!

Via: Tumblr

Riding shotgun is the best position you can be in when you’re a passenger in someone else’s car. You have a bunch of space in front of you, plus you don’t have to worry about having anyone touch you. This pet realizes this, which is why they have no problem with letting the window down and reveling in the sun as the wind blows through their fur.

4 Turn It To The Side

Most dogs love playing catch, and this one found a stick that was large enough that they could really have some fun with it. The only issue is that they overlooked the problematic length of the stick when they picked it. They didn’t think that it would be so difficult to get it to their human, but that’s exactly what ended up happening. Sure, the person who owns the pooch came to their rescue, but the amount of time that it took for them to help get their pet out of this pickle probably wound up significantly cutting down on their play time.

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3 So Tempting

We all know what it’s like to want to do something that we know we have no business doing. Sometimes, we’re able to walk away from it, but other times the draw is just so appealing that we can’t say no. We know that we’ll probably end up regretting it a little bit, but for some reason, we still follow through with it. Whatever it is though, dogs like this know your pain, because their Achilles’ heel happens to be rolling around in freshly cut grass.

2 Nosy Neighbor

Most of the time, you couldn’t care less about what your neighbors do. But every now and again, they do something that you just can’t help but be curious about. Maybe there’s a weird noise coming from their home or perhaps there’s been a mysterious car parked outside for a week, but whatever it is, it draws you in. So you may open up your blinds and try and take a sneak peek. If you’re successful, then you’ll get to know what’s going on without getting caught. If you fail, you’ll end up like this pooch.

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1 For The Love Of Peanut Butter

There are a lot of dogs out there who enjoy snacking on peanut butter. Lots of times humans want to share their food with their canine pals, but it’s not always good for them. However, this happens to be one of those things that they can actually eat without getting sick, and that’s good for them. You probably just want to make sure that you keep it out of reach–otherwise, you may end up walking in on a scene like this.

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