Funny Parody Proves Why Even Superman Needs To Practice Self Care

The experts are serious when they say that self-care is serious business and not something you want to skip out on. A new parody proves that even Superman needs to carve out time for himself every once and a while.

The parody, which was published by Studio C, shows the disaster that arises when good ol’ Clark Kent takes his first day off in ten years. The undercover superhero clearly struggles to balance his personal and professional time. But when his visit to the bank goes awry thanks to bank robbers, Clark initially refuses to transform into his alter ego and save the day. As you can imagine, things then go from bad to worse.

The sketch is definitely worth the watch and emphasizes the importance of practicing self-care in a regular, efficient way. Too often we’re distracted by all the business in our life or consumed by technology, which doesn’t always help to recharge us. Luckily, however, there are various ways you can work a bit of ‘me time’ into your schedule.

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Self-care is all about learning the best ways to take care of yourself and can include things like eating right, reducing stress, and working-out regularly. According to Psychology Today, one of the things we should most prioritize is getting into a good sleep routine. That means getting rid of any distractions that may impede on our shut eye and helping to reduce our night-time stress.

The publication also emphasizes the need to look after our gut health, which can have a major impact on how we’re feeling on a day to day basis. Consider the types of foods you’re eating and whether they contribute to you feeling good or bad. Exercise is also important. Even if it’s as simple as going for a walk around the block, incorporating physical activity into your daily routine will have a world of difference on your body.

There are other, simpler things we can do to practice self-care and improve our well-being. Cooking at home can ensure you’re eating a more well-balanced diet and also give you a feeling of fulfillment. Getting your life organized, whether that means cleaning out your emails or physically organizing your space, can help shift your mindset and make your feel more in control. Plus, it can get you excited to begin working in your space.

If there’s one thing to take away from this parody is that it’s important to learn how to practice successful self-care, especially if you’re as busy as Superman!

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