20 Game Characters Sony Refuses To Use Anymore

Ever since Sony joined the hardware market with the PlayStation, they’ve not only been an integral competitor in the video game industry, but they’ve also helped change it through their hardware and games. Each new generation of the PlayStation has brought forth a whole new reason to love Sony, but in addition to the all of the advancements that are made, they also introduce all sorts of new characters that could become gaming icons or possible console mascots.

Sony has its obvious hits with characters like Crash, Spyro, and Nathan Drake, but there are even more characters that had a solid run on various Sony consoles and then were completely abandoned for various reasons. Sony has a rich history of characters to pull from, but they can sometimes maintain a fairly narrow view. Accordingly, Here Are 20 Game Characters Sony Refuses To Use Anymore.

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20 Jak And Daxter

Jak And Daxter Pose
via wccftech.com

The PlayStation has had a number of fortunate home runs with their action platformer titles and a developer that’s always able to bring quality to the table is Naughty Dog. After they had completed their work on the Crash games, they moved onto the Jak and Daxter series for the PlayStation 2. The last game in the series, Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier, was all the way back in 2009 for the PSP and wasn't even handled by Naughty Dog. The company has clearly moved onto other franchises with the much more epic Uncharted and Last of Us titles.

19 Regina

Regina Dino Crisis
via YouTube.com

Shinji Mikami delivered a landmark survival horror game with Resident Evil and he tried to do for dinosaurs what he did with zombies in Dino Crisis. Regina is the game’s dino-blasting protagonist and this is a series that’s been asked to get the remake treatment just as much as any Resident Evil game, but there’s been no traction. Back in the late ‘90s, the character made cameo appearances in other titles, but she didn’t even get to make it into Dino Crisis 3.

18 Crono

via youtube.com

Fans may have initially fallen in love with Crono in the Super Nintendo’s Chrono Trigger, but the PlayStation’s Chrono Cross got to continue and deepen the franchise in exciting ways. Crono is still seen as a standout character from a standout series, but it’s remained totally dormant. There was talk of doing another sequel, Chrono Break, but that was all the way back in 2001.

17 PaRappa The Rapper

Parappa The Rapper Kung Fu
via www.playstation.com

Rhythm and music games have gained universal appeal thanks to titles like Guitar Hero and Rockband, but Parappa the Rapper helped introduce gamers to the genre in an incredibly quirky way. It’s hard to deny the infectious joy of both PaRappa the Rapper and the game’s signature character, but besides a sequel, this music savant hasn’t been let out to play. It’s long overdue for a revival, and bring UmJammer Lammy along with him!

16 Aya Brea

Aya Brea Parasite Eve Gun
via gematsu.com

Square has proven themselves countless times over on how accomplished they are at crafting engrossing RPGs, but their PlayStation franchise, Parasite Eve, was their foray into the survival horror and action genre and they deliver a real winner with an awesome heroine. Parasite Eve celebrated a long overdue second sequel with 3rd Birthday, but that was still all the way back in 2010 and on the PSP. The original game was at least included on the PlayStation Classic release, but Aya hasn’t been up to anything new in nearly a decade.

15 Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth Twisted Metal
via gamefaqs.gamespot.com

For a long time the destructive racer series, Twisted Metal, was a signature installment for Sony’s PlayStation. Sweet Tooth and his wicked band of weirdos had three games on the original PSX and Twisted Metal: Black was one of the biggest early PlayStation 2 releases. Besides a disappointing 2012 reboot, Sweet Tooth has been out of the picture. Gamers have likely just moved onto other series, but come on, stick him in Grand Theft Auto or something.

14 Ico

Ico Romance
via FullCleared.com

Ico is one of those beautiful gaming experiences that truly makes you appreciate what’s possible in the medium. Ico got everyone’s attention back in 2001, but despite spiritual successors like Shadow of the Colossus, that world has remained dark. In spite of how spending more time with Ico would be touching, it’s one of the few examples here where it may be better to let him stay away. The game ends on such a perfect note that more adventures could potentially ruin what’s been built.

13 Dart Field

Dart Field Legend Of Dragoon Ship View
via EscapistMagazine.com

The Legend of Dragoon was a beloved RPG for the original PlayStation that seemed liked a world that Sony would want to return to often. They crafted a rich dragons and questing kind of RPG experience and Dart Field made for a powerful hero that could easily lead a whole set of games. In spite of its success, Legend of Dragoon and Dart Field have slipped through the cracks.

12 Spike

Spike Ape Escape
via sarugetchu.fandom.com

Ape Escape and its PlayStation 2 sequel, Ape Escape 2, were monumental platform titles that made the most out of the hardware, specifically the Dual Shock controllers. Spike and the corral of monkeys he’s stuck with are too adorable not to love, but unfortunately he hasn’t been up to a whole lot for a few generations. There were minor spinoffs like Ape Quest and the PlayStation Move’s take on the series, but they also tend to focus on the monkeys, not Spike, and it’s still been nearly a decade.

11 Sackboy

Sackboy LittleBigPlanet 3
via YouTube.com

There’s no denying that LittleBigPlanet’s Sackboy is still a super popular character for Sony, but there was a period where it seemed like he was practically bigger than Mario. Sackboy fever was very real and even though he’s headlined a trilogy of LittleBigPlanet games, it sadly feels like Sony has moved on to other franchises and characters. He’s definitely overlooked now and it hasn’t been since 2014/5 since he’s been that relevant.

10 Tomba

via youtube.com

Much like Spike and his furry misfit in Ape Escape, the Tomba! platformers were some of the most memorable, distinct titles for the PlayStation and PS2. The pink locked Tomba provided an addictive style of gameplay to the genre, but it doesn’t look like he’ll be making a comeback. Whoopee Camp, the developers behind the titles, went under a long time ago and cancelled their plans for a Tomba! 3 along with it.

9 Sly Cooper

Sly Cooper Movie Skeptical
via YouTube.com

The Sly Cooper series brings a creative spin to the platform genre with its incorporation of stealth elements. It’s a platformer that forces you to solve problems and progress in different ways and the series’ titular mascot saw a lot of success as a PlayStation exclusive. Sly Cooper had nearly a decade-long run that spanned the PlayStation 2, PS3, and the Vita and featured various developers. That being said, it’s been since 2013 that the character was last seen in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time and it looks like it may stay that way.

8 Abe

Abe Oddworld
via fingerguns.net

There are plenty of occasions where the characters that star in games are more popular than the games themselves and that certainly feels like the case with Oddworld’s Abe. The Oddworld games have experienced an aptly, odd, history, but it’s the signature character that players always want more of. Sadly, the last real appearance of Abe was in 2005’s Stranger’s Wrath and even though a digital release of a remake of the first title in the series was released in 2014, it’s hardly enough.

7 Kain

Kain Soul Reaver
via PCGamer.com

Much like Oddworld’s Abe, Kain, the infamous Soul Reaver of the Blood Omen franchise has experienced a nebulous series of games. When Kain first debuted, he made a strong impression due to his universe’s dark aesthetic and his antihero vibes, but he’s a character that looks like people have grown out of. Legacy of Kain: Defiance was all the way back in 2003 on the PlayStation 2 and even though developers are able to license out the property to do something with, there’s nothing happening.

6 Gex

Gex Deep Cover Gecko FMV Lady
via thingsfromwhitesmind.wordpress.com

Gex the Gecko wasn’t exclusive to Sony consoles, but he certainly fits in well with the PlayStation’s whole aesthetic and he feels like an unofficial Sony mascot in some respects. The Gex titles provide a self-aware, television-obsessed take on the platform genre with a character who has more one-liners than he does attacks. There are three strong Gex games on the PlayStation, but after Deep Cover Gecko, the character hid in the shade.

5 Fat Princess

Fat Princess Carried
via www.playstation.com

The PlayStation 3’s Fat Princess real-time strategy game was massively popular with both consumers and critics alike. It provided a different, tongue-in-cheek take on the damsel in distress narrative and even though it had good intentions, some people took exception to the “shaming” message of the game’s language. Fat Princess hasn’t returned since her one game in 2009 and due to some of the negative uproar that happened around her, it may stay that way.

4 Utsusemi

Utsusemi Bushido Blade Showdown Cutscene
via YouTube.com

Video games love swords. There are so many fighting games that revolve around swords and even more action-adventure titles that focus on ninjas or samurai to capitalize on the blade-wielding action. Bushido Blade was an impressive Samurai fighting game for the PlayStation, but it unfortunately didn’t progress to the next generation. The original PlayStation saw a sequel in 1998, but Sony moved onto other fighting franchises and poor, swift Utsusemi of the Bushido Blade games now has a dull, rusted blade.

3 Gabriel Logan

Gabriel Logan Syphon Filter 3 Gas
via YouTube.com

It’s typically fair to say that the characters in adventure or fighting games resonate a lot more with audiences than the protagonists in say tactical shooters like Rainbow Six or in this case, Syphon Filter. These games are more about not standing out and being stealthy in your attack, but Gabe Logan headlined the Syphon Filter games and helped give the shooter a face and personality. It hasn’t been since the 2007 PSP title, Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow, that Gabe has been in the mix.

2 Mark “The Max” Correy

The Max Jet Moto 2 Select
via Vizzed.com

The PlayStation’s Jet Moto series was supposed to be Sony’s alternative to Nintendo’s Wave Race 64, but they arguably did a whole lot more with their trilogy of games. The Jet Moto games feature some truly insane courses (roller coasters!) and even though these games are more about the vehicles than the racers, Mark “The Max” Correy is the reigning Jet Moto series champion and he’s one of the few characters to actually appear in all three games. The Max became enough of a character that he’d be recognized in a current game, but it hasn’t happened.

1 Toro Inoue

via PushSquare.com

Toro Inoue, otherwise known as the Sony Cat, has become a popular mascot for Sony that has a particular amount of cache in Japan. The character was used to market things like their PocketStation, but he’s still received a number of party game style titles for various Sony consoles and got featured in their PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale! The PS3 was generous towards Toro Inoue, but beyond that it feels like Sony has moved onto other fascinations.

These are all of the neglected characters that have popped up on Sony consoles that we definitely miss, but there are even more that have been put out to digital pasture. Sound off over your favorite forgotten Sony characters in the comments below!

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