Game of Thrones: 25 Messed-Up Revelations About Arya And Gendry's Relationship

Game of Thrones is not a very romantic show. So you wouldn't expect there to be any romantic relationships on the show. At least, not any good ones. Still, there's Gendry and Arya. And while they're not extremely romantic, as befits Game of Thrones, they definitely have a good relationship. They are there for each other and help each other, no matter what. But there are some things that fans may have missed about their relationship.

Luckily, we're here to remind fans of these details. Whether it's the fact that they have known each other since the end of the first season of Game of Thrones or that Arya asks Gendry to fight for her brother, Robb, there are some things that fans forget about their relationship. And that's where we come in. Though Arya and Gendry were apart for many seasons of the show, we're sure they never forgot each other. And because of that, they were able to pick up where they left off during season eight, even though both characters had grown and changed in their time away from each other.

They are able to banter and flirt a bit and above all enjoy each other's company. And that just shows how well-suited they are for each other. Many would argue that they should be together, for real. Will they? Well, we don't know. It is Game of Thrones. Anything could happen. And fans wouldn't have it any other way. Or would they?

Welcome to: 25 Wild Revelations About Arya And Gendry's Relationship.

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25 They've Known Each Other Since The End Of Season One

Arya Stark Gendry Game of Thrones
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That's right. Arya and Gendry met at the end of season one, when she was pretending to be a boy and a Night's Watch recruit while running away from King's Landing. They've known each other since the beginning of the story, so it's fitting that they've reunited during the last season of the show. More on that later. All you need to know for now is that Arya met Gendry near the beginning of her story. The last episode of season one included their meeting and it was— and is— an important relationship for Arya.  Arya met Gendry at her lowest, just after her father was executed by Joffrey, and he was there for her. That kind of relationship is bound to make a mark on someone.

24 Gendry Defended Arya

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Arya can definitely defend herself. Even all the way back in season one, when she was a lot younger than she is now. Her training with Syrio Forel during the first season served her well. However, we're sure that she was grateful to Gendry for standing up for her. No one likes to be bullied. And most people appreciate someone coming to their defense. Arya is probably the same, although she would probably also want to emphasize that she can take care of herself. And you can't blame her. She worked hard on learning how to defend herself, even during season one.

23 Gendry Easily Sees Through Arya's Disguise During Season Two

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Arya is pretending to be a boy and a Night's Watch recruit, remember? Gendry, though, doesn't fall for it. He knows that she's a girl and therefore has no intention of joining the Night's Watch. Though if there was going to be a female member of the Night's Watch, it would be Arya. That's the type of young woman she is. She's the type to break new ground and change old traditions. Or at least try her best to do so. Gendry doesn't know Arya too well yet, though he soon will. The two of them will grow closer throughout their journey.

22 Arya Trusts Gendry Enough To Confess Her True Identity To Him

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This may seem surprising from Arya's side. She isn't exactly quick to trust most people. Gendry seems to be the exception to the rule. Probably because he proved himself trustworthy by standing up for her from the beginning. Also, she probably thought that since he saw through her disguise anyway she might as well be completely honest with him. Luckily, it worked out well. Gendry is a trustworthy person and Arya was right to tell him her identity. Arya's confession brings the two closer, cementing their friendship.

21 Arya Brings Gendry With Her When She Escapes Harrenhal

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This shows that Arya views Gendry as at least a friend. She couldn't save everyone at Harrenhal but she chose to save Gendry (and Hot Pie). She seems to view Gendry as a close friend, even referring to him as family at one point. More on that later. This may be somewhat surprising as Arya and Gendry haven't known each other for that long at this point. However, they've grown very close and have been through so much together. That tends to lead to closer relationships.

20 Arya Asks Gendry To Fight For Her Brother Robb

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This again shows how much Arya trusts Gendry and how close they are. Arya would not ask just anyone to fight for her and her family. She would need to trust them a lot. And Gendry fits the bill. As is mentioned before, the two of them have been through a lot together. And Gendry proved himself trustworthy from the beginning by standing up for Arya. Even though Arya can defend herself, she likes and trusts people who defend her and stand up to bullies.

19 Gendry Abandons Arya For The Brotherhood

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Bet you all didn't see this one coming. Don't worry, neither did Arya. She was likely surprised when Gendry refused to fight for her brother Robb, given how much she trusts Gendry and how close they've gotten in such a short time. It does make sense from Gendry's point of view, though. He was raised as a commoner, never knowing that he was the illegitimate child of Robert Baratheon. So he is tired of fighting for people— nobles— that don't care about him. He would rather fight for the common people, along with people who view each other as equals. As a family.

18 Arya Wants To Be Gendry's Family

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As is mentioned before, Arya sees Gendry as a very close friend. Closer than you would think given the fact that they haven't known each other for a very long time. Still, they got to know each other when Arya was at her lowest and Gendry proved himself trustworthy by standing up for her. So it shouldn't surprise you that Arya sees Gendry as family. Or at least she wants to be his family. Whether he sees her the same way is another story. Though to her credit, Arya never wavers in her loyalty to Gendry.

17 Gendry Respects Arya's Nobility Too Much

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Poor Arya. She tells Gendry that she sees him as family and he says that he could only ever see her as his "lady." It does make sense, though, from Gendry's perspective. Arya, despite her down to earth nature, is a noble. And Gendry is a commoner. They come from two different worlds. And from Gendry's point of view, those worlds never really meet. At least, not in a way that produces good results.

Gendry was raised as a commoner, never knowing he was the illegitimate child of Robert Baratheon. All he has known of nobles is them looking down on him and mistreating him. As much as he cares about Arya, he sees them as being on different levels in society. And they are. Especially in a society with not much social mobility like Westeros.

16 Arya Protests When The Brotherhood Gives Gendry To Melisandre

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Despite Gendry's response to Arya calling him her family, Arya is still loyal to him. And it makes sense. As is mentioned before, they've been through a lot together. And Gendry has proved himself trustworthy. So of course Arya will be upset when the Brotherhood without Banners, the same people who Gendry views as his family, give him away to Melisandre. Arya would see it as a betrayal of Gendry and she's right to see it that way. After all, she has every reason to think that Melisandre means to harm Gendry. And the Brotherhood letting it happen is not good.

15 Arya Is Disillusioned With The Brotherhood After They Sell Gendry

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Melisandre gives the Brotherhood Without Banners gold after they give her Gendry. Arya is understandably upset after this. She feels that the Brotherhood have betrayed her close friend, someone she views as family after all they've been through together. When Beric Dondarrion points out that it is the will of the Lord of Light, the one true god, Arya rejects this answer. The only god she believes in is Death.

Arya then runs away from the Brotherhood. She is able to evade them but ends up being captured by Sandor Clegane. Poor Arya. Poor Gendry. To be betrayed like that by people you trusted must hurt. Though we would point out that Arya didn't seem to really trust the Brotherhood the way Gendry did. Still, it hurt her when they sold her friend Gendry.

14 They Were Apart For Several Years/Seasons Of The Show

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The scenes with the Brotherhood Without Banners selling Gendry to Melisandre happen during season three. Arya and Gendry do not reunite until season eight. That's a long time. Five whole seasons. Comparatively, Arya and Gendry only knew each other for two whole seasons. While they met at the end of season one, that was only one episode in season one. Most of their development took place during seasons two and three. Luckily, for the fans, season three was not the last we see of Gendry and Arya. More on that later. For now, all that's important is that both characters were apart from each other for a long time.

13 In That Time, Both Characters Grew And Changed

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Arya was able to defend herself well when she and Gendry first met, thanks to her sword-fighting lessons with Syrio Forel. However, in Gendry's absence, Arya eventually learns to defend herself even better from the Faceless Men in Braavos. She learns to lie well, to tell when other people are lying, and to fight better. By the time she and Gendry meet again, she is a lot harder and colder.

Gendry, in his time apart from Arya, grows stronger as well. During season seven, he happily goes along with Davos Seaworth, even when he knows that there will be danger. He tells his true identity to Jon Snow and later volunteers to go beyond the Wall with him to get a White Walker. Both characters grow and change a lot in their time apart.

12 Arya Notices Gendry Right Away When He Arrives At Winterfell

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Though they spent years apart and both characters have grown and changed, Arya and Gendry seem to have an unbreakable bond. The moment Arya spots Gendry arriving at Winterfell, she smiles, happy to see him again. We imagine that she's glad to see he's survived everything with Melisandre and that she is glad to see her friend again. Given how close they were, it makes sense. Of course she'd be happy to see him. As for how Gendry reacts? More on that later. For now all you need to know is that Arya is happy to see him.

11 Gendry Doesn't Seem To Notice Arya

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Ouch. Poor Arya. It does make sense, though, that Gendry doesn't notice her. There is a crowd of people around them and Arya is good at hiding when she wants to. Though she'd have no reason to hide from Gendry, still she could have been hiding while she was watching him arrive. Although they do have quite a bond, it still makes sense that Gendry didn't notice her. Not to worry, though. Luckily, for the fans, Gendry not noticing Arya doesn't last long. More on that later.

10 Arya Defends Gendry From Sandor Clegane's Insults

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This is a nice parallel with season one of Game of Thrones, when Gendry defended Arya from those who were bullying her. Except this time, it's Arya defending Gendry. Though Sandor Clegane is no threat to Gendry, and Arya knows that, it's nice to see her defending Gendry. It shows that no matter how much time they spent apart, they are still close. They probably always will be. At least, we hope so. It would be a shame to see their bond come to nothing in the end.

9 Gendry Makes Arya A New Weapon

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This, like Arya asking Gendry to fight for her brother Robb during season three of Game of Thrones, shows how much Arya trusts Gendry. She wouldn't ask just anyone to make a weapon for her. She would need to trust them. To know that they would do what she wanted and make a weapon that she could easily fight with. She definitely trusts Gendry enough to have him make a weapon for her, despite all the time they spent apart. That doesn't matter to Arya. All that matters is the time they spent together. And that during that time, Gendry proved to Arya that he deserved her loyalty.

8 Gendry Sees Arya As "Just Another Rich Girl"

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Ah, banter. It's one of the things you've just got to love about Arya and Gendry. Still, the fact that Gendry can joke about Arya being a noble and him being a commoner shows how far Gendry has come since they last met. He has accepted his status as the illegitimate child of Robert Baratheon and no longer views himself and Arya as belonging to two completely different worlds. He now believes that their worlds can coexist and that all that matters is that Arya is his friend. That's a long way from "you wouldn't be my family, you'd be my lady." And we've got to say, we're proud of Gendry.

7 Arya's Her Most Playful With Gendry

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Again, you have to love the banter. This scene does reveal Arya's softer side. She's able to joke and laugh with Gendry because she trusts him implicitly. She knows that she can let her guard down and that Gendry won't hurt her. She knows that Gendry will see her banter for what it is: an expression of how close the two of them are. He won't be upset at her jokes, since he's making jokes himself. It seems that the two of them are a perfect match for each other. More on that later.

6 Arya Needs To Convince Gendry To Prioritize Her Weapon

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She's somewhat annoyed with Gendry here, though the two of them quickly move to other topics and their bond is not in any way ruined by her annoyance. And it does make sense that she's annoyed. After all, Arya is trusting Gendry with something very important to her. It makes sense that she would want to see it done as soon as possible. Luckily for Arya, Gendry does get the weapon done relatively quickly after her reminder. Though first the two of them chat a little more. More on that later.

5 Gendry Assumes Arya Is Still Sheltered Before The Long Night

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Arya responds to this by saying that she's familiar with the end and is looking forward to meeting this version of it. Gendry is shocked by her confidence. Of course, he really shouldn't be. Arya was always pretty confident, even back when Gendry first knew her. She's always been strong and stood up for herself. Even back during season one of Game of Thrones, when she was being bullied— before Gendry defended her— Arya defended herself. And though she's grown and changed, she still remains the type of person who will always stand up for herself.

4 Arya Kisses Gendry First

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Gendry is, at first, reluctant, but eventually gives in to his feelings for Arya. The two of them end up spending a romantic night together, going from close friends to something else entirely. Arya is, unsurprisingly, very in charge of the whole situation. It wouldn't be like her to be shy about anything. Gendry is happy to follow Arya's lead, which is very like him. Though Gendry has grown stronger during their time apart, his growth is nothing when compared to Arya's. She has been trained to fight by the best and is stronger than many people, including Gendry.

3 Gendry Asks Arya To Marry Him And Be The Lady Of Storm's End

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"Wait, what?," you may be thinking. So let's explain. Gendry, though he is the illegitimate child of Robert Baratheon, is the only remaining Baratheon on Game of Thrones. Since no one is currently Lord of Storm's End and Gendry was legitimized by Daenerys Targaryen, Gendry is now Lord of Storm's End. Got it? Good. Unfortunately, this is Game of Thrones, and that means that Arya and Gendry will likely not live happily ever after. Arya turns Gendry down, stating that it isn't like her to be a lady. That does make sense, though. Since season one of Game of Thrones, Arya hasn't been very ladylike. She's grown and changed but that has remained the same. So her rejection of Gendry makes sense.

2 They Should End Up Together

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1 ...But Will They?

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As all the fans know, anything can happen on Game of Thrones. But will Gendry and Arya really end up together? The short answer is that we just don't know. But some fans might want a longer answer, so we'll elaborate. We think that Gendry and Arya ending up together would fit well for Game of Thrones' ending. It would be bittersweet for both of them, since Arya never wanted to be a lady and Gendry never wanted to have anything to do with being a lord or anything similar. However, there are reasons why the writers may not go the Arya and Gendry route, despite the fact that they're a fan favorite pairing with a strong bond. They may feel that it's too neat and too predictable to pair Arya and Gendry together. We'll all just have to wait and see.

Do you know any other revelations about Arya and Gendry's relationship in Game of Thrones? Let us know in the comments!

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