The 20 Most Powerful Game Of Thrones Characters (And The 10 Weakest)

This is rather obvious, but just so there's no outright complaining I'd like to let you know that the following contains spoilers for almost the entirety of the Game of Thrones series. If you're planning on watching the show, or are in the middle of catching up I would caution you to continue reading. That being said, the land of Westeros, as well as Essos, is home to many great leaders, tyrants, fighters, and freefolk. Power comes in many forms and it isn't always the most skilled swordsman that has the most power. Sometimes wearing the crown and sitting on the throne in King's Landing doesn't guarantee any sort of power or influence over the people of the 7 kingdoms.

George R.R. Martin does a fantastic job of showcasing how power manifests in different ways and lets the audience know that power resides where people think it does. There's a quote from Varys in a riddle he tells to Tyrion that explains this exact thing. Power doesn't belong to one role or title, it exists wherever man says it does. Martin also demonstrates how a character's weakness can lend itself towards their downfall, or it can be used as the pillar that builds them towards a more fulfilling and dutiful life. There are many ways in which someone can display power as well as weakness, and Game of Thrones has shown us both in numerous ways. Let's take a look at 15 of the most powerful characters in Game of Thrones, as well as 15 of the weakest characters in the series.

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30 Weakest: Tommen Baratheon

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Tommen Baratheon is an interesting character because at no point in the show does he ever hold true power. In many ways, he showcases the negative aspects of someone who is the direct opposite of Joffrey Baratheon in almost every way. Tommen is a timid and loving child who only sees the best in people. Cersei does her best to protect him, but Tommen lets Margaery Tyrell gain a hold of his emotions and is able to manipulate him. This then leads to the High Sparrow essentially taking control of King's Landing while Tommen is the fake symbol of a king. Tommen was too kind and loving in a world that devoured him.

29 Powerful: Samwell Tarly

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Samwell Tarly is George R.R. Martin's ode to Sam from the Lord of the Rings series. It would make sense then that his Sam would also be an unconventional hero who's powerful in his own right. Many people will argue he belongs higher on this list due to being the first to slay a White Walker in forever, as well as taking down a Fen. Both of those victories air on the side of luck as opposed to skill, but Sam is responsible for many revelations throughout Westeros. He may not be powerful in the overt traditional sense, but Samwell Tarly has done more for Westeros than almost anyone else.

28 Powerful: Gendry Baratheon

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Now that he has been granted the name of Baratheon and the lordship of Storm's End, Gendry is on top of the world. There is the slight issue with Arya Stark turning him down, but really he should have seen it coming. It wasn't the first time a Stark woman broke the heart of a Baratheon. Gendry has played an important role since he stopped rowing around Westeros and he's been vital in delivering information as well as saving lives. When it's all said and done he may be the last living male of the houses involved in the War of the 5 Kings, so his power may only grow from here on out.

27 Weakest: Robyn Arryn

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Robyn Arryn is a strange child who's biggest flaws came mostly from his overprotective mother during his early years of development. Not only did she coddle him, but traditional feeding that late into a child's adolescence can cause serious mental issues as well. We've seen that he has yet to develop into a real fighter, despite the Knights of the Veil showcasing their power during the Battle of Jon and Ramsay. The best thing for Robyn will be to stay connected closely with Sansa Stark now that she is the Lady of Winterfell and may end up becoming the ruler of the North in Jon Snow's absence.

26 Powerful: Jaime Lannister

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Jaime Lannister is arguably the most misunderstood and complex character in all of Westeros. Many of his vile actions were done in the name of his family as well as the safety of thousands of innocents. If his dominant hand was never chopped off he'd likely be way higher on this list at the cost of his decency. In many ways the loss of his hand allowed him to experience true weakness and understand the error of his ways. Brienne of Tarth has shown Jaime that he's a knight of honor despite breaking his oath in order to save people.

25 Powerful: Beric Dondarrion

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Beric Dondarrion has had the ability to resurrect numerous times thanks in large part to Thoros of Myr. If it wasn't for him and the Lord of Light, Beric may have never ended up this high on the list. He's a strong and capable fighter but there's nothing extraordinary or remarkable about him when it comes to combat. He has the added bonus of not fearing demise and a flaming sword which both really help to build his case. If this list was strictly ranking voices than Beric Dondarrion would easily come in at number one and it wouldn't even be close.

24 Weakest: Janos Slynt

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Janos Slynt is the epitome of the word coward. He's a showcase of the definition of bravery, wherein the moment he's struck with fear he loses all power, aggression, and comfort. He starts as the commander of the City's Watch in King's Landing and ultimately ends up with the Night's Watch where he's slain by Jon Snow for his treasonous acts. For a long time in the show, we're led to believe that Samwell is the biggest coward in Westeros, but we soon realize that Janos Slynt takes the title pretty easily. He was a slimy, cowardly excuse of a man.

23 Powerful: Jorah Mormont

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Jorah Mormont is one of the greatest fighters in the world and would have likely ruled Bear Island for decades if it wasn't for his slave-selling ways. Jorah's journey begins as a spy for the crown in King's Landing, but he quickly falls in love with Danaerys Targaryen and becomes her loyal counselor and protector. With the help of Samwell Tarly, he's able to fight off greyscale and return to Dany in fighting health. Jorah is the type of man who takes responsibility for his own actions. He never expects forgiveness to be handed out, but he hopes that his actions and loyalty can earn it truthfully.

22 Powerful: Tormund Giantsbane

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For a long time, audiences wondered what set Tormund Giantsbane apart from many of his wildling counterparts. It turns out that his name wasn't only due to him taking down a giant in combat, but also to the idea that he tricked a female giant into nursing him for months. According to Tormund, it was the giant's milk that allowed him to grow so large and powerful. With Tormund it's hard to figure out what stories he talks about are fact and which are made up purely for entertainment. He has stated before that he got together with a bear, though whether that was the animal or Lady Mormont has yet to be confirmed.

21 Weakest: Selyse Baratheon

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Selyse Baratheon, the wife of Stannis, and the worst mother in all of Westeros. The common idea of weakness derives from a display of a lack of strength, skill, or competence. Selyse's weakness doesn't really derive from anything physical, but rather her weakness as an individual or a mother. She quickly became a follower of Melisandre, a woman who was manipulating and stealing her husband. Selyse allowed Melisandre to take her place as the leading female figure in Stannis' life and allowed both of them to set her daughter on fire. Her weakness lays in her inaction.

20 Powerful: Euron Greyjoy

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Euron Greyjoy is a tough person to place on this list. I wouldn't say he's necessarily talented, skillful, or imposing. He is, however, dangerous, aggressive, and barbaric. He's the pirate of pirates and his victories are due in large part to the element of surprise. I want to give him credit because when he does engage in combat his unrelenting fighting style has worked for him so far. It's just hard to place a guy super high when he feels like an agent of chaos rather than an actual threat to the crown.

19 Powerful: Grey Worm

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Grey Worm manages to not only be an excellent fighter but a tremendous leader and general for Danaerys' armies. His connection to Missandei helped ground him and make him feel human in a way he never had. It helps showcase that even if you're a eunuch there's much more to love and relationships, and you can make it work if there are enough willingness and understanding from both sides. Grey Worm has always felt like the likeliest to fall in every battle out of the main characters, here's hoping he continues to thrive.

18 Weakest: The Thirteen

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The Thirteen are the group of ambassadors who ran the great city of Qarth. For a group of individuals trusted with running such a grand and complex city, they weren't really all that impressive or powerful. Eleven of them met their end simply through the partnership of a large conman and a weird warlock. When you have that many people working together you'd expect some sort of contingency or plan of action if they're ever betrayed. The whole thing just felt really simple and showcased how weak the entire group was. It was simply a group of people who faked it until they made it.

17 Powerful: Bronn

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Bronn is a great character in the world of high fantasy. He's somebody who's carefree and sarcastic attitude quickly make him likable and the audiences love when he's on screen. The problem is that his true nature isn't being loyal to those we've seen him spend large amounts of time with, but rather his loyalty strictly lays with his reward. Bronn has always stated he cares most about gold and valuables and holds no friendships or loyalties with anyone. He's such a skilled and masterful swordsman that he has every right to feel that way. He always chooses the winning side or at least tries to.

16 Powerful: Sandor Clegane

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The Hound is a fighter that's only really been bested by Brienne of Tarth. Well, Brienne, and fire. Sandor Clegane has always showcased a great skill set in terms of fighting mostly due to his apathetic and depressed nature. He's such a large man in stature, but that doesn't mean he's slow due to his size. His focused lied on taking down one of the few people in Westeros that clearly had an advantage against him, his brother. In a world now guided and directed by the Lord of Light, it's hard to put Sandor Clegane near the top, due to his fear of fire being a large and glaring weakness.

15 Weakest: Rickon Stark

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Unfortunately Rickon Stark easily takes the title of weakest Stark child. Both of his sisters have become powerful in their own right, and all of his brothers, including Jon Snow, were all skilled in one way or another. Heck, Rickon couldn't even understand the concept of running in a serpentine pattern during The Battle of Jon and Ramsay. It's hard to fault him too much considering he was also the youngest of the bunch. He sadly really never had the opportunity to grow up and live a strong and normal life. Let's not even get started on his dire wolf, Shaggy Dog.

14 Powerful: Brienne Of Tarth

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There are very few men, and even fewer women if not any outside of Arya Stark, that can compete with Brienne of Tarth in combat. The beauty of her character is that she is almost as powerful in her sword skills as she is in her convictions. Brienne wanted to be a knight so badly and respects what they're supposed to stand for. Despite running into examples of knighthood that disregard all of her preconceived ideals, she stays committed to her goal. She even managed to defeat The Hound aka Sandor Clegane in combat, which is no easy feat.

13 Powerful: Night's King

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As the final season has gone on we've learned that the Night's King was an excellent spear thrower that relied mostly on intimidation and pure numbers when it came to military combat. We quickly came to realize that because he was once a man, he still carried two of man's greatest weaknesses: arrogance and ego. Those two things are precisely what led to his vulnerability in the God's Wood and Arya's brilliant dagger flip defeat. The ability to resurrect the deceased on command is pretty powerful, but he couldn't even make it past Winterfell, so he doesn't land too high on this list.

12 Weakest: Alys Karstark

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We technically don't know what happened to her and if she even made it out of the Battle of Winterfell at all. Assuming she wasn't considered a fighter, then she more than likely ended up in the crypts with Tyrion, Varys, Sansa, and company. Considering buried Stark's came back to life there's a chance she didn't make it. At least for her, there's a question of her survival. As we'll get to later, the leader of House Umber after the Battle of Jon and Ramsay never stood a chance. The Karstark's have a great house sigil, so here's hoping Alys Karstark makes it to Spring.

11 Powerful: Tyrion Lannister

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Tyrion Lannister is the smartest man in all of Westeros. Ever since the first episode of the series we're shown that what Tyrion lacks in strength, body, and agility he's more than made up for with intelligence. He's Jon Snow's guiding hand from Winterfell to the Wall and gives him plenty of lessons and wisdom that would aide Jon Snow for years to come. What are you supposed to do when your entire family dislikes you? Well, in Tyrion's case, he does everything in his power to prove his worth and showcase he's the best of what a Lannister can be, faults and all.

10 Powerful: Cersei Lannister

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As Tyrion once said, Cersei's only redeeming qualities are the love she has for her children, and her cheekbones. Many people consider Cersei a vile and disgusting person that doesn't deserve anything she currently has in her possession. Many even question if she really even loved her kids at all. The fact of the matter is that she was the first true monarch of Westeros and was able to hold the throne for a lot longer than she's ever been given credit for. As she told her father Tywin if she was born a man she'd have been unstoppable.

9 Weakest: Viserys Targaryen

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Now, the last time we saw Viserys was in the first season of the show. He was Dany's older brother who was not only annoying to the viewers but also rather agitating to Khal Drogo and the Dothraki. He was a perfect example of Varys' riddle to Tyrion Lannister. He said, "power resides where men believe it does." Viserys always felt he was a powerful man simply due to his Targaryen bloodline, but never realized he was simply a symbol of his house's current shell of itself. He was an entitled weakling who overstepped his boundaries due to his overconfidence.

8 Powerful: The Mountain

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How powerful are you if you're able to decapitate a horse with a single swing of your sword? Gregor Clegane, in terms of pure power, is arguably the most imposing man in all of Westeros. He dwarfs his younger brother, Sandor, who is only ever outsized in a fight by his brother Gregor and Brienne of Tarth. We've seen what Gregor can do from his back with one arm in his trial by combat with Oberyn Martell for Tyrion Lannister's innocence. Now that he's an undead monster that feels no pain he's even more alarming. His lack of intelligence is a large drawback, however.

7 Powerful: Wun Wun

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Wun Wun makes the list not only because he's a giant, but among all of the giants we saw throughout the series he's easily the best fight and has the strongest will among them. He was instrumental in the Battle of the Bastards and helped Jon Snow breach Winterfell and finally defeat Ramsey Bolton. It's a shame he had to go out the way he did, but Jon understood his sacrifice and knew he couldn't have done it without him. Wun Wun may never make it into the history books, but you better believe Jon will be telling tales of the giant he fought alongside, provided he makes it out alive.

6 Weakest: Walda Bolton

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This is probably one of the most unfortunate characters in all of Westeros. Walda Bolton was married off to Roose Bolton after the Red Wedding when Walder Frey suggests it as a sign of good faith in their alliance. She ends up having Roose's heir as Ramsay starts to gain more power. Sadly, Ramsay ends up slaying Roose and taking over Winterfell as Lord Bolton and it leads to his decision to feed Walda Bolton and the true heir of House Bolton to his bloodthirsty hounds. She seemed like a kind woman who was surrounded and controlled by vile men. Pour one out for Walda Bolton.

5 Powerful: Danaerys Targaryen

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What? How is Dany not in the top 3 of this list? Well, I know she has a dragon and a decent army, but this isn't Season 7. At her peak, with 3 dragons and a giant army, yes, she would be at the top of the list, but times have changed. Dany's surrounded by people who love Jon more than her, she doesn't know whom she can trust, and she's gone mad. It's hard to deny that she's not powerful simply due to her connection with Drogon, but the tides will turn in the finale. No one can excuse what she's done, and she may be unable to stop them.

4 Powerful: Jon Snow

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The series of books is titled A Song of Ice and Fire. For many years many felt that this signified that the story was about Jon Snow and Danaerys Targaryen. After we had the confirmation that R+L definitely equals J it then felt as though this was specifically Jon's story. He's an excellent sword fighter, a natural born leader, can bring people together, is sympathetic, and honorable to a fault. Through bloodline, action, and skill he is one of the most powerful individuals in Westeros. Does this mean the story ends with him on the throne? Well, if you think it has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention.

3 Weakest: Ned Umber

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It may seem a bit cheap to put a tiny child as the weakest Game of Thrones character, but he's the best choice for the top spot. Unlike Alys Karstark who likely lived or Lady Mormont who defeated a giant, Ned Umber did the absolute least before his time ended. After Jon had sent him to gather his men at Last Hearth, we quickly found out what happened to him. He was propped onto a wall as a warning sign by the Night King. I also don't feel bad putting him here simply due to his freaky transformation into a wight. At least you were named after an honorable man, Ned Umber.

2 Powerful: Bran Stark

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If you can see the memories of anyone who's ever lived then there's a chance that you're pretty powerful. I'm being honest, if at any point Bran would have or does warg into a dragon he'll easily move into first place on this list. Many people believe memories are a defining thing that separates man from beast. Our history is what defines us, and many believe you're only truly gone when the last person who remembers you no longer exists. Considering Bran is the culmination of the entire history of man, he's kind of a big deal. Now if he could only stop being a weirdo.

1 Powerful: Arya Stark

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It's hard not to put the person who defeated the Night's King and saved Winterfell by elimination the White Walker threat at the top spot. Arya has showcased that she's the true culmination of all of her experiences and caretakers. She's arguably the most skilled person West of Bravos and is nothing to mess with. Her combat skills coupled with her training in the ways of the Many-faced God allow her to be a true assassin. Though she's been driven by revenge and vengeance it's great to see her be intelligent enough to heed Sandor Clegane's advice in the Red Keep. What do we say to demise? Not today.

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