Game of Thrones Star Maisie Williams Creates App To Fight Nepotism In Entertainment Industries

Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams has absolutely no qualms about leaving Arya Stark behind to focus on making a success of her new app-- Daisie, which helps fight nepotism in the entertainment industries.

Williams portrays the determined and revengeful Arya Stark, hellbent on achieving her aims in HBO's blockbuster series, which recently wrapped filming on its eighth and final season. But she told Business Insider that Stark is not a good role model as she invests all her energy into Daisie, an iOS app that has the goal of making the entertainment industries more easily accessible to a wider range of people.

When asked if she can draw inspiration from her GOT character in the world of business, Williams adamantly replied: "Absolutely not. I don't think I'd get any investment if I went that route."

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Williams and her business partner Dom Santry were in San Francisco in July talking to investors about Daisie. Williams had met Dom, a camera loader, in 2016 when she was working on the Netflix original film iBoy. Dom had been working in production for some time, and he got the opportunity thanks to his brother's godfather, a producer.

"I just happened to have this one guy I could rely on to help get me my first job," Santry said. "And then on my first job, I annoyed enough people that they took me to the next job, and then on the next job I did the same."

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The two have already secured funding from undisclosed venture capital firms, with ongoing talks with other backers. The pair has quite an admirable ambition-- that of fighting nepotism in the arts industries by giving users access to a network of creators that they would not have had otherwise. It will also give people access to special Q&As with stars, such as Maisie herself and Ed Sheeran. Diehard GOT fans will recall Sheeran's appearance in one of the episodes.

Williams admits that her ambition for the app stems out of personal experience, given that she says her rapid rise to stardom was what she calls a "fluke."

"I just think that it's a shame that there's such a lack of opportunities for so many people. Particularly people from where I came from... just had this fluke way in," she said. "I used to audition for stage schools and I got in and I got 40% funding and then I couldn't go because 40% still wasn't even enough for me to even dream of going."

Williams hopes Daisie will encourage people to share their talent. "Share what you have and share your gift with the world. I think in order to be successful you do need to open up and let people in and be critiqued and grow and learn and explore your arts," she added.

As we brace for winter and patiently await the final season of Game of Thrones, we wish Maisie all the best in her new and utterly commendable venture.

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