20 Game Of Thrones Mysteries And Storylines That Were Never Resolved

Game of Thrones was the kind of show that burrowed into the heads of viewers and stayed there. Once Game of Thrones caught its hooks into the audience, it created a wave of speculation and theories regarding future plots of the show. The A Song of Ice and Fire novels from which the show is based had a similar effect on its readers, but the mainstream popularity of Game of Thrones brought every new theory to the public's attention.

The final episode of Game of Thrones has aired and many of the forgotten characters and loose storylines were given a conclusion. Game of Thrones did not answer every mystery that the show had presented since it debuted and there were some fans who were left wondering why some storylines were included at all.

Game of Thrones is over, but there are still some questions that the fans will never know the answer to. We are here today to ponder on the mysteries of Westeros that were never resolved - from Qyburn's poor work ethic to Littlefinger's amazing Wi-Fi reception.

Here are Twenty Game Of Thrones Mysteries & Storylines That Were Never Resolved!

20 Why Didn't Qyburn Create More Undead Soldiers?


When Gregor Clegane is perishing from the poisonous wound that he gained during his fight with Oberyn Martell, his life is only saved by the intervention of Qyburn. It's due to Qyburn's genius that Gregor was brought back as a nigh-indestructible zombie that could take far more damage than the wights created by the White Walkers.

If the undead version of Gregor Clegane was so successful, then why didn't Qyburn create more undead soldiers? There is no shortage of soldier corpses following the War of the Five Kings and it could have given Cersei's side the edge they needed if the White Walkers made it past Winterfell.

19 Why Didn't Melisandre Create More Shadow Monsters?

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Renly Baratheon was poised to sweep the War of the Five Kings, as he had the largest army in Westeros. Renly's ambitions were cut short by Melisandre, who summoned an indestructible shadow monster that eliminated him with ease.

The ability to summon these shadow assassins might be the most powerful magical effect shown in Game of Thrones, yet Melisandre only uses it once (twice in the books). Melisandre has access to an abundance of king's blood over the course of the series, yet she never summons more shadow monsters.

18 Who Was The New Prince Of Dorne?


Ellaria Sand and her daughters eliminate the legitimate ruler and heir of Dorne, before taking control over the country. Ellaria is later captured by Euron Greyjoy, leaving the rulership of Dorne in question, as no other Martell seemed to exist to try and usurp control from the slayers of their family.

In the final season of Game of Thrones, it's revealed that there is a new Prince of Dorne, who shows up in the final episode wearing the symbol of House Martell. Who is this new Prince and why were they never mentioned until the final few episodes?

17 Why Did The White Walkers Spare Sam & Will?

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The White Walkers might seem like omnicidal monsters, but there were two instances when they spared the lives of living creatures.

In the first episode of Game of Thrones, there are three members of the Night's Watch who stumble across the White Walkers. Two of the Night's Watch members are slain, while a third is surrounded and is next seen south of the Wall.

In the final episode of Season 2 of Game of Thrones, a White Walker sees Sam quivering behind a rock, but just keeps walking by.

Why did the White Walkers spare these two people when they showed no mercy towards anyone else throughout the run of the show?

16 What Happened During Cersei & Tyrion's Meeting In Season 7

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In the final episode of Season 7 of Game of Thrones, Cersei refuses to join Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen's alliance. Tyrion has a private meeting with Cersei, where he discovers that she is pregnant.

Tyrion returns to the Dragonpit with Cersei in tow, as she agrees to send her troops north to fight against the White Walkers. Tyrion has a guilty look when he comes back, which led many fans to believe that he cut some kind of secret deal with Cersei in order to get her to agree to the pact (which she eventually betrayed).

What happened during the part of the meeting we didn't see? Was there intended to be a storyline thread here that was never followed up on?

15 What Happened To The Eastern Part Of Daenerys' Empire After Her Demise?


The fans were happy when Daenerys finally left Essos and brought her armies to Westeros. Daenerys left the entire eastern part of her empire in the hands of Daario Naharis.

It seems that Daenerys forgets about the other half of her empire during her campaign in Westeros, as she never calls on Daario for aid or to send her troops.

The audience never learns of Daario's reaction to Daenerys' death. The fear of the dragons was the main thing keeping her enemies in line. With Daenerys and two of her dragons gone, did her former enemies rise up against her? Did Daario seek revenge for her?

14 Why Did The White Walkers Leave Body Symbols Everywhere?


Game of Thrones establishes in the first episode that the White Walkers leave the bodies of their victims in strange symbols, which is how the Night's Watch and the wildlings would come to recognize their handiwork.

It's never explained why the White Walkers left the bodies out in this way, other than the fact that the spiral symbol resembles the circle of stones where the Night King was made. The White Walkers generally turned the bodies of their victims into wights, so why did they waste bodies on art installations?

13 What Happened To Howland & Meera Reed?


Howland Reed might be one of the most important characters in Game of Thrones, as he is one of the few people who knows the truth behind Jon Snow's parentage.

When Jon Snow and Sansa Stark are seeking allies to help them against the Boltons, Howland is nowhere to be found. When Jon is acclaimed as King of the North, Howland is nowhere to be found. When all of the armies of the North gather in Winterfell to fight the White Walkers, Howland is nowhere to be found.

The same is also true of Howland's daughter, Meera Reed. Meera returns to Greywater Watch in Season 7 and never returns for the final battle against the White Walkers, nor does she seek out Bran when he becomes King.

12 What Happened To Ellaria Sand?


Ellaria Sand suffers a sad fate in Season 7 of Game of Thrones. Cersei has Ellaria and her daughter Tyene chained up in a cell, where Ellaria gets to watch Tyene slowly perishing from poison. Cersei orders her guards to keep Ellaria alive for as long as possible.

Ellaria's fate following the attack on King's Landing is unknown. It's likely that her cell was crushed when dragon fire swept through the city, but her ultimate fate is never confirmed. Tyrion was able to make his way through the dungeons of the Red Keep without too many obstacles, so it's possible that Ellaria's cell might have been spared the destruction of the city.

11 Can Bran Alter Time Again?


The Three-Eyed Raven taught Bran how to glimpse into the past using his powers, but he stressed that it was impossible for Bran to alter time. Bran quickly proved that he was a special case, as Ned Stark heard his voice for a moment when Bran visited the Tower of Joy.

Bran accidentally altered the past when he and Meera damaged Hodor's mind, which meant that he could say the word "Hodor" when he spoke, creating a stable time loop.

If Bran could accidentally influence events in the past, could he do it again? Would Bran have been able to mess with the timeline again if it seemed as if the Night King was going to succeed?

10 Was Arya Supposed To Be Azor Ahai?

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Azor Ahai is an important mythological figure in the world of Game of Thrones, as it is said that he defeated the White Walkers in the past. It's claimed that Azor Ahai will be reborn in modern times as The Prince That Was Promised to fight the enemy beyond the Wall once more.

Melisandre originally believed that Stannis was the Prince, but the story heavily implies that it's either Jon Snow or Daenerys Targaryen, or both of them together.

It turns out that the White Walker threat was stopped by Arya, who used her Assassin's Creed training to shank the Night King. Does this mean that Arya was Azor Ahai reborn? Was the prophecy always intended to be wrong?

9 Why Did No One Hire The Golden Company During The First Six Seasons Of The Show?


A new player entered the story during the final season of Game of Thrones when Cersei hired the Golden Company to protect King's Landing. The Golden Company is a mercenary organization that can field an entire army, including cavalry and war elephants.

The Golden Company can field twenty thousand soldiers, yet no one hires them before Cersei in Season 7. Davos tries to convince Stannis to hire the Golden Company, but Stannis refuses due to them being sellswords.

There are several wealthy factions among the players in Westeros who could have used the might of the Golden Company during their campaigns, such as the Lannisters or the Tyrells, yet no one does so before Cersei in Season 8.

8 What Was Cersei's Plan If The White Walkers Made It Past Winterfell?

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Cersei promised to send her armies north to fight against the White Walkers, but she doesn't follow through on her word and instead hires the Golden Company to bolster her troops in King's Landing and tries to take a defensive position using scorpions in order to keep the dragons at bay.

The scorpions proved to be effective against dragons, which meant that Cersei had options if Daenerys' side won during the war against the White Walkers, but what was her plan if the undead won? If the White Walkers made it past Winterfell and the dragons were eliminated, then her forces wouldn't have stood a chance against a Night King with an army that was bolstered by all of the people between the North and King's Landing.

7 Did The White Walkers Have A City?


In Season 4 of Game of Thrones, it's revealed that Craster's sons were taken away by a White Walker and transformed by the Night King into new White Walkers. The audience is given a glimpse of a strange location that is meant to be in the Lands of Always Winter, where it's assumed that the White Walkers hang out most of the time.

Did the White Walkers have a settlement of some kind? All we saw was a brief glimpse of the location and none of the characters in the show ever visited the place, so the audience is still none the wiser.

6 How Could Rhaegar Keep His Marriage A Secret If His Previous Marriage Was Annulled?


The truth of Jon Snow's parentage was discovered by Bran through his visions, but he had no actual proof of his claims. The showrunners had proof in the form of Howland Reed, who could have vouched for Bran's story.

Howland never showed up. Instead, it was revealed that Rhaegar had his previous marriage annulled (even though they had two children) by the High Septon. How was Rhaegar able to keep this information a secret, especially when it was recorded within the Citadel and stumbled upon by Gilly of all people?

5 Did The Warlocks Of Qarth Forget Their Plot Against Daenerys?

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Daenerys is forced to venture into the House of the Undying in order to save her captured dragons, where she is given visions by the Warlocks of Qarth. The dragons incinerate Pyat Pree, the leader of the Warlocks, and Daenerys escapes from Qarth.

At the start of Season 3, one of the Warlocks attempts to assassinate Daenerys with a poisonous insect, but she is saved by Barristan Selmy.

The Warlocks of Qarth are never seen again in Game of Thrones and they seemingly forget their plot to slay Daenerys. Did they just decide that avenging their former leader wasn't worth it anymore?

4 How Can The Night's Watch Still Exist At The End Of The Show?

Ghost Jon Snow
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At the end of Game of Thrones, Jon Snow is forced to join the Night's Watch as punishment for his elimination of Daenerys Targaryen. Jon returns to the North and goes beyond the Wall with the wildlings, which is how the show ends.

One question that fans were left with is why the Night's Watch still exists? The White Walkers have been dealt with and the wildlings now have a peaceful relationship with the North. There is also the issue of the giant hole that the Night King blasted into the Wall, which would make it almost impossible to defend.

3 How Was Craster Able To Make A Deal With The White Walkers?

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Craster was one of the few allies of the Night's Watch beyond the Wall, as he managed to maintain a holdfast without other wildlings or the White Walkers bothering him.

Jon Snow discovers that Craster has been leaving his sons out for the White Walkers to take and that Jeor Mormont is aware of what Craster has been doing, but turns a blind eye, as the Night's Watch needs Craster's aid.

How was Craster able to make a deal with the White Walkers for his sons? Was there communication between the wildlings and the White Walkers in the past and that information was passed down to Craster?

2 Why Wasn't Gendry The Automatic Heir To The Throne In The Final Episode?

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House Baratheon was extinct at the start of the final season of Game of Thrones, as Stannis' family was gone and all of Robert's lawful children had passed away. It was unclear who controlled the Stormlands until Daenerys Targaryen legitimized Gendry and made him a lord under her command.

There should never have been a council called to determine a new monarch at the end of the series, as Gendry became the heir when Daenerys legitimized him. Gendry was now the lawful son of Robert Baratheon and he was related to Daenerys, as his great-grandmother was Rhaelle Targaryen. Gendry was the legitimate heir to the Iron Throne, but he was ignored in favor of Bran.

1 How Was Littlefinger Able To Orchestrate His Plot Against Bran?

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The attempt on Bran Stark's life during Season 1 of Game of Thrones is the event that kicks off the War of the Five Kings, as it leads to Catelyn leaving Winterfell and arresting Tyrion.

In the books, it is revealed that Joffrey was behind the attempt on Bran's life, but the show changed it to Littlefinger.

The problem with changing it to Littlefinger is that it doesn't explain how he was able to orchestrate an assassination plot from a continent away, as he was still in King's Landing during King Robert's visit to Winterfell. Joffrey was able to set up the plot because he was actually in Winterfell before it was due to happen. The show never explained how Littlefinger could pull off the plan and he perished before an explanation could be given.

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