New Game Of Thrones-Themed Oreos Will Be Released Just In Time For The Final Season

The cookies are coming

Oreo is set to release a special edition version of their cookies in preparation for the worldwide event of the premiere of the final season of Game of Thrones. With the new look and packaging, Oreo is aiming to be your snack of choice while watching the eighth season. With all the harrowing events of the previous episodes, a sweet snack might be needed to cope with whatever else is in store for us.

Game of Thrones is set to return for its final season on April 14, and it’s sure to break a lot more records than it already has. Last season’s final episode smashed records for ratings, as it got an unprecedented 12.1 million viewers. The show is definitely HBO’s most popular series, and its audience has only gotten bigger and bigger. Season seven’s viewership was up 36% compared to the previous one, and season eight is set to break even more viewing records as fans get more hyped for the premiere.

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As Mashable reported, some food Instagram accounts have revealed Oreo is releasing cookies that will look different from the normal Oreos, and which will also come in special packaging. In fact, the company itself has released a video on their social media accounts teasing the release of the special-edition cookies. While the exact cookie prints are unknown, it could be assumed that the cookie giant will be pressing some house crests on their new products. Now you can also get a chance to destroy a GOT house simply by dipping it in some milk and eating it.

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Oreo is not the only company to have created a special Game of Thrones-themed item. For those who are looking to drink along with the wine-loving characters of the show, there have been multiple liquor companies who made Game of Thrones products: Brewery Ommegang have beer like Fire and Blood Red Ale, Johnnie Walker created a White Walker scotch, and Vintage Wine Estates had a Cabernet Sauvignon dedicated to the show. Other than huge companies, many fans hold viewing parties, where they also recreate food from the show.

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Collaborations between HBO and food brands like Oreo are definitely working to get us all hyped for the final season’s premiere. We’ve been waiting two long years for this, and anything to get us in the mood for some Game of Thrones is welcome.

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