25 Things Wrong With Game Of Thrones Fans Choose To Ignore

The sixth season of Game of Thrones, HBO's greatest and most popular show of all time, was its best, regardless of viewership. That sixth season gave the fans plenty to enjoy including the resurrection of Jon Snow, the Destruction of the Great Sept of Baelor, the Battle of the Bastards, and Hodor's fate.

It was the first season in which the show was no longer relying on the books and many critics were not sure if it was even possible to succeed on its own, but it did so in a way that answered many lingering questions viewers had, leaving the show to focus more on Daenerys Targaryen, Jon Snow, and the battle against the Night King.

Then, season seven happened, and they only did seven episodes instead of the ten they previously did each year. The shortened season seemed to speed things up a little quicker than we were used to and it made for many mistakes that went unnoticed by the fans.

We will not even get started to discuss season eight, it is just too heart-breaking to bring up how quickly the show has turned into a cash cow for HBO, far from the brilliantly written masterpiece it was for six years.

So let's go back and take a look at the 25 Things Wrong with Game of Thrones, but we chose to ignore anyways.

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25 Qarth's Lack Of Military

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If Qarth is supposed to be "the greatest city that ever was or will be," then it should probably have a greater military strength than The Civic Guard.  They wear bronze armor on their chest but very little anywhere else while carrying a spear and a shield. Their size is not all that impressive either.

Qarth is good at trading and nothing more. They are like the flea market of the world who claims to have more riches than any other city in Westeros yet Daenerys Targaryen, Jorah, a couple of Dothraki soldiers, and some handmaidens take out their leaders, imprison one of their "13," and then just walk out the front door? Not so great after all.

24 Sand Snakes' Ability To Teleport

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In the fifth season's epic finale, Jaime Lannister, Trystane Martell, Myrcella Lannister, and Bronn departed from Dorne and got on a boat sailing for King's Landing. Before they got on their boat, they said farewell to Ellaria Sand and the Sand Snakes, who were all standing on the pier by the water, nowhere close to the boat. They even cut back to the Sand Snakes staring out at the boat, knowing that Ellaria just poisoned Myrcella.

However, when see them again during the season six premiere, two of the Snakes managed to not only catch up to the boat, but they were able to get on board undetected, to slay Trystane.

23 The Hound and Arya Approach The Vale, And Are Allowed To Leave

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The Hound and Arya literally walked right up to the front entrance of The Vale, in full armor while carrying weapons, and even walked right around some of the guards outside the gate, without anyone ever attempting to stop them. Finally, someone near the front door asked them who they were and what they wanted.

After The Hound answered honestly, none of the soldiers considered that they should alert Littlefinger, or hold them hostage until they were ordered otherwise. Although Arya Stark is not an enemy to The Vale, she is worth a pretty penny and any good soldier would have known that instead of just letting them leave.

22 The Waif Spends A Season Contradicting Themselves 

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When Arya entered the House of Black and White, and decided to become a faceless man, she had to strip herself of any previous identities. That was the only real way she was going to become "no one" and start her training. One of the main things she had to eliminate was her emotions. She had to keep them locked away because a faceless man does not hold grudges or react emotionally.

If this is the truth, then why did The Waif go out of her way to take out Arya? It almost felt as if she was jealous and was taking out her frustrations on Arya. This goes against everything Jaqen H'ghar is trying to teach Arya. It was a glaring mistake that we just had to accept.

21 Gendry's Mysterious Superpowers

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During the seventh season, Jon Snow puts together a dream team to head as far North of the wall as they can, until they run into the White Walkers. The goal of the mission is to take one of the wights to bring back and prove that the White Walkers are real. But just before the fighting begins, the group sends Gendry to head back to Castle Black and get help.

So he takes off, on foot, and runs back to Castle Black. There is just one problem, the distance between The Skirling Pass and Castle Black is over 300 miles. If he was running on paved roads, he can make it there in 4-5 days, at best. But the terrain isn't paved and is covered in snow so you have to assume it would take an extra two days for that part alone.

Are we to believe that he ran over 300 miles in two days, which would mean he was a racehorse, just to reach Castle Black?

20 Will Escaped White Walkers, And Got Around The Wall

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In the opening scene of Game of Thrones, three rangers from Castle Black are on a hunt to investigate the location of reported wildling sightings near the wall. However, while on this mission, they run into some wights and two of the rangers end up getting slain. The only person to escape the White Walkers was Will.

Instead of returning to Castle Black, he takes off and deserts his post, abandoning his role as a member of the Night's Watch out of fear. The next time we see him, he is South of the wall, near Winterfell, after somehow finding a way to get around the wall without alerting the Night's Watch. How was he able to survive them?

How did he get around the wall when we have been taught, for eight seasons, that the wall is impossible to get around unless you tear it down or if the Night's Watch allows you passage?

19 Bronn Is Being Forced On Us

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For the final season of the show, Bronn has run out of things to do. He was working with Jaime Lannister most of the seventh season after being promised all kinds of golds and riches, but knew the fighting was over once he saw Dany's dragons. So he ended up sticking around King's Landing.

At this point, his story is over. He has had many different opportunities to say good-bye and walk off into the sunset, but he just cannot help himself. He always has to get involved because he was made a few promises by the Lannisters and he was going to wait until they paid up.

This leads to the most unnecessary use of a character we have seen in several seasons. The angle of hiring Bronn to slay Jaime and Tyrion is just plain ridiculous and completely out of character for him.

18 Viserys' Golden Crown

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One of the coolest scenes in Game Of Thrones goes back to the first season, when Viserys finally got his golden crown. The imagery of the scene itself was beautiful, surprising, and almost realistic.

After Viserys enters into the temple, he threatens Daenerys and demands his crown, so Khal Drogo grants him his wish by grabbing his golden dragon coins in a pot and pouring it onto Viserys' head.

The problem was not the heat, you can melt gold like he did— but it would not happen that quickly. It would take a very long time, not just a few seconds like the show makes you think it does.

17 Stannis Baratheon Leading The Fight At King's Landing

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Any man who has built a great army and is fighting to become the King should never be the first man to swing his sword during a fight. It serves no purpose to have the leader of an army go down from some random arrow. So it would be the dumbest military decision in the history of the world for Stannis Baratheon to lead the charge at the Battle of the Blackwater.

Not only that, he was known for being a military strategist and had fought in many wars before this one. To think he would just forget his training and think with his emotions instead of his brain is just plain nuts. No other time in the series did a King, or future King, fight in the front lines of a battle. Jon Snow did, but he was not a King, according to him.

16 Sam Easily Cures Jorah, And Greyscale

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Although greyscale is considered one of the worst diseases in all of Westeros because of how rapidly it can attack the body and how difficult, and painful, it can be to cure, no one is willing to try and cure greyscale because of how painstakingly meticulous the removal of it can be while also being highly contagious.

However, Sam finds a random book at The Citadel that explains the procedure to fixing the disease and ends up using that book as a guide to help him cure Jorah. Since it affects the skin by destroying it and never letting it grow back, Sam has to take a knife and slowly cut the infected skin off his body.

Just because you have the instructions, that does not mean you are prepared to handle something like Sam did, on his first try. If you grabbed a step-by-step guide to conducting open-heart surgery, how long would it take you to end your patient's life?

15 Bronn Is Not An Iron Man Contestant

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During the Battle of the Goldenroad, Daenerys decides to use a scorched Earth approach to fighting by having the Dothraki soldiers charge by horse while she rode in on the back of Drogon, destroying most of the enemy forces using fire.

As Jaime stands still, frozen in shock, he notices Drogon landing and thinks he has a chance to take out Daenerys himself by charging them on his horse. However, when he got close enough to attack, Drogon turned around and fired on him, but not before Bronn flies out of nowhere to tackle him off his horse and save his life by sending him into the nearby lake.

The next episode, we see Bronn carrying Jaime, in his full battle armor, all the way to the other side of the water, to safety. Did Bronn all of a sudden become Michael Phelps with the strength of a bear?

14 The Prophecy About Cersei's Children

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Game of Thrones has so many storylines, and so many involved characters, that it is not easy to follow what is going on all the time. It has become the type of show that forces its audience to watch each episode multiple times just to make sure you do not miss anything.

One of the things almost everyone forgot about was when Queen Cersei was speaking to Lady Catelyn, trying to console her, and she mentions that she once had a "black haired beauty" who perished as an infant. That would be her fourth child.

Maggie the Frog's prophecy clearly stated that all three, not four, of her children would die. That means that one of her children was either not hers or they got it wrong.

13 It Only Takes A Couple Weeks To Build 1,000 Ships

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This is easily one of the worst things the show has ever tried to pull off because we all knew that Euron was going to be an important character, and an ally to Cersei, so he was going to bring her those ships. He even promised her he would not return until he did.

Because of this major problem, many mathematicians have done the research and calculated the data to find out if that was even possible in the time-frame given. Turns out, it is not even remotely possible. A standard boat built similarly to Euron's could take up to 15 months and a crew of 50 working on it. That is just the building part, what about the collection of wood needed for it too?

None of the numbers make sense and it is a shame that the showrunners decided to not find a way around it, knowing they only had so many episodes to do so.

12 Dothraki Charging On The Walkers, In Total Darkness

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The best episode of the eight season is "The Long Night" which features the Battle of Ice and Fire. The tension is built up within the first few scenes, leading up to a very intense sequence of events that led to the start of the battle.

As all the forces stand outside Winterfell, the Dothraki are lined up in front, being led by Jorah Mormont. After Lady Melisandre arrives and lights all their weapons with fire, it energizes the Dothraki forces and they charge towards the dead. But they were storming into complete darkness, without any support. It was a horrible move that played right into the hands of the Night King.

11 Arya Survived Being Stabbed Twice

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If you were stabbed in the abdomen, twice, the chances you have at survival is not as good as you think because of location, infection, blood loss, etc...

Even with advances in modern medicine, medical tools, and really good surgeons, your chances of survival are not guaranteed. It is still a very dangerous situation. Now imagine if you lived several hundred years ago, with no hospitals or medication, and were stabbed twice in the abdomen, with the knife also being turned while inside your body. It should be a foregone conclusion that you will not survive.

Arya did. Even after falling into that disgusting city water full of waste, disease, and anything else you can think of.

10 The Walkers That Let Sam Live, Where Were They Going?

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In the final shot of the second season, Samwell Tarly is on the North side of the Wall when a very thick snow storm makes it impossible to see what was right in front of him. So instead of running, he quickly hides behind a rock, not sure what was coming from behind him.

It turns out to be White Walkers, who are being led by one of their warriors, as they are marching towards the Wall. Their leader stops and looks right at Sam, but leaves him alone. We still never got the answer to why he left him alone but that is not the problem.

The problem is where did they go? Were they practicing for the season eight battle? They were going somewhere, but we never found out where.

9 Viserion Struggles Against A Rock

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After the Night King was able to catch himself a dragon, the time to invade the rest of the world was rapidly approaching because there was nothing that could stop him now. So during the show's seventh season finale, we finally get to see Viserion as a White Walker, ridden by the Night King, just outside East Watch, a part of the great Wall.

He then proceeds to completely destroy the wall and open up the path for the White Walkers to finally pass through. He does this by using his ice breath and turning the Wall into gravel.

So then why was Jon Snow able to safely hide behind a giant rock as Viserion attempted to fire upon him? Based on what he did to the wall, that rock should have been destroyed and Jon Snow with it.

8 King's Landing Is Suddenly Surrounded By Flatlands

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After the Battle of Ice and Fire, the remaining forces of the living have to quickly recover because the next move is to attack King's Landing. So after the battle, the war council gets together to discuss their next moves including troop deployment. Tyrion announces that the majority of the troops will walk down the Kingsroad to King's Landing and the small amount of remaining troops will enter through the harbor.

However, this only works if they change the way King's Landing was built. The city was always this tiny island, almost completely surrounded by water, that was at the bottom of a range of mountains, and cliffs, that are completely filled with trees.

So at what point did someone flatten out the land and cut down all the trees?

7 Kinslaying Is A Big Deal, Euron

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When someone slays a member of their own family, they are labeled as a kinslayer and are believed to be cursed for the rest of their lives. By slaying a member of your immediate family, who just so happens to be Balon Greyjoy, King of the Iron Islands, you should not be allowed to just walk around as if you own the place.

Are we to believe that the Ironborn are so ruthless that when Euron Greyjoy comes back to the Iron Islands and secretly assassinates their King, he can just have one big motivational speech and convince the entire city to make him their new King?

6 Sam Decided Dragonglass Wasn't Important When Stannis Told Him

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Halfway through the fifth season, Stannis Baratheon continues to remain at Castle Black and ends up running into Sam, and Gilly, in the library. They begin to talk about Randyll Tarly, Sam's father, and that leads to Stannis asking Sam how he managed to slay a White Walker.

Sam explains that he used a dagger made of dragonglass to kill it. Stannis tells him that there is a ton of it at Dragonstone and Sam simply mentions that he has been researching how to use it to defeat the White Walkers, but has not come up with anything yet.

Why did Sam just blow off Stannis and not even mention to someone that the one resource that can kill these things is located at Dragonstone?

5 How Did The White Walkers Get Chains Around Viserion's Neck?

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For the first time on the show, one of Daenerys Targaryen's dragons perished. Viserion lost his life trying to save Jon Snow and the rest of the team that was north of the Wall. He was shot down by an ice blade thrown by the Night King and crashed right into the frozen lake below, sinking to the bottom of the ice cold water.

The Night King then has his soldiers use a giant chain and pull Viserion out of the water. The imagery was amazing and the scene ends with the dragon's eyes opening with that scary blue coloring.

But how did these wights, who we have been constantly told are not capable of traveling through water, get into this lake and wrap a chain around the dragon's neck more than one time and still make it tight enough to pull him up without ever going into the water?

4 The Night's Watch Oath Isn't As Important As We Were Told

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When Game of Thrones begins, we are shown just how important being a member of the Night's Watch is, especially if they decide to desert it. Deserting your post in the Night's Watch results in execution. The oath they make with the Night's Watch is to give up their lives in order to protect the rest of the world from the White Walkers.

Jon Snow is the poster child for the Night's Watch, always wanting to be a member and ready to dedicate his life to protecting the realm. Yet, the first time he meets a woman, Ygritte, he winds up throwing it all away before joining the wildlings, which he only did to survive.

Upon his return to Castle Black, he is considered a traitor for his relationship with the wildlings and ends up being slain by fellow members of the Night's Watch because of it. After he is brought back to life, he gets his revenge on the mutineers by hanging them and then simply just walks away.

3 Queen Cersei Leaving Daenerys Targaryen Alive At King's Landing

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Just before the final battle of the series, the Battle of King's Landing, Daenerys Targaryen arrives at King's Landing with a handful of Unsullied soldiers, all of her advisers, and Drogon. After her original plan failed, costing her the life of another one of her dragons, Rhaegal, and also getting her closest friend Missandei taken by Cersei, she was desperate for a peaceful ending.

So she approached the gates of King's Landing with a small group of soldiers and tried to negotiate a peaceful surrender from Queen Cersei, but that also failed and Missandei was executed in front of her.

The whole time, Queen Cersei had Daenerys within her sights and could have easily destroyed her and the ones she brought with her but instead decided to let them live, which was more out of character than defeating them right there and then.

2 Traveling Throughout Westeros

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The one thing that has always confused Game of Thrones fans is how much quicker it was to travel in the last four seasons (5-8) of the show. This would not be a big issue if they did not spend almost five years teaching us that Westeros was massive in size with some characters spending entire seasons traveling to get somewhere.

Sam and Gilly missed a whole season traveling from Castle Black to Oldtown, which is close to 3,500 miles. Yet King's Landing is 1,700 miles from Winterfell and 2,300 miles from Castle Black and anytime people need to make that journey after season five, they were able to make that trip in one episode, or less.

There are so many more examples of how traveling long distances on foot and horseback take a very long time except if you are on Game of Thrones.

1 The Final Battle 

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Now that we have seen both the Battle of Ice and Fire (Living vs. White Walkers) and the Battle of King's Landing, we can discuss just how bad of a season this has turned into.

Look, we understand that it is called Game of Thrones, so it was obviously going to end with a battle for the throne and many people were going to perish. The show's creators wanted to remind us of how important that fight was by dedicating season seven to preparations for that war.

It is just tough to present a few more episodes following such an amazing battle between good and evil that also keeps the audience from losing interest.

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