The 'Game Of Thrones' Family Motto Breakdown For Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type

We all love Game of Thrones, to the point where it's kind of taken over the world. Unfortunately, we're going to have to wait before we find out what happened after the explosive seventh season, which was abbreviated, albeit with longer episodes. Next year, we're going to have only six episodes, but they're basically going to be the same length as the average movie, and they'll come out every week.

As much as it burns us to have to wait for as long as we're waiting to return to Westeros via new episodes, it's awesome that we're essentially going to get six movies at the end of the series. The reason why we love shows like Game of Thrones so much is that despite the fact that the story is this huge feat in world-building and fantasy literature, it's still a very human story and we see ourselves in it.

As viewers, we often find ourselves really feeling for characters that remind us of people we know, and even more of the time, we find ourselves resonating with characters that remind us of ourselves. A big thing in this fandom is claiming a family house that has a symbol and motto that means something to each fan. It's kind of like picking a Hogwarts House for oneself as a Harry Potter fan. Depending on each person's personality, they might end up really liking a popular or obscure house. As a disclaimer, some of the houses we're going to talk about here are pretty obscure if one hasn't read the books, but they were chosen because of their mottos.

With that, here's the Game of Thrones motto that's most likely to resonate with each fan according to their Myers-Briggs personality type. Don't worry guys, no one is a Bolton or Frey here!

16 ISTJ: House Westerling: 'Honor, Not Honors'

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For the show-only fans of this franchise, House Westerling was actually written out of the TV show. (House Westerling is where Robb Stark's wife is actually from.)

In the show, Robb chooses to marry Talisa Maegyr, a noblewoman from Volantis who just happened to be on one of the battlefields as a nurse. They fall in love, get married, and then bad things happen. In the books, Robb is on the battlefield when he meets Jeyne Westerling, a young woman who happens to belong to a house that's sworn to House Lannister. They meet and get it on, only for Robb to develop a case of honoritis, the same affliction that knocked off his father, Ned, and married her. Either way, it was a colossally bad decision on Robb's part.

House Westerling's motto is "honor, not honors," which means that House Westerling doesn't really care about glory or being recognized for what they do, they just care about doing the right thing and making sure they're on the side of goodness. This is shown with their position in the show: they're not as rich as the Freys, for example (the family was actually really struggling at the time of the series), but they have more noble blood than the Freys do, and a better reputation. This jives well with the ISTJ's moral code: it's more important to do what's right than to be recognized for that.

15 ISTP - House Arryn: 'As High As Honor'

House Arryn hasn't really been relevant on the show as a whole for a while, so to refresh everyone's memory, House Arryn is the house led by Jon Arryn, the original Hand of the King and the guy who helped raised Robert Baratheon and Ned Stark. Jon Arryn's wife was Lysa Arryn, Catelyn Stark's sister, and they had a little boy named Robert in the books and Robin in the show. The Arryns are a family that lives high up in the mountains in a castle called the Eyrie, that has never been successfully taken by anyone the way Winterfell and King's Landing have. The Arryn family spent a couple of seasons as a figurehead for Petyr Baelish (aka Littlefinger), but since he went the way of the dodo in the season seven finale, who knows what the future of the Arryns is going to be.

The Arryns are represented by the motto "as high as honor," which means that the Arryns are a family that values honor and looking ahead to see the big picture. Their position high up above everyone else gives them a unique perspective on life, but it also kind of isolates them a little bit. This is something that the ISTP might find themselves empathizing with. An ISTP, one is a tolerant, flexible person who can see the patterns in situations and cut to the truth of something.

This is a little bit like when Jon Arryn managed to figure out before everyone else that there was something strange going on with the paternity of Robert Baratheon's kids. If an ISTP were in King's Landing, they might have been the person to figure that out first like he was.

14 ESTJ - House Baratheon: 'Ours Is The Fury'

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When it comes to House Baratheon, there are at least three versions that we see in the show alone. First, we have the original version of House Baratheon, the one represented by Robert. That family basically gets splintered off after Robert's death via drunken hunt. The first branch is the hybrid with House Lannister led by Robert's "son" Joffrey, then Tommen. The second is represented by green and gold and led by Renly Baratheon, who is allied with the  Tyrells. The third is led by Stannis and represented his alignment with the Red Priestess Melisandre. All three are gone now, but with Gendry back in the game, who knows?

While all three versions of the Baratheon House are very different, there's this underlying theme that runs through all three of them that really highlights what makes them the same, and that's their motto.

House Baratheon has the motto "Ours is the fury," which kind of calls attention to the fact that the Baratheons are represented by their tempers, which mirror the weather of the place that they're from, the Stormlands. Needless to say, this fits the ESTJ mindset perfectly. This isn't to say that you're a temperamental or angry person or anything. This just means that you're a person who can be very assertive when you want to be. You might have a temper, but you don't need to have a temper to be a Baratheon: Renly, Myrcella, and Tommen are good examples of that. The big thing about Baratheons is that they are leaders, which is definitely something you can relate to.

13 ESTP - House Lannister: 'Hear Me Roar!'

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Unlike some of these other houses that we're going to be talking about, House Lannister is one of the most prominent and important in the whole series. It's where some of the most important characters are from and this family is the current holder of the Iron Throne.

Cersei, Jaime, and Tyrion Lannister are the main representatives of this house and in an ironic twist, the last Baratheons were biologically Lannisters, making them a dead house long before Tommen took too many steps out of his window back in season six. The Lannisters have a long history of doing whatever is necessary to get on top, stay on top, and more importantly, they have no problem bending the rules a bit to get what they want. They're as successful as they are primarily because of that quality.

The Lannisters have two mottos. The unofficial and far more quoted one is "A Lannister always pays his debts," but the official one speaks to the house just as well. The official one is "hear me roar" with an exclamation point at the end, which is a great example of how everything Lannisters do is just extra.

According to the history of Westeros, the Lannisters are descendant not from the original owners of Casterly Rock, but from Lann the Clever, the trickster who stole the castle from them. As an ESTP, you're all about this kind of thing: you take the approach that's guaranteed to be successful and you're great with people not just socially, but pragmatically as well.

12 ISFJ - House Tully: 'Family, Duty, Honor'

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House Tully is a great house of Westeros that is criminally underserved in the TV series. We don't get to see them very much in the series because they kind of get folded in with the Starks and the Arryns depending on the storyline. The Tullys are represented by Catelyn Stark and her children; to the point where every single Stark kid apart from Arya looked like a Tully in the books. In the series, this trait is limited to Sansa. They are also represented by Lysa Arryn, Edmure Tully, the Blackfish, and Petyr Baelish, who was raised by the Tullys in much the same way Theon Greyjoy was by the Starks. The Tullys became relevant again in season six when the Blackfish took their castle Riverrun back, but thanks to the events of the Red Wedding, the Tullys are back on the bus.

House Tully is represented by the motto "family, duty, honor," showing that this house has many priorities, but they know what really matters more than anything else.

First, they're concerned about their family and people, then by the thing that they're called to do, and only then are they concerned about glory and recognition. This is something an ISFJ might really empathize with. You're a person who is very friendly at heart, but you're also the type of person who's very committed to what they have to do and makes sure to take the time to do it right. You also really value harmony, which is something House Tully values deeply, especially considering that the family rose to power on merit alone. Out of the great houses, only the Tullys were never royalty.

11 ISFP -  House Mormont: 'Here We Stand'

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House Mormont wasn't really a big deal until much later in the series. Sure, we had very important Mormont characters, but we didn't really know much about their house. The first Mormont character we meet is Ser Jorah Mormont, who goes on his journey with Daenerys Targaryen, partly because he truly believes she's a great ruler and partly because he's hopelessly in love with her. He gets ousted from his place in his family by Ned Stark, who banished him for enslaving people. He would then go on to help free countless people from slavery.

The second Mormont we meet is Jorah's father Jeor, who gives Jon Snow his Valyrian steel sword Longclaw. We don't learn more about the house as a whole until we meet Jorah's niece Lyanna, a 10-year-old girl who won our hearts with either the letter she sent to Stannis or the dressing down she gave the remaining Stark children.

House Mormont's motto is "here we stand," showing that House Mormont values loyalty and standing up for what's right over everything else in life. ISFPs are much the same way.

If you're an ISFP, you're a person who's very kind and likes to live in the moment. You're also a person who likes to have their own space and the freedom to do things your way. This is very much how Mormonts do things. They don't just sit around Bear Island and wait for things to happen, they go out and make things happen, but they're still great friends and people to those around them.

10 ESFJ - House Hornwood: 'Righteous In Wrath'

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House Hornwood is a house that doesn't really get any mention in the show apart from a few in passing, so I'm going to talk about this house in a bit more detail before getting into the motto they live by.

House Hornwood is a house that's loyal to the Starks and they were one of the houses that chose not to defect to the Boltons when things started getting really rough for them. They didn't escape harm from the Boltons, though. Lady Donella Hornwood is Ramsay Snow's first wife in the books and believe it or not, she's made to suffer even more than Sansa does in the show. In the books, Ramsay becomes the heir to that house, forcibly taking it over rather than the house betraying the Starks. It's really all very sad and one of the worst things Ramsay does, and that's saying something!

House Hornwood is represented by the motto "Righteous in wrath," which is something we know we're going to get to see in the books, if not the TV show.

It's mentioned in book five that the Hornwoods who show up for Ramsay's second wedding never forgot what happened to Lady Hornwood and they're eventually going to be looking for revenge. However, it wouldn't be revenge considering what happens; it would be justice because it would be anger coming from the right place. That's something an ESFJ definitely understands. You're the type of person who wants everyone to be happy and likes to work with people. House Hornwood, like you, tends to notice what other people need and likes to help people reach their potential.

9 ESFP - House Targaryen: 'Fire And Blood'

House Targaryen is arguably the biggest house in the whole Westeros series. They have a ridiculously long history that would take a really long time to get to know, especially considering there are whole books dedicated to the history of this one family.

The whole series seems to hinge on the fate of Targaryen characters, like Daenerys, who starts off being sold to Khal Drogo in exchange for an army for her older brother and winds up becoming the queen of Slaver's Bay. She's a genuine contender for the Iron Throne. There's also all three Aegon Targaryens we hear about in the series.

First, there's the original Aegon the Conqueror, the guy who first took Westeros for himself and his family. Then there's Aegon Targaryen VI, the guy from the fifth book who is supposedly Rhaegar Targaryen's long long son by Elia Martell. Finally, there's Aegon Targaryen from the show, who started off as the bastard of Ned Stark, Jon Snow. He doesn't know about that yet, but many fans sure did!

House Targaryen's motto is "fire and blood," which represents how the Targaryens live. They're all about being the best and the greatest, which has been a thing throughout the history of the family. However, it also shows the Targaryen sense of loyalty to the people they care about, which is shown by the Targaryens we meet in the story. This is how ESFPs tend to live their lives. They're outgoing and an inspiration to those around them, but they also know to use common sense and look ahead to make sure a decision made now won't come back to bite them later.

8 INTJ - House Greyjoy: 'We Do Not Sow'

House Greyjoy is one of Westeros' great houses, but they tend to not get a ton of respect because of where they're from. The Greyjoys are from a place called the Iron Islands, which doesn't really have a lot of resources. This led the Greyjoys and other people from those islands to become pirates and reavers, taking things from people on the mainland.

They became known for being the best sailors the world would ever know, but they also became known for being thieves and dishonorable.

That being said, there's definitely more to these guys than reaving and sailing. Theon and Asha/Yara Greyjoy are both extremely important main characters, and Euron Greyjoy's whole thing with his brother the Damphair is probably what's going to explain how the gods of Westeros even work.

House Greyjoy's motto is "we do not sow," and this highlights the pirate nature of the house. However, it also shows off the fact that out of all of the Westeros houses, the Greyjoys have this unique culture and way of doing things that really show off their creativity and resourcefulness. INTJs have both of those qualities in spades. As an INTJ, you have an original mind and a drive to succeed that gives you the ability to achieve any goal. You might not be the type of person to become a pirate who steals things from your neighbors, but in a different world, you could understand that.

7 INTP - House Forrester: 'Iron From Ice'

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Unlike the other houses we're talking about here, House Forrester doesn't come from either the books or the TV show. They're mentioned in the books, but we don't find anything else about them until we play the Telltale game based on the series.

In it, we find out that the Forresters are a lot like the Starks. They have the same amount of children and wield a lot of power in the North. However, they don't have political power like the Starks do, they have economic power because they take care of the ironwood trees way up North. The family loses Lord Forrester at the Red Wedding, leaving the rest of the family to deal with the Boltons and their allied families like the Whitehills, who want the ironwood forests without knowing how to take care of them. The fate of the Forresters is basically entirely up to the player.

The Forrester motto is "iron from ice." Much like the Starks, they don't have a motto that brags about their place in the world or what they can do. Rather, they have a motto that focuses on what they think is really important: how some of the most important things can be made in ways that people don't expect.

Let's be real here, nobody expected the strongest wood in the world to be made in some random forest way up north. INTPs are a lot like this because they have this ability to adapt to even the most impossible situations. They're quiet people who can roll with the punches, who are more focused on what they see as important rather than caring what others think of them. That's what the Forresters do all the time.

6 ENTJ - House Swyft: 'Awake, Awake!'

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House Swyft really doesn't have a ton of representation in the books or the TV show, and they're certainly not a super important house. Their motto isn't even really technically canon yet! However, I sought to include this house because the motto really does sync up well with the ENTJ personality type.

From what we know about House Swyft, they're a decently well-off family that is aligned with House Lannister. Throughout Westeros history, House Swyft was a very powerful and influential house that has a lot of history with the Kingsguard.

Several members of the family are in positions of strategic and political power in the current storyline, meaning that we might see more of this family in the books as time goes on. That's not bad for a family that's represented by a big blue chicken!

House Swyft's motto is "awake, awake!" which makes sense once you look at the characters we do get to see. Several characters from the Swyft family are noted to be very opinionated and speaking out when they feel like something isn't right. Even main characters like Tyrion notice things like that. That's something ENTJs might really feel for. ENTJs are decisive and straightforward, pointing out when things feel wrong and letting people know why that is. If you're an ENTJ, chances are you're a highly intelligent, well-rounded person who likes learning, something House Swyft seems like they're all about.

5 ENTP - House Martell: 'Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken'

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House Martell is one of the bigger houses of Westeros, both literally and in relation to the story. The Martells have connections to both royal families we meet and have a totally different culture from everyone else in Westeros. House Martell is from Dorne, a place that's unique in many ways.

For one, out of every place in Westeros, Dorne alone escaped the Targaryen conquest, marrying into Westeros at large rather than submitting to the Targaryens. That's why they can be called princes and princesses rather than lords. The Dornish are basically the most progressive people in all of Westeros. They don't care who you love — whether it's the same gender or someone of low birth. They also don't care nearly as much about a woman in a position of power.

House Martell's motto is "unbowed, unbent, unbroken," which shows how unwilling to compromise the family really is. On top of that, the family is incredibly outspoken about what they believe it and really make it a point to live unapologetically. This is something that ENTPs make a habit of. ENTPs are all about learning and living differently from those around them. They're also very good at reading others, which is a quality all the Martells have in spades, even the Sand Snakes and Ellaria. Unfortunately, the TV series doesn't do as great a job at showing the depth of Dorne and the Martells, which is why if you haven't, you should totally read the books!

4 INFJ - House Karstark: 'The Sun of Winter'

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House Karstark is a noble house sworn to House Stark, and historically, the two houses are very much related. In fact, both families were Starks: the only difference is that Karstarks got their name because they live in a place called Karhold and they just changed their name. They're staunch allies of the Starks for a very long time, but that ends when Robb Stark marries his wife against all the advice in the world and Catelyn Stark lets Jaime Lannister, the guy who slayed several Karstarks, leave with Brienne in exchange for Sansa and Arya. The relationship really sours for a long time, to the point where the Karstarks joined up with the Boltons.

Things get back on track when Jon Snow takes Winterfell back and chooses to spare the Karstarks and Umbers, bringing them back into the fold.

House Karstark has the motto "the sun of winter," which is actually pretty hopeful for a Northern motto. Many mottos tend to be warnings or bragging, but the Karstarks seem more interested in highlighting their history as being one of the strongest allies to a major house. It is like bragging, but it's more of a humblebrag. Being the sun of winter basically means that they're the bright spot of the North, which is kind of nice. INFJs are a lot like this. As an INFJ, you seek meaning in your ideas and relationships and want the things you do to matter. While the Karstarks aren't always on the side of good, everything they did in the series mattered.

3 INFP - House Stark: 'Winter Is Coming'

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House Stark is by far the most important house in the series, at least narratively. While the main protagonists of the series end up not being Starks at all, we see the majority of the events of the series through the eyes of Starks, or at least people who are close to the Starks or believe they are Starks. We know a lot about the Starks because we meet so many of them through the story and historically, the house is very consistent with what we see in the show. The house is full of people who are very honorable and upfront about doing the right thing and helping the people around them. They're good rulers and they're much beloved by common people and much respected by the nobility.

The Stark motto is "winter is coming," a motto we are all very familiar with. The motto isn't really about the Starks at all, although it can and has been used as a brag. Rather, it's about the world as a whole: winter comes whether we like it or not and we need to be prepared. Every character eventually says something about how the Starks are always right and winter is coming, and in Westeros, winter is a big deal. INFPs tend to live a lot like Starks: very honorably. INFPs are very idealistic people and are equally loyal to their people and to their values. That's definitely the thing with Starks, which is why this motto probably feels the most like an INFP thing.

2 ENFJ - House Allyrion: 'No Foe May Pass'

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House Allyrion is a Dornish House that isn't really expanded on in the books, let alone the TV show. However, we're not necessarily focusing on the history of the house here, just the words that represent the house. House Allyrion is represented by the words "no foe may pass." While we don't know much about House Allyrion, those words seem like they represent a ferocity and stubbornness that's actually very consistent with what we know about Dornish families like the Martells and the Daynes.

This family seems like they will stand up against any obstacle or enemy and demand that it moves around them instead of trying to adapt their way around it like another family might.

This sentiment sounds like something that an ENFJ would be all about.

They're equal parts inspiring and helpful, which is very Allyrion in values. Every time we see an Allyrion in the books, they're helping other people, like the Martells. ENFJs tend to be people who help others realize their greatness and set out to reach it. This doesn't mean that ENFJs are wallflowers, quite the opposite really: ENFJs are people who can work with others and are leaders in their own right. If our main characters spent more time in Dorne, we might be seeing way more of this house.

1 ENFP - House Tyrell: 'Growing Strong'

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House Tyrell is one of the great houses of the Seven Kingdoms and out of every house on the TV show, it was probably done the dirtiest, and yes, I also mean the show's treatment of the Dorne storyline.

House Tyrell is the wealthiest house in Westeros, even after the Lannisters who are known as the wealthiest and who have been the wealthiest for centuries. They're known for being really nice to their equals and kind to the commoners, but they're also known for being just as underhanded as any other house. For example, in the books, the Tyrells saved King's Landing from starvation by providing everyone with food, but they were also the ones who caused the blockade that resulted in everyone starving in the city in the first place. They did it so the royal family would accept their help and they could smoothly transition from Renly's team to Joffrey's.

The Tyrell motto is "growing strong," which is another example of a motto that's a lot like the Stark motto. It's more of a humblebrag than anything else. The Tyrells aren't fighters, their strength is economic and political. However, they're the family that holds the most power through much of the series because the family who has them on their side tends to be the side that's winning. No other personality type probably resonates with that more than the ENFP. ENFPs are very kind people who are extremely creative and excellent communicators. Basically, ENFPs are honorary Tyrells because they kind of have the Tyrell mindset as a skill set already!

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