'Game Of Thrones' Scavenger Hunt Sees People Search For Hidden Iron Thrones Around The World

While anxiously waiting for the final season of Game of Thrones, fans are participating in a worldwide scavenger hunt to find six hidden Iron Thrones that has been organized by HBO. The show’s official Twitter account announced the scavenger hunt on March 18 with a mysterious picture of a throne placed in a wooded area surrounded by mossy rocks.

“Seek the Weirwood in this Kingdom on Earth. Begin your Quest #ForTheThrone,” the tweet read.

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The clue was followed by a challenge to find the throne in one of six different locations. The first hidden throne was located in the Forest of Dean in Puzzlewood, located in Gloucestershire in the United Kingdom, by Alex Bowring and Tom Maullin-Sapey of Oxford. The throne, known as the Throne of the Forest, came with a reward — a crown, making the pair the occupants of the Iron Throne.

The Game of Thrones Twitter account subsequently released new clues and a day later, the Throne of the North, appeared in the Swedish ski resort of Björkliden. This was followed by the discovery of the Throne of Joy, found at Castillo de Atienza in Spain, the Throne of Valyria, uncovered in Beberibe, Brazil, and the Throne of Ice, located this week at Babcock Creek in Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia, Canada, by Kevin and Birgit Sharman, making them the fifth and current occupants of the throne.

Hunters were given clues as to the various locations by the #ForTheThrone official website, which featured videos of each location at dawn, dusk and during the daytime, enabling fans around the world to identify the different sites.

“For seven seasons you’ve watched characters lie, bleed and sacrifice for the Iron Throne,” the website reads. “As the final season approaches, only one question remains: How far will you go?”

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Now, fans must await clues as to the location of the sixth and final throne, the Throne of the Crypt. The official website currently displays a countdown clock that warns fans that there are just six days left before time runs out.

The eighth and final season of Game of Thrones will premiere April 14. A trailer released earlier this month showed Arya on the run, Cersei at the Red Keep, Dany and Jon heading off to battle, Sansa watching the dragons fly overhead, and Jaime joining the fight. The scenes look spectacular and promise to deliver an unforgettable finale.

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