18 Games That Trolled People Who Played On Easy Mode

Chances are you'll find games that downright mock you or make it impossible to enjoy the game to the fullest if you choose an easy mode. Why is that? Either to encourage you to learn, try harder and push your boundaries, or to simply make fun of lazy players who want to play harder games without being challenged, thus choosing an easy mode just to say they were able to beat levels that other players worked harder to beat on more difficult modes.

If you're a lazy player yourself and don't want to be made fun of, here are the 18 games you need to stay away from. However, if you're not a baby and are ready for a challenge, I definitely recommend playing these video games that reward you for playing on a difficult mode.

18 Ninja Gaiden Black

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You hardly ever see an easy mode in Ninja Gaiden games, mostly because they are known for being hard, and fans have grown to love and admire these games for it. Some, however, were happy to find an easy mode on Ninja Gaiden Black, a mode that was called "Ninja Dog" for those that couldn't handle the game's hard combos. But all that comes easy, comes at a price.

In this easy mode, developers made the lead character, Ryu, wear a bright pink bow on top of his dark ninja garb throughout the game, and his apprentice, Ayane, becomes the master instead. Not to mention, Ayane will be mocking Ryu's failures (yours, if you choose to play on easy mode) from start to end, scolding you even when you come out victorious.

17 Doom

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The DOOM series is a quite popular and demanding first-person shooter, reason why some players might feel like they need a less challenging mode, while still being able to enjoy the craze around the game series. That's why the developers decided to indulge them... not without some mockery to the mix, of course!

In the DOOM series, the easy modes range from "Thou needeth a wet-nurse," "Be Gentle!," or "I Am A Wimp." Of course, despite the mockery, you'll still get what you bargained for, for the easy modes offer you twice the amount of ammo while taking half the damage. In the SNES version, if you choose an easy mode, you will be taken back to the start screen after defeating the "Phobos Anomaly" level.

16 Wolfenstein: The New Order

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This one is quite easy to understand, to say the least. It all starts on the difficulty screen when you start a new game and you're presented with a number of different modes to choose from. The easiest modes are entitled "Can I play, Daddy?" and "Don't hurt me," the former depicting an image of protagonist B.J. Blazkowicz sucking on a pacifier and wearing a baby's bonnet, while the latter depicts B.J. with a terrified expression on his face.

This had been done before, in a very similar matter, with Wolfenstein 3D in 1992, making it a trend for the game to make fun of those who decide to be little babies and pick the easiest mode.

15 Earthworm Jim

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"What a worm! Playing on practice, eh?"

Earthworm Jim is quite unique, not only in its insane premise, but how it completely ruins the ending of the game for players. Unlike Star Wars: Shadows of The Empire, this game not only removes the ending cut scene but completely replaces it with something way more annoying. Thanks to the storage capacity only a CD could provide at the time, the game not only removes the ending cutscene but replaces it with a ten minute audio file of the game's creator berating you, as well as feeding you useless worm facts for five minutes.

14 Valkyrie Profile

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Valkyrie Profile changes the game on the all "mockery of players choosing the easy mode" because it does the opposite of what you would expect: it actually makes the game harder for players. Enix decided to completely throw the players off their game with the easy mode, eliminating dungeons and several helpful items. Due to this, you won't have as many opportunities to strengthen your party as you would on normal or hard mode. Another interesting addition is that, although your characters start at level 30, you won't be able to raise their stats quite as much as you would be able to in other difficulty levels. I say Enix deserves a standing ovation for this.

13 50 Cent: Blood In The Sand

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Not surprisingly enough, 50 Cent: Blood In The Sand features 50 Cent and his friends as the main characters, travelling to the Middle East to retrieve 50 Cent's stolen crystal skull. Some players found the action game too difficult and decided to try the easy mode. Big mistake. Players will immediately receive an unlocked achievement titled "Not Bulletproof", visible to everyone, and earn no additional points from it. Yes, enemies will be easier to tackle, but is it worth the embarrassment?

12 Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

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In shooters like Metal Gear Solid V, stealth is of the essence, especially when your heart is on your throat in every stressful situation as you wonder if you're fully invisible to enemies and when will the next one spot you and kill you. Well, if you game over enough times the game gives you a Chicken hat that helps make you harder to spot, as well as punishing you by penalizing your mission score. Not to mention, you will look plain ridiculous the entire time. Nothing better to attack your ego than wearing a chicken hat in a stealth mission.

11 Star Wars: Shadows Of The Empire

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Star Wars: Shadows Of The Empire is one of those games that make it seem like you've made a great choice in picking the easy mode, but completely ruins it for you right at the end. At the very end of the game, you aren't actually told whether or not the protagonist has survived the destruction of the Big Bad's Space Station. The game leaves you on a cliffhanger and just jumps straight to the credits, making all the previous progress useless. You can only access the ending scene if you pick any other difficulty mode.

10 Crash Bandicoot 2: Wrath Of Cortex

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If you game over enough times in this game, Crash Bandicoot 2 will just start handing you Aku Aku Masks, a power up that aids you throughout the game, until you're able to drag yourself to the nearest checkpoint to save the game. So far, there isn't much mockery as there is a strong wish to aid you. However, if you continue to game over and make no progress, the game just downright calls your stupidity and lack of skill by transforming the closest box into a checkpoint. Humiliating, isn't it?

9 Prinny 2

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Prinny 2 is a platformer where you take control of a penguin and enjoy the comedy that is thrown into the mix. Despite having a comedic side, fans complained that the first Prinny game was actually too hard. For the second game, developers proved that they listened to fans, adding a new difficulty mode. The name of the mode? "Baby." As opposed to other games on this list, Prinny 2 doesn't downright insult you for playing on this mode, but there are subtle undertones of mockery, such as the scarf icons being replaced with diapers instead, or harder to access areas having "baby blocks" that make it less challenging to jump.

8 Twisted Metal 2

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Twisted Metal 2 is a fun game that takes players to a different region on Earth in every level, overcoming obstacles in each one, from weather conditions to terrain difficulties all while battling opponents. Some players might have found it too hard, and so the easy mode made the fights less competitive, but stopped the game much earlier, presenting players with a giant sign that would read "No losers allowed beyond this point" after defeating the first boss. Like other games, you'd have to play in harder modes if you wished to unlock all the levels of the game.

7 Virtue’s Last Reward

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This visual novel is unlike any other and features several difficulty modes. Even in easier modes, some players find it hard to complete the game. However, in Easy mode, you find that your companions will explain the puzzles for you, though in a not so kind manner. If you find the puzzle hard and take too long to finish it, they will begin to get frustrated at you, insulting your intelligence. If you fail enough times that they have to take over and solve it for you, consider yourself done as the leader of this party. It's a life or death situation these characters are suffering through - you have to be quick and smart!

6 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles In Time

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Much like other examples on this list, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV didn't reward players with any ending if they were on Easy Mode, only an ending screen of Shredder laughing, telling the player to try harder. If you thought that changing it to Normal mode would change this, you'd be dead wrong. You'd still be met with the same screen, Shredder taunting you again. You'd only be able to unlock the ending if you played on the hardest mode.

5 Dark Souls 2

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We're all aware that the Dark Souls series is quite a challenging one, but just as games like Bloodborne or Sekiro, this is the reason why fans love it so much. Despite the fact that you don't get an easy mode on this game, there are items that make it easier for you on your adventure, such as the "Simple Gem." The gem is used to grant Regenerating Mana, but also trolls players in the description by stating "A gem of infused titanite, said to be an object of infatuation for victims of stunted development."

4 Five Night At Freddy’s World

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The official spin-off of the iconic series, Five Nights at Freddy’s World gives players a chance to take a peek into the world of the characters, as well as explore other environments. The game wasn't well-received, with disappointed fans expressing their distaste of the Normal Ending. "You beat an imaginary monster in an imaginary game, without taking any risks, and without finding anything interesting," that's how the Normal Ending treats you as you reach its closure, prompting you to play on Hard Mode. If you do want to find out the true ending, you'll have to pull out the big guns.

3 Spider-Man (2001)

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Spider-Man, the game, doesn't just impress now, but it did back in 2001. When it did, it featured the "Kid Mode," a difficulty mode so easy that the game practically played itself. It skipped certain puzzles and boss fights, and would sometimes take control of Spider-Man for brief intervals of time to complete parts of the game for you. One of the most humiliating situations where this mode acts to make things excruciatingly easy for you is when Spider-Man is tasked with safely defusing a bomb after a bank heist goes bad. If you're playing on Kid mode, he'll say "I should find a safe place to put this," practically shouting your incompetence through the screen.

2 Streets Of Rage 3

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Streets Of Rage is an iconic action-platformer series that really throws anyone back to more nostalgic days. For most, playing the game is a joy, a challenge that they want to tackle and leave victorious. For others, it's too much of a hassle to defeat the difficult boss. If you feel tempted to try the Easy mode, be warned: the game stops at Stage 5. After defeating Robot X, he will say "You play this game like a beginner." If you want to reach the end of the game, there is no way around it, you'll have to play it on Normal or Hard mode.

1 Resident Evil HD Remaster

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Resident Evil games can be quite challenging, even to life-long fans, and in the earlier game, players were rewarded for completing the game within three hours or less, which was incredibly complicated given the difficult bosses. The HD Remaster provided players with an easier mode. In this "Walking" mode, "You can relax and enjoy yourself" instead of engaging in combat, with fewer enemies that do almost no damage and can be eliminated after one hit. Essentially, you don't get the essential part of the experience that is Resident Evil, so I definitely recommend you try harder modes.

Sources: WhatCulture, GamesRadar, Polygon

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