GameStop: 25 Rules Employees Follow That Make No Sense

The concept of GameStop is beautiful, but its execution of the concept has been rocky, to say the least.

Seemingly one of the few (if not the only) real video game store chains in the entire world, GameStop has a firm grip on the physical video game industry with its awesome pre-owned deals and tons of exclusives.

It also provides an environment for gamers to come together and discuss different video games at their own behest, and outside of a couple of viral videos from customers who have bad experiences, it seems to have a decent reputation.

The reality is that GameStop is continuously taking advantage of people. Of course, some of these guidelines are typically found in a lot of other storefronts, but that is just a testament to the divisive job market in the modern world.

From dangling job security to underpaying their employees, the corporate heads at GameStop have a lot to answer for when it comes to their reasoning behind making such an awesome idea look so terrible.

These are the weirdest rules that GameStop forces their workforce to adhere to across the West.

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25 As Soon As They're In, Talk To Them (No Matter What)

By far one of, if not the most annoying parts of the guidelines for both the customers and workers in the stores is the need for each employee to greet each of the people that walk into the store no matter what. This can make a lot of customers feel uncomfortable for multiple reasons. The main one is that most gamers that go into the store are already in the know for what they want. The ones who do not know what they want can feel pressured, which takes away from the customer service that GameStop expects.

24 Carry Around This Heap Of Useless Tech

Another absolutely ridiculous requirement for greeting all customers is to also greet them with a tablet. The tablet is just an iPad with an inventory app for GameStop, and this is considered one of the most important things to all the people in the corporate offices. They check the cameras to see if the employees are using the tablet and check the history of it to make sure it is the right content being shown. This rule is annoying to follow and directly contradicts with this next rule.

23 Limiting The Workforce

This is one of those rules that has started to dominate the workforce across the West, as many businesses have completely banned the use of cell phones by employees entirely. First, not having your phone on hand can make it difficult to get footage of an escaping thief or call the authorities. Second, usually, the people who work at GameStop have a good knowledge (even though it is not required) of video games and can show the customers cool things on their phone. The tablet just takes that idea and makes it unnecessarily complicated for everyone

22 The Reason Why Most Stores Look The Same

When it comes to the number of games that are available at each GameStop, it is almost endless. Every store has so much merchandise, it could seem like an opportunity for creative employees to decorate the store with some awesome accessories or unique ways to display some of the best titles. Unfortunately, every single detail of the store is placed in a diagram for the store to follow. This allows for no creative freedom, and it honestly makes the store look really boring for everyone.

21 Shouldn't The People At GameStop Know About Games?

One of the most prevalent things that the managing staff at any GameStop will ensure to their potential employees is that they do not have to have any knowledge of video games. We repeat: working at GameStop does NOT require ANY knowledge of video games. That means that customers can ask questions about what features or characters are in certain video games and would get no information whatsoever from certain employees. This puts so much pressure on the workers who actually know a lot, as they end up having to talk to every customer with a question while the other employee stands there awkwardly.

20 A Policy That Gets Taken Advantage Of

This one is actually funny because unlike almost every single other entry on this list, it actually benefits the customer. The only problem is that it benefits them too much and actually makes GameStop lose a lot of money on pre-owned sales. The policy is that any pre-owned game can be returned within seven days as long as the receipt is still present. For people who legitimately use this from time to time after many purchases, it is a nice option but the obnoxious customers that abuse it every week are the absolute worst.

19 These Questions Only Lead To Frustration

Whenever there is a transaction completed at GameStop, the employees that make the sale need to push for a survey that can be taken at the website. The survey can enter the customer into a raffle for a gift card, and if they mention the employee than it is considered a good sale. However, if the survey is negative, it can immediately mean the firing of a worker. This makes It so that ay customer that has a chip on their shoulders can buy something and cost someone their livelihood. Not cool.

18 Basically, No One Has Power

Generally speaking, the manager of GameStop is usually the only person that can actually make a decision when it comes to most situations. If a customer is acting rudely or even almost belligerent, only a manager can make the decision to throw that person out. This is also limited by just the main manager, as assistant managers can only ask their bosses. On paper, this works for most cases but when the lack of hours for the employees comes into play, it is difficult to gauge if this is actually a useful rule.

17 Keep It Quiet About Disappointing Titles

In regards to when it comes to talking about games to guests, the employees at GameStop are strictly told to never talk down about games. Even if the game that a guest is buying has a deep flaw or a misleading title, the workers must sell the game and say nothing derogatory about the products. This makes sense, but generally speaking, there is usually a better game to recommend. Even so, the people who run GameStop will frown at the idea of telling a customer to change their game choice, as it seems invasive to them.

16 Don't Stop Belivin' (That Guests Want To Spend More)

Whenever an employee has to ring up a customer using the GameStop system, it immediately tells the worker to ask if the guest wants to buy some related products. This is usually a complete waste of time because anyone who works at the store and knows about games can rightfully suggest items, but the system and guidelines push for constant upselling. This usually just ticks off customers who stress about how they want to just buy the products they came for and go.

15 Almost No Benefits From Working There

When it comes to the benefits of working at GameStop, there are hardly any to boast about. The employees that work there is to be given a small discount that is just a mere 20%. Seeing as that is just about the profit margin for the company, it seems redundant. If customers are coming in and spending upwards of 500 dollars and having the possibility to return and buy a hundred dollar game, why does it matter if the employees want to get some games? The employees deserve better.

14 Terrible Programming

Almost entirely hated by any employee in the entire workforce for GameStop, there is a loop of one-hour programming that is shown on the televisions in the stores. It may seem like a small thing to consider, but seeing as they are filled with obnoxious hosts and endless commercials it is annoying for everyone in the store. Worse yet, the employees are told to not change the television no matter what.

13 Not Enough To Earn Off Of

Working at GameStop should seemingly see a great number of hours dispersed, but despite its 12-hour daily schedule, they do not give out any decent shifts to most of their employees. The shifts are usually pretty standard but sporadically throughout the calendar year. This is not limited to early starting workers, it goes for employees with years of experience. This actually leads to this next guideline for managers that is just awful.

12 Leaving The Employees Without Help

Managers are almost told to make sure that there are limited amounts of staff members during peak hours. It may be because they want to get customers more accustomed to certain employees, but with limited time to help, most customers start getting upset, Even when there are two employees, having a third one is usually a luxury during holiday hours that disappears shortly thereafter.

11 Do Not Try The Games

Despite the fact that there is a television monitor setup that is compatible with every system at the store, the employees are forced to never use it unless they are testing pre-owned consoles. This is really bad because a lot of customers want to know details about the games at the store, and being able to play them at the store would allow them to understand what they are selling. Imagine if the car salesmen at the dealerships were forbidden from test driving their cars. It is ridiculous.

10 A Total Bummer For Gamers

Competitive video games are one of the ways that the industry continues to thrive. Fighting games, in particular, have become a staple to the competitive gaming scene and is even considered an esport at this point. It would seem like having video game competitions at a video game store would be obvious, but it is strictly against the policies of GameStop to hold tournaments. Their reasoning is that there are liabilities in tournaments and that it does not bring enough money in, but at the end of the day, GameStop is supposed to be a place that gives “power to the player”. So give the players a chance at real power!

9 Don't Stop Til' You Get Enough (And Then Keep Going)

It was mentioned before on this list that every time a guest comes into the store, an employee must greet them. That might already seem a little annoying to some, but it becomes even worse when it is made clear that the employees are to keep engaging the customer on their stay at the store. Most people that already said no to help at the door are just going to browse around, and one little check up throughout the day might not seem that bad, but that is far from the end of it.

8 Seriously, This Makes It Awkward

Seriously, the guidelines at GameStop tell their employees to keep approaching the customers over and over again until they basically have to buy something. This is high-pressure sales tactics at their most basic, and it just annoys the guests at the stores and makes the employees look desperate. These are the kinds of outdated ideas that just have no more relevance in today's gaming market. Most people can go online to get games now, and they go to the stores for good customer service, not constant pressure.

7 Trading In Games Is Not That Easy

This is one of the most redundantly frustrating rules of GameStop for everyone. GameStop will not take any new games if they are still wrapped in original packaging. Despite the fact that most games that are still wrapped will be considered to be of a higher value, it is very annoying for customers to be rejected, only to open up the game and return a day later. The reasoning behind this one is that it is meant to prevent stolen games from being sold to the store but at the end of the day, there is nothing stoping people from just opening them up and bringing them in.

6 Grosser Than You Would Expect

This is a difficult task to talk about, for most employees, they just straight ignore this aspect of the job and continue to sell used accessories as they are, but there is absolutely no incentive for the decent employees that go the extra mile to clean the used accessories. It can take a long time to clean all of the edges of the different devices that go into the store. It is not always clean work either.

5 An Uncomfortable Amount Of Inventory

During the holiday season at GameStop, it is common for the store to be flooded with a large amount of inventory due to the high demand from the customers during a time of gifts and whatnot. There is a minimal amount of room for the employees to work in when they are surrounded by boxes of merchandise. It can be absolutely dreadful for the workers that can barely get through the room to get to the bathroom, and it is embarrassing for anybody that sees the mess that is prevalent throughout many of the stores.

4 There Is No Way They Expected Anyone To Do This

It has been mentioned in this list how there are a bunch of different stupid rules as a part of the “Circle of Life” in GameStop but the bottom line is that they expect you to sell like crazy, It might seem pretty obvious for them to expect the employees to sell as much as possible but at the end of the day there is only so much to be made at a video game store. It should not be considered the lifeline of the people that put the hard work to be there.

3 But The Employees Have To Answer To Dumb Tests

There is an online program that is only usable during company hours called Level Up. Level Up is just an obscurely designed quiz that forces the employees to do meaningless questions in exchange for equally meaningless points. The subjects of these quizzes is usually just mundane and common sense questions like what to do if a child wants to purchase a game meant for adults.

2 Moving Up Is An Impossibility For Most

A guideline that almost every employee is told to adhere to when jumping aboard the team is that they are not guaranteed any promotions, no matter what. GameStop does not include a plan that will help make some of the employees a path to giving up more hours in exchange for opportunities at getting bigger responsibilities. This limits the number of people that end up staying at the business, and it decreases the morale at the stores.

1 Sell Thousands? See NOTHING

Finally, the worst guideline that all of the employees at GameStop must adhere to is the lack of commission on all transactions. This is highly annoying to the people who work there because they sell thousands of dollars of merchandise every day and see no bonus if they sell a lot. This makes it difficult for the workforce to get motivated and hurts the console sales because there is no incentive for the employees. Sure, it does not make sense with games but commissions on consoles could be a game changer for the industry

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