15 Garbage Cars Nobody Should Drive Off The Road

The car market has veered from sedans to safe vehicles such as pickups and SUVs. Drivers have become pedantic about safety, so they bought bigger vehicles that provided them better road visibility, ground clearance and more safety than other cars. That is one of the reasons that the F-series has become the best selling vehicle in the US, and SUV sales have boomed in the last several years.

The automakers have noticed the change in consumer demand and started producing 4x4 vehicles to get their share of the market. Since numerous automakers are producing 4x4 vehicles, not all of them have mixed the right ingredients. We searched for 4x4s that automakers made, which were a recipe for disaster.

15 Nissan Pathfinder

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Nissan has produced several successful models, but the foreign manufacturer needs to focus its energy on producing a better Pathfinder.

Drivers of the vehicle complained about the car's transmission problems, as well as erratic idling. They also said that the car was noisy and that they experienced electrical problems.

14 Land Rover Range Rover

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Warranty Direct, an insurance organization in the U.K., conducts a study each year to determine the least reliable vehicles.

The Range Rover has appeared on their least several times. Although the Rover might have a stunning exterior, the mechanical parts are a major concern for drivers who were unfortunate to be stranded.

13 Chevrolet Suburban

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Chevrolet has managed to impress the pickup market with the Silverado, but the Suburban needs improvement for it to impress the SUV market.

According to Motor 1, owners of the 2016 model gave the car a subpar rating of 6 for reliability and features/controls. Owners also ranked the Suburban as a 7 for mechanical and exterior/interior issues.

12 Suzuki Jimny

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The Samurai failed to impress the market, so Suzuki thought that the Jimny would be more appealing. The Japanese manufacturer was wrong. The design of the Jimny has changed, but the car's lackluster performance has proven to be one of its drawbacks.

The Jimny doesn't fare well against its competition, and the design could've been more appealing.

11 Land Rover Discovery

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Don't be surprised if the Discovery leaves you stranded on the side of the road. The car has garnered a reputation for unreliability.

Besides the bad reputation, Discovery performed badly when Consumer Reports got its hands on it. The watchdog rated the Discovery the lowest road-test score in the luxury compact SUV segment.

10 Mitsubishi Outlander

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The Outlander might look impressive from the outside, but drivers who want to opt for the seven-seater will have to settle for the 2.2-liter diesel engine, according to What Car.

Considering the car is massive, Outlander's small engine is sluggish. What makes the car more unappealing, and the ride is unsettling.

9 Toyota Tacoma

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Who would've thought that the manufacturer could produce a subpar vehicle? Nobody is perfect, and Toyota proved that with the Tacoma. The car has poor fuel economy, a loud cabin, and a stiff drive.

The driving position is awkwardly low, and the handling is ponderous. The truck is tough but received a low rating from Consumer Reports.

8 Saturn Vue

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The sales of the Vue exceeded the automaker's expectations when the car debuted, but the sales of the later models plummeted. The sales had dropped so much that the automaker decided it wasn't worth their while to make the car beyond 2010.

Most of the problems were electrical related, and drivers also experienced transmission issues.

7 Jeep Cherokee

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When Consumer Reports tested the Cherokee, the watchdog discovered that the turbo engine in the car suffers from a delay. The watchdog also discovered that the handling is cumbersome, and the ride is stiff.

After test driving all the SUVs in the compact SUV segment, Consumer Reports gave the Cherokee the lowest road-test score.

6 Volkswagen Touareg

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Volkswagen didn't want to miss out on the buzz that the SUV market created, so the German automaker produced the Touareg. The car failed to impress when compared to its rivals.

Drivers of the car complained about the noisy cabin and felt that the car was unreliable. Uncertainty is not a good feeling to have when you're driving a car.

5 International MXT

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The concept of driving a big rig that's, actually, a pickup truck was what piqued the market's interest. The interest quickly faded when drivers discovered that the car's fuel economy was egregious.

MXT's unreliability and impracticality gave drivers enough headaches for them to declare the car a waste of time.

4 Cadillac Escalade

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Escalades might be the choice of several celebrities, but the car is unreliable. It has featured in Consumer Reports' least reliable list.

To make matters worse, the Escalade received the lowest road-test score in the luxury midsized/large SUV segment. The car has a powerful engine but is prone to breakdowns.

3 Hummer H2

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Rappers might have made the H2 popular, but it was the car's overall performance that led to its demise.

The appeal of driving a big car got the market excited, but when drivers saw that the H2 was a guzzler and prone to breakdowns, they turned their backs on the brand. The car's impracticality was the final nail in its coffin.

2 Fiat 500X

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This entry shouldn't be a surprise. The 500L has featured on Consumer Reports' list of least unreliable vehicles a few times, so the Italian manufacturer also failed to impress with the 500X.

The 9-speed automatic transmission is fussy, and J.D. Power ranked the car the lowest in its class by giving it a reliability score of 5 across the board.

1 Infinity QX60

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The QX60 might look good from the outside, but it's the inside that's the problem. Drivers of the QX60 complained about the transmission failures.

If that wasn't enough to give drivers headaches, the car also didn't have a quiet cabin due to the whistling sounds that it emitted. Other problems drivers experienced were with the electronics.

Sources - Motor 1, What Car & Consumer Reports

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