15 Garbage Cars Shaq Needs To Leave At The Junkyard For Good

One of the biggest players in the NBA was Shaquille O'Neal. At 7 ft 1 in height and weighing 325 pounds, O'Neal needs to modify his cars to fit comfortably. Unlike Dwayne Johnson, who gave up on getting inside supercars, O'Neal decided to challenge his customizers to stretch some of the cars that he bought so that Shaq could be comfortable.

Shaq ensures that all of the cars he buys are modified, but that hasn't always worked out for the best. Although his stretched supercars are some of the best cars in his collection, he also got a few rides that he shouldn't have modified. We gleaned photos of Shaq's collection and found cars that he should take to the junkyard and leave them there for good.

15 Chevrolet 1500

via Barrett-Jackson

Shaq loves big cars so that he doesn't have to worry about space. His long legs need space, and so does his head.

The Chevrolet 1500 provided ample space for Shaq, but he decided to lower the suspension and fit mags onto the car, as well as fit the Superman logo on the front. A lowered suspension on a van doesn't work.

14 Polaris Slingshot

via Youtube

Almost every modification that Shaq performs, he ensures that he has enough space. When he handed his Polaris Slingshot to the customizers, he instructed them to stretch it.

Once they completed the project, Shaq saw that he could fit more people, so he told the customizers to add two more seats. Although his Slingshot has more seats, it's slower.

13 Buick Lacrosse

via Ferienwohnungfinden

Buick has signed with several celebrities to endorse the automaker's products. The automaker signed a deal with Tiger Woods and Shaq to promote the cars.

The only problem was that the public didn't believe that Woods or Shaq drove the cars. Since the Lacrosse isn't modified, we don't think that Shaq drove it very much.

12 Ford Expedition

via Car Reviews

Car Connection stated that Shaq received a limited edition Ford Expedition. The car was called the Shaq SST Expedition, and it's one-of-a-kind.

"I like the idea of expressing myself through the design of an Expedition,” O’Neal said. “I’ve always been into customizing my cars, and this seemed like a perfect way to share my passion with others. Hopefully, my personality will come through in the design."

11 Cadillac DTS

via Lincoln vs Cadillac Forums

The picture tells the whole story. Shaq is almost twice the size of the DTS. I doubt that he's got any space for his head. Besides the limited space in the DTS, Shaq decided to go for a maroon color and fit the car with sound, as well as rims.

The car doesn't look appealing, nor does it provide Shaq the comfort that he demands from all his vehicles.

10 Ford F-250

via The News Wheel

Whether it's lowering or raising the suspension, Shaq cannot leave his car as a standard model. With the Chevrolet 1500, Shaq decided to lower the suspension but raised the F-250's suspension.

After the customizers finished the job on the F-250, the pickup looked like a Bro Truck. The modification removed the appeal of the best selling car in the U.S.

9 Lincoln Navigator

via Car Reviews

After enjoying the novelty of a new ride, Shaq gets bored and puts the car on the market. One of the cars that he sold was a 2003 Lincoln Navigator.

2040 Cars reported that Shaq's Navigator had 11,000 miles and pimped out with gadgets such as a DVD/CD system and three 15" woofers. Shaq also fitted Devin Spinners worth $10,000.

8 GMC Sierra Denali

via Storgram

When was the last time you saw a gold pickup? It seems that Shaq wanted to be one of the few owners of a gold pickup, so he requested his modifiers to wrap the GMC in gold and raise the suspension.

He also fitted black rims. The pickup looks like a gold trolley. The odd part is that Shaq is almost as tall as the GMC after the raised suspension.

7 Lincoln Town Car

via Cartier L Sebghatazad

Although Lincoln had marketed the Town Car as a luxury vehicle, the car's exterior would suggest otherwise. When compared to cars such as Mercedes and Lexus, the Lincoln Town Car fails to impress.

Lincoln managed to keep the car in production for over thirty years and called it a day for the model in 2011.

6 Mercedes S-Class

via Complex

Most drivers would love to own any car by Mercedes. The S-Class is a great vehicle, but it doesn't suit Shaq. Just look at the picture. Shaq's knees are pressing against the steering wheel, and he looks like he needs help every time he gets out of the car.

The S-Class is a desirable vehicle that deserves praise but is unsuitable for the big man.

5 Hummer H2

via Car Reviews

Rappers might have been responsible for helping Hummer's rise, but it was the H2's unreliability that led to its demise. Consumers were rapt by owning a civilian vehicle, originally intended for other use.

Once drivers found out that the car was a guzzler, unreliable and impractical, they turned their backs on the brand.

4 Play Big Truck

via Fun1Shot

Some modifications shouldn't be performed.  West Coast Customs took Shaq's truck and transformed into a beast. The only problem with the end product was that the car was impractical after the modification.

It looked like a mobile graffiti wall. The only thing that the modifiers accomplished was to ruin a great vehicle.

3 Cadillac Escalade

via Cars Techie

It seems that Shaq raises the suspension on his pickups but lowers it on his SUVs. When he got his hands on an Escalade, Shaq lowered the suspension, tinted the windows and fit rims on the car, not to mention the Superman logo on the front.

If you're going to lower the suspension on an SUV, why not settle for a sedan. What's the point of buying an SUV then?

2 Ford F-650

via Motor 1

Shaq's love for customized vehicles prompted him to proposition Wade Ford and SuperTruck. The two modifiers were responsible for making Shaq's F650-Extreme. Motor 1 reported that the rig cost Shaq $124,000.

The custom made rig has heated leather seats, infotainment system with navigation and Bluetooth. The interior is appealing, but the exterior needs a lot of work.

1 Smart ForTwo

via Listers

If there was ever a car that I didn't think Shaq would get inside, it was the Smart ForTwo. The reason he modifies his vehicles is to feel comfortable.

The surprising thing was that Shaq fit into the car. Considering the ForTwo has a 1-liter engine, I can imagine how slow it went after Shaq got behind the wheel.

Sources - Motor 1, 2040 & Car Connection


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