Garfield-Themed Phones Have Been Washing Up On French Beaches For Years (And We Finally Know Why)

For decades, Garfield-themed phones have been appearing on the shores of the Iroise coast in Brittany, and locals have finally found concrete evidence as to why. The mystery has puzzled people for years, and there have been many theories as to why this specific product is constantly ending up on the beaches. With this evidence, the case has ultimately been solved.

The phones were first discovered on the shores in the 1980s after a storm. Locals were confused as to why bright orange novelty Garfield phones were constantly washing up on the beach. Anti-litter campaigners have continuously picked up more and more of the phones whenever they did beach clean-ups. It’s a really strange and specific kind of litter that finds its way to the coast, so there must be a reason why.

It has been discovered that a lost shipping container is the source of the problem. Thanks to the help of a local farmer, the container was found in a secluded sea cave; it could only be accessed during low tides. It was found open, and many of its contents were gone—explaining the volume of telephones found on the shores. There were still some Garfield novelty items found in the container, so it was confirmed that it is the source of the phones.

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The container is quite inaccessible, as it’s located inside a rock fissure. It has somehow remained buried after three decades, so it will be difficult to fish it out of the sea. For now, volunteers will have to keep picking up the phones as they wash up on the beach, but at least the mystery has been solved; there’s no strange supernatural being that needs to be dealt with.

For years, activists have been using the Garfield phone mystery in an awareness campaign as a symbol of our bad habits. The landline receiver was once a common household item, but now it is merely plastic pollution on our beaches. As technology progresses and we create greener gadgets, we still need to deal with the waste produced from past generations, whether it’s a plastic cup or a Garfield novelty phone.

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