20 Gender-Bent Fan Castings Of Marvel Characters

The “gender-bending” subset of fandom has become a major part of geek culture. At various conventions, fans love to do gender-bending cosplay of characters from movies, TV shows, and comics . It’s moved onto artwork as several fans have depicted characters of the opposite gender and quite often doing well by them. Naturally, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been targeted by fans who love to imagine these beloved characters with flipped sexes, having fun crafting the looks.

Some fans take it to the next level by doing full-on “recastings” of MCU characters in different genders. Dismilis is just one artist who’s been brilliant crafting near-perfect photoshop creations of actresses in male MCU roles and vice versa. He’s not alone as many others have done the same with a few looking so much like the real thing, it’s astounding. Here are 20 truly fantastic gender-swapping MCU recastings to show how these movies might look in some alternate reality.

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20 Emily Blunt As The Winter Soldier


A famous story is how Emily Blunt turned down the role of Black Widow which she appears to regret. Fans are still hoping the actress to join the MCU in some way as her beauty and talent would be great there. This image imagines Blunt as the Winter Soldier, Captain America’s former partner who was warped into a trained killer. Even with the metal arm and eye shading, Blunt looks sensational and might have been able to sell this deadly role in a more appealing way.

19 Natalie Dormer As Star-Lady


It’s almost hilarious to remember folks convinced Guardians of the Galaxy would flop as “no one is going to buy Chris Pratt as a heroic leading man.” Instead, Pratt’s performance made the cocky thief a major favorite. This image has the intriguing idea of Natalie Dormer in the part. While she’s known for costume dramas like Game of Thrones, Dormer looks almost perfect from the outfit to her trademark smirk to make the role her own.

18 Zoe Saldana As The Falcon


Sam Wilson has gotten a nice push in the MCU as Captain America’s high-flying partner. Endgame indicates he might take up the shield himself and is set to star in his own TV show. This image has the great idea of Zoe Saldana in the role. While she’s known as Gamora, the actress looks just as great in the suit, accenting her curves but still working out as a heroine. It’s interesting to imagine Saldana as another MCU hero flying high.

17 Adrienne Palicki As Deadpool


Okay, technically, Deadpool isn’t in the MCU yet. However, it’s possible he might join with the X-Men. If nothing else, this is a great image of Adrienne Palicki in the role, still looking good despite the facial scarring. The actress can handle genre comedy as seen on The Orville and there actually was a Lady Deadpool in the comics. If the movies follow suit, Palicki would be an interesting choice.

16 Teresa Palmer As Quicksilver


Quicksilver was a rare misfire for the MCU. The character just didn’t seem to fit in well and his being bumped off so fast annoyed fans. The X-Men movies actually did far better capturing his speed and attitude. Maybe having Australian actress Teresa Palmer in the part might have been better. She looks fantastic in the silver outfit and hair and would have made the speedster far more memorable in the MCU.

15 Jared Leto As Scarlet Warlock


Wanda Maximoff has been rising up in the MCU with the indication her powers are greater than even she knows. She’s set to take up further stardom in the Doctor Strange sequel. A male in the part may seem wild but Jared Leto actually looks pretty good. The actor is known for some offbeat parts so taking on this role would fit him nicely. Maybe this Scarlet Warlock would have been terrific thanks to Leto’s talent.

14 Willa Holland As Spider-Girl


There actually are a few female versions of Spider-Man out there thanks to the various alternate realities of Marvel. That was showcased in the hit Into the Spider-Verse animated film. For this image, Willa Holland is showcased in the part and looks pretty good in it. The actress is best known for playing Speedy on Arrow so she could handle the athleticism of the part well. The red hair looks good on her and would make for a great Spider-Girl.

13 Shailene Woodley As Hawkeye


There have been criticisms of Jeremy Renner not being the right choice to play Hawkeye in the MCU. The actor just comes off too serious for the usually snarky archer. In this image, Shailene Woodley is an astoundingly accurate choice for a female Hawkeye. She looks terrific in the outfit with the bow in hand, a short haircut like the character has and a nice smile on her face indicating she’s having a good time. When casting comes for Kate Bishop in the MCU, Woodley might be the right choice.

12 Alexandra Daddario As Daredevil


Matt Murdock really has one of the best ways to keep his identity secret. Who would ever suspect a blind man is a costumed crime fighter? A woman in the role might be more identifiable but would remain quite striking. Alexandra Daddario is the casting for this and the idea of her red suit over her outfit does work great. While it’s a shame to cover Daddario’s gorgeous eyes with dark glasses, it still shows she’d make a fine Woman Without Fear.

11 Mila Kunis As Betty Banner


The push of the Hulk has always been how mild-mannered Bruce Banner transforms into this gigantic monster. This image has the intriguing choice of Mila Kunis as a female Banner. It can actually work as her beauty is balanced by smarts and the image sells her standing as a scientist. The great touch of the green eyes hint at the beast inside her and it would be very striking seeing this small beauty transform into a monster ready to smash.

10 Chris Pine As Black Spider


The push of Black Widow is this gorgeous woman brutally trained to become a harsh spy master. A male in the part may seem off but it would be only logical the Red Room would train men as well. Chris Pine is a great choice with his background in action movies and playing Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman. He actually looks great in the outfit, so he could have been a terrific Spider-themed spy in his own right.

9 Kerry Washington As Nicola Fury


On Scandal, Kerry Washington played a woman capable of manipulation, brutal acts and able to wrap the President of the United States around her finger. Who better to play the MCU’s master spy? While Washington looks great even with the eyepatch, the image also sells her serious demeanor and the hint she’s hiding some major secrets behind that attractive face. If any woman could keep the Avengers in place as Fury, Washington is it.

8 Amber Heard As Thor


Buzz is building over how the next Thor movie will have Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster taking up the hammer as a Goddess of Thunder. Yet the idea of Thor as a woman from the start is something fun to play with. Amber Heard is cast and given how she played Mera in Aquaman, she could handle the special effects work while looking stunning in the outfit. This image makes her appear a true goddess and thus would have been fun to see on the big screen.

7 Alison Brie As Captain America


There have been a few female Captain Americas thanks to various alternate futures and the Marvel multi-verse. In fact, one reality had Peggy Carter in the role. This image casts Alison Brie in the part and looks amazingly impressive. The actress is well known for her starring role in Netflix’s GLOW that shows how athletic she can be. She could do a good job in the part as a female Star-Spangled Avenger would be quite a sight.

6 Sandra Bullock As Iron Maiden


Sandra Bullock has come a long way in Hollywood from rom-coms to a serious Oscar-winning star. She’d be a great choice for a Toni Stark, bringing the inventiveness and fun nature to the role. This image does a great job of her in the armor and looking serious handling it. Bullock has done well in roles like Gravity so could handle the tough sci-fi action and effects to make an Iron Woman just as impressive as Robert Downey Jr.

5 Elizabeth Olsen As Doctor Strange


One of the biggest movies of Phase 4 is the Doctor Strange sequel Multiverse of Madness. It will team Strange up with the Scarlet Witch and there are hints it will introduce more magic into the MCU. This has led to a fun image that imagines Elizabeth Olsen as Strange rather than Wanda. It actually looks good with some grey in the hair. It’s a brilliant casting to show how Olsen could have handled this other magical role just as well.

4 Jude Law As Captain Marvel


A major fan theory about Captain Marvel was going to be that Jude Law’s character was going to be the original Mar-Vell. That didn’t work out as Law turned out to be more a villainous Kree. But BossLogic was one of many who speculated on it and showcases how Law would have been very impressive in the role himself. It may have shut up some parts of the fanbase as well.

3 Kristen Stewart As Loki


There actually was a time when Loki was a woman in the comics. It was due to a cosmic imbalance and Loki actually seemed to have some fun flaunting beauty to aid in his tricks. Given he’s the God of Mischief, switching genders would be no big deal for him. Kristen Stewart is an interesting choice but it actually seems to work with her dark hair, the impressive armor, and a wicked smile showing how Loki enjoys some chaos no matter what gender they may be.

2 Rachel Weisz As She-Hulk


She-Hulk was created as an attempt to prevent anyone else from doing a female Hulk knock-off. It ended up becoming a great character with the fun touch of how she loves turning into this green-skinned powerhouse. Casting Rachel Weisz seems an offbeat choice as the Oscar winner is better known for dramas than blockbusters (besides The Mummy). Yet this does a great job making her look impressive with a female Hulk ready to tear apart anyone in her path.

1 Danai Gurira As Blade


MCU will be rebooting Blade with Mahershala Ali taking on the role. The actor is well known for tough roles and could be good in the part. But this great image imagines Danai Gurira as a female Blade. The actress knows how to handle a katana thanks to The Walking Dead and was a standout as Okoye in Black Panther. She just looks perfect to showcase a female Blade perhaps even deadlier than her male counterpart.

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