This House In Florida Is Doing Halloween Right Using Just 3 Skeletons

However you're decorating your front yard for Halloween this year, you're not doing it as well as this unknown Florida resident.

Those of us who consider Halloween to be one of the best holidays of the year are getting pretty darn excited right about now. That's because, at the time of typing this, the spookiest day of the year is just five short days away. If you haven't bought up a litany of pumpkins and candy, what on Earth are you waiting for?

Aside from the jack-o-lanterns and trying to save at least a little bit of candy for trick-or-treaters, the best thing about Halloween is dressing up. By that, we don't just mean yourself, but also your house. Even if you aren't into letting the entire neighborhood know exactly how much you love Halloween, we almost guarantee that someone else on your street is.


Unfortunately, if you do love dressing up your house for Halloween, we have some bad news. No matter how good a job you do, you're all playing for second place. That's because this house in Florida has us all beat despite the fact their idea is so simple. All they've done is place a few skeletons in their front garden. Doesn't sound great on the surface, but take a look at some of the photos below.

Every day, without fail, the owners of the skeletons put their boney pals in different situations. Breakdancing, sunbathing, camping, they have done it all. The props involved and the attention to detail are why these skeletons have taken Halloween Twitter by storm. Sami Campagnano has been keeping the world informed of what the skeletons are getting up to each day, however, she is not the one doing the work. As of right now, those responsible for the decorations remain anonymous.

Certain aspects of Halloween are rehashed every single year and frankly, have become a little boring. That's why when someone steps outside of the circle, and in such a creative way, people take notice. Hopefully, the owners of the skeletons continue to alter the scenarios every day up until Halloween. Plus, maybe they can do the same with a few elves or snowmen around Christmas time (just a suggestion).


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