10 Genius Ways To Make You Makeup Last Longer In The Summer

Despite all the good things about summer, the one bad thing about it is that the hot weather makes it impossible to wear makeup for a full day. Within a few hours of application, your makeup has probably already started caking and melting off, which isn’t a cute look. You may think the only way to avoid this sort of disaster is to avoid wearing makeup altogether during summer. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

There are tons of ways you can help make your makeup last throughout the full day. From learning how to properly store your products to discovering what makeup items you need to be using to beat the heat. These tips and tricks will prove that keeping your makeup look fresh all summer long isn’t impossible. With just a few changes to your daily makeup routine, you’ll have a look that can withstand the blazing heat.  Now you won’t have to worry about you look like or if you need to touch-up your makeup.

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10 Re-Fresh Your Makeup With Blotting Paper

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The worst feeling is being halfway through the day and your makeup is already caking and sliding off of your face! A quick way to remedy this all-too-common problem is to carry blotting paper with you.

Blotting paper works to rid your face of oil and sweat without removing or damaging your makeup application. Simply blot your face gently with one of the papers and see the shine magically disappear from your face. Your makeup will look a lot fresher and cleaner after this quick fix. You can find blotting paper anywhere from Sephora to the drugstore, so there’s no excuse not to be employing this genius hack!

9 Set Your Lipstick With Translucent Powder

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Lipstick is definitely the easiest thing to ruin while wearing a full face of makeup. Whether you’re eating or simply just talking, it's inevitable that at least some of the product will begin to cake-off and will need to be touched-up.

Setting your lipstick with translucent powder is a genius way to make your lip-look last longer and you'll achieve a matte finish. After applying your lipstick product and blotting, simply tap the powder all over your lips with a small makeup brush.

Blot off the excess powder, and you’ll be left with a stylish matte lip-look that you didn’t even have to buy a new product to achieve!

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8 Seal In Your Makeup With Setting Spray

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Setting spray is supposed to do exactly what it’s advertised to do– set your makeup! It’s designed to prevent sweat or water from making your makeup-up cake-off and will keep your makeup looking fresher throughout the day.

After completing your look, quickly spritz a bit of setting spray over your entire face to seal in your makeup. Wait until it’s entirely dry before going out, and then see the wonders it will do for your makeup throughout the entire day.

There are tons of excellent setting sprays on the market, from drugstore brands to designer brands. Do some research to find out which one is right for your skin type to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

7 Use An Adhesive For Glitter Eyeshadow

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If you’re going all-out with a glittery look one of these summer nights, then don’t forget to use a glitter adhesive on your eyes if you want the look to last the whole night!

A glitter adhesive, like Pixie Epoxy from Fyrinnae, works similarly to eyelash glue in that it will hold the glitter and sparkles on your lids the entire night. Generously apply the adhesive to your lids and quickly follow it up by applying the glittery eyeshadow. You’ll be surprised at how well the adhesive makes your shadow stay put through a night of dancing and other fun. Now you have no excuse not to add a little bit of glitter to your look!

6 Start Off With A Primer

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Makeup primers are designed to glide over impurities and blemishes so that your foundation and concealer will go on more smoothly. It gives the face makeup something to hold onto so that it lasts longer throughout the day.

Simply smooth a dime-sized amount of product over your entire face before applying foundation or any other makeup items. Primer can be put on before moisturizer. Afterward, your face should feel slightly slippery or sticky, in which case you should go ahead with the rest of your makeup.

There are tons of primers on the market currently that promise to have special effects. Some are created to leave a matte or glowy finish, while others combat redness or oily skin.

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5 Use Eyeshadow Primer To Set Your Eyes

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If you’re someone who loves doing a dramatic eye look, then using an eyeshadow primer is a must-do step. Eyeshadow primers help prevent liner and eyeshadow from creasing or sliding around during the day, which is perfect if you won’t sacrifice your winged liner regardless of the heat.

Quickly apply primer to your lids before beginning your eye-makeup routine. Smooth it out with your fingers or a brush, and then go ahead with the rest of your makeup. We guarantee your eye makeup will look ten times better come the end of the day, which will feel like pure magic.

4 Follow Up Foundation With A Matte Pressed Powder

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Wearing liquid foundations or concealers in the summer is the worst when it feels like everything is just sliding off of you!

To make sure your foundation will last all day, one step you can’t skip is setting your face makeup with a matte pressed powder. Use a fluffy, powder brush to dust the powder all over your T-zone or on any other places you’re prone to get oil or cakey makeup.

Throw the powder in your bags to touch-up your makeup on the go. A little bit of powder can do wonders to fix oily skin and makeup throughout the day.

3 Add Eye Drops To Dried-Up Mascara

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When your mascara has almost run out and you have somewhere to be, then this hack is for you!

By adding a few eye drops to an old tube of mascara, you can breathe new life back into the makeup product and make it work better for you. Adding eye drops will loosen mascara on the side of the tube so you can use more of the product. It will also remove any clumps on the wand so you can easily apply the mascara in a jiffy.

Just remember that mascara expires after three months, so only do this hack if your mascara hasn’t reached its expiry date (or else toss it)!

2 Store Your Makeup In The Fridge

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Believe it or not, some makeup works better if it’s stored in the fridge rather than your makeup bag!

Foundation and concealer will apply smoother when they’ve been cooled down, which promises to leave you with a more long-wearing look. Makeup items that are okay to keep in the fridge include foundations, eye creams, nail polish, and any beauty products made from natural ingredients, like those bought at Lush.

Be aware that some items cannot go in the fridge, unless you like mold that is! Lipstick can’t be stored in cool temperatures because this can cause it to lose its moisture, and humidity might make eyeshadow grow mold.

1 Use Waterproof Products

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In the summer, water is the biggest enemy of makeup! Whether you’re sweating a lot from being outside or are spending a lot of time in the pool, chances are your makeup is going to be destroyed unless you’ve used waterproof products.

We recommend switching your normal makeup out for waterproof options in order to increase the longevity of your makeup look. Waterproof makeup is much harder to slide or cake off, so your makeup will end up looking fresh for longer. Plus, you won’t have to worry as much about touching-up your makeup, even if you’ve spent all day outside.

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