10 Genius Ways To Organize Your Tiny Kitchen

Cooking is supposed to be relaxing, right? Well, it might not be for those who have cramped kitchens.

Having a tiny kitchen can take the joy out of cooking. Rather than being excited about the recipe you’re trying out, you can end up being frazzled by the mess that quickly consumes your kitchen and the fact that it takes 5 minutes to find anything – despite the fact that it’s so small! Having a small kitchen can really limit your ability to stay organized and work efficiently in your space.

But have no fear! With these organizational hacks, you’ll be able to transform your kitchen into the oasis of your dreams! Getting organized in a cramped space takes a bit of creativity, but it’s definitely something you can (and should) tackle. From space-saving hacks on how to store your pots and pans to tips for how to better layout your pantry, read on to learn the best ways to organize your small kitchen. Make it your mission to re-organize your kitchen space so you can fall in love with cooking once again (without losing your mind in the chaos, that is).

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10 Hang Your Mugs

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If you’re low on cabinet space, hang your mugs instead of letting them take up precious space!

Pick up a tension rod from any home hardware store or order it on Amazon for a cheaper price. Install the rod somewhere in your kitchen where you’ll conveniently be able to grab the mugs when you need to use them. String shower curtain hooks along the rod to hang your cups.

Not only will this clear up space in your cupboards, it will also give your kitchen a homier vibe. Add a few floating shelves if you also want to add your plates and bowls to the display.

9 Use A Shoe Organizer In Your Pantry

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Thought these babies were only good for a dorm? Think again!

If your pantry or kitchen has a full-length door, then we recommend re-purposing an over-the-door shoe organizer as a way to organize kitchen goods. You can keep everything from spices and pasta noodles to cutlery in the mini containers.

It will be easy to spot everything since it’s right in front of you so you won’t need to go searching through all your cabinets and drawers. Simply close the door and this organizational hack will be out of sight, making your kitchen appear cleaner and less cluttered.

8 Cork Board Your Cupboards

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Ever thought of using your cupboard door for storage? If you haven’t already, then you really should be using every inch of space, including doors.

We recommend hanging a small corkboard on the inside of your cupboard. You’ll be able to hang everything from kitchen utensils to extra dishcloths completely out of sight. But, everything will still be conveniently available to you whenever you need to use it.

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7 Store Water Bottles In File Folders

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Water bottles are always important to have on hand to encourage you to drink water, but it can be tricky figuring out a way to store them!

Rather standing them straight up, which takes up more space in your cabinets, we suggest stacking them in file folder holders. Turn the holders on the side so the tall part is sitting on the shelf. This way, all of your water bottles will be on display and easy to grab and go. It’s easy to find file folders in the office supplies section at any store or on Amazon.

6 Add A Shelf To Your Cupboards

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To really maximize unused space in your cupboards, consider investing in a plastic shelf or two. These can easily be found at your local dollar store or online at Amazon for cheap. You’ll be able to create a second row of shelving where you can store anything from pots and pans to dishware. Plus, it will save you from having to move dishes off of one another to get to whatever's stored underneath.

Needless to say, having extra shelving in your cupboards will make keeping everything organized all the easier. Consider putting these shelves in your kitchen pantry, too!

5 Install A Towel Rack For Pots

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Similar to hanging your mugs, you can also hang your pots and pans with a little help from a tension rod! Simply pick up a rod at a local hardware store or order it from Amazon. It requires minimal installation with just a few screws. Then you can line the rod with shower curtain hooks so you can hang your cooking utensils.

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This hack is great because it will save so much space in your cupboards for other kitchen essentials. Plus, all of your pots and pans will be in clear view, so you’ll never have to go rummaging around your entire kitchen to find the one you need.

4 Spice Up Your Fridge

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A spice rack can take up serious counter space and make your kitchen look cluttered. So, to solve the problem, why not put your spice rack on your fridge?

Nowadays, it’s easy to find magnetic spice racks. You can fill each container individually with your choice of spice, and then stick it on the side of your fridge. Not only does this add a Pinterest-worthy décor element, but it keeps your spices in one space and in clear view. Simply grab it off the fridge when you need it and stick it back when you’re done. Who knew magnets could be so ingenious?

3 Store Dried Goods In Mason Jars

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Your kitchen’s pantry can look crowded and messy with tons of boxes and packages full of food are scattered around the place. It can also make it difficult to judge how much you have of something, which can be crucial when you’re preparing to follow a recipe.

Consider switching all of your dried goods to mason jars or glass containers, which you can find for cheap at your local dollar store. Put everything from pasta noodles to trail mix in these bad boys and line your cupboards for a very aesthetically pleasing display. Even consider keeping some your most-used containers out on the counter as both a décor element and for your own convenience.

2 Hide Your Appliances

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One of the main things that can make a kitchen look messy is having too many things on the counter! That’s why it’s important to limit yourself to only a few appliances out in the open –the rest should be tucked away! Decide what appliances you use on a regular basis and keep those out on your countertop for the sake of convenience. Anything else you don’t use regularly should be stored in cabinets or drawers where they can’t be seen.

1 Invest In A Pan Organizer

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Did you even know these things existed? Someone actually came up with a creative way to store cookie sheets and pans, by filing them away in a metal organizer. You can find pan organizers on Amazon or in any kitchen or bakeware store.

Simply organize your pans or cookie sheets by size and tuck the organizer away in one of your deeper drawers or cupboards. This will make it easier to see what utensils you have on hand, and also easier to grab it since you won’t have to worry about other things being stacked on top. Kudos to whoever came up with this genius solution!

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