George Clooney, The Ultimate Prankster: 25 Celebs Who Got Clooned

If you didn't already know, George Clooney is undoubtedly the prank-master of Hollywood. Yes, this guy is the genius of pranking. He is a planner, a schemer, a creative monster, and executes with brute force on all those he aims to embarrass. Don't worry, most of the people he takes down a peg enjoy it and are the type to do the same back to him. Sure, in some cases a few of the pranks might be slightly questionable and maybe over the line, but in all cases, they're absolutely hilarious.

If anyone took the time to search the dark corners of the Internet they may find a few short lists of some of George's most famous pranks, but I almost guarantee that they won't find a list as comprehensive as this one. Sure, there are a couple classics missing, but I think as you scroll on, you will find ones you absolutely have never read before... Some, in fact, may surprise readers. After all, they did me.

It may come as a surprise to some people that this charming, talented, philanthropic, handsome, A-lister is such an experienced prankster, but after reading this list, I assure you that you will be completely convinced that George Clooney is unequivocally a prank-master.

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25 George And Fluffernutter's Litter Box

There's just absolutely no way I can open with any other prank but this one. That's because it's probably my favorite, and perhaps the most famous if you're a George Clooney aficionado. The prank itself is so thought out and somewhat villainous. Frankly, when I heard it for the first time, I grew a whole new respect for George Clooney.

According to few sources (i.e. The Kevin Pollock Show, the Telegraph, and Yahoo), George planned the mother-of-all animal pranks on his old roommate, Richard Kind. I should mention that this event took place before George Clooney was who he is today. He hadn't even appeared on ER yet. He had only done The Facts of Life when he was forced to move into his comedian/actor pal Richard Kind's place.

Richard, a self-appointed "typical New York Jewish comedian." had a big fluffy cat named Fluffernutter. One day, Richard told George that he noticed that the cat hadn't been going to the bathroom for a few days as the litter-box was empty. Richard took the cat to the vet. Got some pills. And for the next week, he noticed that the litter box remained empty. As it turns out, however, George was emptying it while Richard was out to make him think that the pills didn't end up working on the poor cat. Then, one final day, Richard walked in to see that the litter box was in fact full. George had continued to clean up the cat's droppings but left a big one of his own in the box for Richard, causing the nasally voiced comedian to shout out, "Oh my God! Kitty!".

24 Batman Pranks Robin

Via: Imgur

Though every single actor and actress has a bad movie or two during the course of their career, it seems particularly unfortunate that George Clooney's career has been smudged by his appearance in Joel Schumacher's horrendous Batman and Robin. Seriously, that movie is so bad that it almost makes us forget the great films George has been in, like Up in the Air, The Descendants, Michael Clayton, Ocean's Eleven, O'Brother Where Art Thou, Gravity, and Solaris (okay, kidding about that last one).

Anyway, according to Purple Clover, George Clooney pranked his Batman and Robin costar, Chris O'Donnell, with the help of director Joel Schumacher. One day, George and Joel saw Chris pull up in his new pride and joy, a BMW convertible. After O'Donnell, who played Robin, went to his trailer, George and Joel found bags of popcorn and filled O'Donnell's car to the brim. Luckily for O'Donnell, the popcorn was unsalted and had no butter on it. If it did, he would have had one heck of a mess to deal with as I'm sure his seats were leather and sleek.

It's nice to hear that there was some fun had on the Batman and Robin set, because every time George speaks about the film now, he claims to have immense regrets over doing it. He is even reported to have a poster of him as Batman in his office to keep his head level.

23 Pretending To Host The Jolie/Pitt Wedding

Of course, nowadays the highly publicized Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie love-story is long since over, but back in 2005, it was in full swing. If you remember back to that time, or even to a couple years ago, the tabloids were littered with Pitt/Jolie "news." The pair were followed everywhere and their lives were under constant scrutiny. Even their buddy George Clooney could obviously understand what it was like.

So George decided to use his pranking skills in order to get back at the press a little. According to a Yahoo article, George threw a fake wedding for Angelina and Brad at his estate in Lake Como, Italy.

For two weeks he had tables and tents set up on his property. He leaked information about the wedding and essentially caused some tabloids to spend a ton of money to fly out and survey his property only to find out that it was all a complete sham. Clooney said they were even flying helicopters over to try and get a closer look.

As brilliant as this is, it's a pretty remarkable way of wasting money. I can't imagine how much he spent while trying to fool these guys. Although, he did have a big party at his estate a few days before this, so it's logical that he would have kept a bunch of the things he rented for the other party.

Additionally, he raised an important issue about the lengths these tabloids will go to just to capture a moment they claim that the public wants to see.

22 Ryan Gosling's Pants

Via: Stereogum

I'm pretty sure everyone agrees that Ryan Gosling is one of Hollywood's most beloved actors. He absolutely enchants most people. In fact, he seems to be the type of guy people are completely obsessed with. If you don't believe me, I implore you to take a look at another article on TheThings titled Ryan Gosling Doing Things.

George Clooney is no stranger to working with beloved icons, especially ones that many people lust over. One of his best friends is Brad Pitt, after all. But in this next prank, George took his pranking talents to Ryan, who easily represents Hollywood's newest generation of heartthrobs.

According to Parade Magazine and The Hollywood Reporter, during the production of The Ides of March, a political drama that George directed and starred in with Ryan, George would go up to Ryan and give him serious direction while spraying Ryan's crotch with a water spritzer. Due to the serious discussion and light spray, Ryan wouldn't notice this was happening to him until later when it looked like he had peed his pants.

There's no doubt that half of Ryan's fanbase would instantly lose their intense lust over him if they thought he constantly peed his pants. Well, played, Clooney, well played.

21 The Outrageous Bumper Stickers

Via: Channel 24

According to IGN and Yahoo, during the shoot of Ocean's Twelve, Brad Pitt sent out a letter to the Italian crew members stating that his co-star, George, didn't want to be looked in the eye and was only to be referred to as his character name, "Danny Ocean." It's not completely absurd to hear that some stars require that no one but their castmates look them in the eye. It happens occasionally. As ludicrous and narcissistic as it may sound, the actor's excuse usually has something to do with them needing to be in the zone of their character. But, of course, most of us would think that's just plain silly.

But in the film industry, these wacky things can happen. Therefore, it's not hard to believe that the Italian crew actually respected these wishes.

Once George started to notice how the crew was treating him, he asked around and found out the truth of the scenario. As retaliation, because we all know George and Brad just can't lay off the pranks, George stuck a bunch of inappropriate bumper stickers to the back of Brad's car without him knowing. These stickers stated were a little too graphic to post here, but let's just say they're bumper stickers Brad Pitt wouldn't normally have on his car.

Apparently everywhere Brad drove people would honk at him until he finally figured out what his pal did.

20 Collateral Damage

Via: W Magazine

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly Radio on Sirius XM, Julia Roberts shared a story about how she was collateral damage in a pranking war between her Ocean's Twelve co-stars George Clooney and Brad Pitt. She explained that during the filming of Ocean's Eleven, she would be the target of the pranks, but that changed when shooting the sequel because she was pregnant at the time, something the filmmakers actually incorporated into the film in a meta way. But because she was pregnant, the male-heavy cast of the film didn't want to make her feel uncomfortable in any way. She even explained that they didn't want her walking up a flight of stairs.

But this all changed when the production moved from Lake Como in Italy to Rome. Julia said that when she opened up her suitcase in the new location she found a heavy bronze statue head inside. Initially, Julia was a bit surprised that the boys would prank her with something so heavy while she was pregnant, but she soon found out that she was actually just collateral damage in a pranking war between George and Brad... It turns out that George had seen Brad carry Julia's suitcase into the car during travel and so he thought it belonged to him. So he had actually tried to prank Brad by putting in that heavy statue head but ended up pranking his pregnant costar instead.

19 George Uses Pitt To Get To Meryl

Via: Youtube

In an interview on Britain's insanely popular and hilarious chat show, The Graham Norton Show, George spoke about his illustrious pranking history with his Ocean's Eleven co-star Brad Pitt. He even stated that the two have done "terrible things' to one another for the sake of a laugh. He spoke about a hilarious time, not mentioned on this list, where he found a sticker of a pot leaf with a derogatory comment about cops on it and stuck it to Brad's car bumper.

Anyway, according to this Telegraph article and The Graham Norton Show, George had some stationery made up with Brad's name on it and would send letters "from him" to other actors; one of whom was Meryl Streep.

You know Meryl Streep... arguably the greatest actress of our generation, or as some morons like to call, "overrated." (And yes, I wholeheartedly disagree.)

Along with a letter to Meryl from Brad, George included a stack of dialect CDs to "help" her prepare for her role as Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady. Apparently, Meryl was very confused by this. There's no word on whether or not she was insulted by Brad's acting tips, but someone of her caliber should certainly have been.

18 Matt Damon's Weight Gain

Since Matt Damon is the third wheel to George and Brad's Ocean's Eleven characters, it seems only fair that they would include him in on their pranking charades. In fact, there's a couple reference to Matt Damon on this list, so keep your eyes out.

During the shoot for George's The Monuments Men, which, unfortunately, was not nearly as good as it could have been, George embarked on an villainous prank that was inspired by what he did to his old roommate, Richard Kind.

During the costume-fittings, and the shooting of the film, George knew that his co-star, Matt Damon, was in the process of losing some weight in order to appear the best he could in the film. George paid the tailor of Damon's costumes to take in Matt's pants by an eighth of an inch every single day of the shoot. Obviously, Matt was completely blindsided by this. He legitimately felt that he was gaining weight because every single day the pants would feel tighter and tighter.

If you think it was a bit mean of George, well, according to a Telegraph article, it was actually in retaliation for when Matt told a reporter that Clooney was gay and in the closet. Will these acting-buds ever rest when it comes to their pranking wars?

17 The M&M Underwear Prank

Producer Jerry Weintraub got a free helping to everybody's favorite chocolate candy when he woke up to find that his underwear was filled with M&M's. According to Yahoo and MTV, the movie mogul got more than he bargained for when he was challenged to a drinking contest by George Clooney and Brad Pitt.

Weintraub, of course, was one of Hollywood's most beloved producers. He passed away a couple of years ago but was one of the guys who helped get HBO's Westworld off the ground. Additionally, he also was responsible for Ocean's Eleven, Ocean's Twelve, and Ocean's Thirteen, which starred Clooney and Pitt.

During this long flight, the Ocean's pair tricked Weintraub into passing the time with them by drinking vodka. Although it turned out that Weintraub was the only one actually drinking, Clooney and Pitt were, in fact, drinking water and pretending to be drunk.

Weintraub passed out on the plane and while he was unconscious, Clooney and Pitt absolutely filled his underwear with M&M's.

I doubt that Weintraub was all that upset, after all, he became quite close to both of these actors during their time working together. And at the end of the day, he was probably happy he got to be part of a great story.

16 Massaging Jerry

Ocean's Eleven, Ocean's Twelve, and Ocean's Thirteen producer, Jerry Weintraub, got to be the focal point of yet another masterful George Clooney prank, or so he told Ellen Degeneres on The Ellen Show.

Apparently, Jerry was in the midst of getting a back massage at his home by a very beautiful young woman when George and Brad Pitt snuck into the room with a camera. George silently used his charm to shoo away the young masseuse and proceeded to take over her duties. Weintraub told Ellen that he was so into the massage that he had absolutely no idea that there had been a switch in masseuses.

George continued to massage Jerry for a time while Brad stood in the corner snapping photographs of it going down. Jerry even claimed that he was making vocal noises because he was enjoying it so much. Then George removed the towel that was covering Jerry's back end and slapped it extremely hard. Jerry jumped up and realized what was really going on, as well as the fact that Brad had captured the climactic moment on camera.

It's very lucky for George and Brad that they had this kind of relationship with their boss because most other people would never in a million years get away with something like this.

15 Richard Moons Harry

Via: CNN

Yes, this is yet another prank on Richard Kind, George's old friend and roommate. It all took place at a birthday party for LA Law and original Clash of the Titans star, Harry Hamlin. George didn't really know Hamlin and was invited by a mutual friend who was hosting the party. According to an interview with Esquire, George said that Hamlin had left his camera around and he decided to take pictures with it. Well, to be more specific, he wanted everyone to take pictures of their butts so that Hamlin would have an awkward experience developing the photographs or at the very least viewing them later.

Unfortunately for George, everyone else he asked said they weren't comfortable doing it. Well, that is, everyone except for Richard Kind.

George managed to convince Richard because he told him that everyone else had already done it. Richard agreed only on the basis that his face wasn't in it. George agreed but ended up snapping a photo of Richard's tuchas with his head peering around and smiling at the camera.

I'm not exactly sure why Richard was there, perhaps George brought him or perhaps he was friendly with the host's friend? Either way, it doesn't seem like Harry Hamlin really knew Richard because a week later he phoned the host (George's friend) to thank him for the party but also to ask why Richard Kind was showing his behind on his camera...

14 Photographing Privates

Just recently, Roseanne Barr and John Goodman stopped by The Howard Stern Show on Sirius XM radio to talk about their revival of their '80s/'90s sitcom, Roseanne; something that turned out to be a colossal hit and highly publicized due to Roseanne's personal politics.

During the interview, the two divulged that George Clooney was a bit of a prankster when he was a guest star on the show back in the '80s before he became a huge star. The most notable prank had to do with the photograph of his genitals wearing a pair of glasses that he had taken with a Polaroid camera and displayed for everyone to see as a joke.

Nowadays it seems like something like that would be seen as a foul thing to do, not to mention the photo would go for millions, but Roseanne and John claimed that everyone absolutely thought it was hilarious back in the day.

According to the Telegraph, George had a proclivity for photographing his four-eyed junk, especially on other people's cameras. That's right. He would momentarily steal his friend's cameras, undo his pants, stick a pair of glasses on his pecker, and leave it as a nice little surprise in their camera roll. This was back in the day where one had to take their photos in to get developed. Could you imagine the look on the guy operating the dark room's face?

George claims that it was back in 1988 when he last pulled this prank. A prank, by-the-way, he calls "Mr. Face."

13 Bill Murray And 11 Pounds Of Gravel

Via: Imgur

According to Yahoo, George Clooney pranked his houseguest, Bill Murray, by sticking 11 pounds of gravel in his suitcase before he left. Yes, George is clearly a most gracious host and doesn't just leave the pranking to those he works and lives with. Oh no, even houseguests as famous as Saturday Night Live, Ghostbusters, and Caddyshack star: Bill Murray.

Bill Murray, by-the-way, is no stranger to pulling controversial pranks or causing havoc wherever he goes. Just look into "the making of Caddyshack" to learn all about that.

So the story may not be as elaborate or as creative as some of the other pranks on this list, but it's wonderfully mean-spirited and annoying nonetheless. What happened was Bill was leaving Clooney's estate in Italy and noticed that his bag was significantly heavier than when he arrived. Nonetheless, he decided that he would continue out the door with it.

It took him until reaching the guard's booth to realize that his suitcase will full of gravel. George had gone into Bill's room and unpacked his bag, filled it with gravel, and hid his clothes in order to gain a laugh.

It's all in good fun though. Bill told Howard Stern, on The Howard Stern Show, that he even gave the big speech at George's wedding to his brilliant, world-changing wife, Amal.

12 'Ocean's Eleven' Fun

Via: PopSugar

While shooting Ocean's Eleven, George seemed to have a lot of fun pranking his boss, Jerry Weintraub. Yes, I know we've already spoken about his prank with the M&M's, but must like Richard Kind, it seems like Jerry Weintraub was a good target for George. In fact, as stated by Vulture, he went into detail about it with People, The L.A. Times, and Purple Clover.

During the shoot, Weintraub wore an expensive gold silk shirt that George really didn't like. One night, George snuck into Weintraub's closet and stole the shirt right from the closet. He then proceeded to draw a ginormous schlong on it. Then he took it to a Las Vegas charity golf tournament and got everyone to sign it behind Weintraub's back. The list of signatures included that of Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Wayne Gretzky, and Don Cheadle. He then gave the signed shirt back to Weintraub.

In retribution, Weintraub jumped in his golf cart, drove over to George's office and smashed it up with a golf club. Apparently, George was curled up on the floor scared for his life. When the owner of the golf club came by to George's aide, it was revealed that Jerry had it all planned out to scare George.

In addition to this silk shirt prank, George also mastered a Jerry Weintraub impression and requested a 4:30am hotel wake-up call for Weintraub and smeared Vaseline all over Weintraub's hotel doorknobs.

11 Richard Kind's Hideous Painting

Poor Richard, he just couldn't catch a break with his old roommate, George Clooney. It seems like he was an easy target for the handsome A-Lister, even after he moved out from living with him. You see, George first moved in with Richard when they were both struggling actors. George had recently gotten divorced from his first wife, actress Talia Balsam, and decided to move in with Spin City and Curb Your Enthusiasm actor/comedian, Richard Kind. You may also know Richard from his voice-work as Bing-Bong in Pixar's Inside Out.

On the surface it would seem like the two are a bit of an odd pairing, but the two remain friends to this day. But that doesn't mean there isn't room for a prank or two.

According to Yahoo, years after they lived together, George found a disgusting painting in the trash and signed it to Richard, but kept it hidden for three months.

According to MTV, George described the piece, which he drove by several times before taking, "gigantic and ugly." During that three-month period, he kept telling Richard that he was taking art classes. He'd even cancel their plans in order to keep up the lie. Then, on Richard's 40th birthday, he gifted this hideous piece of art that he had found in the trash to Richard, who dutifully hung it in his living room. George told EVERYONE about this but Richard, who kept it up for five-years until George finally told him the truth about it.

10 The Mr. Face Revival

Via: Alloy

Though George claimed that he stopped pranking people by photographing his one-eyed trouser snake back in 1988, he may have slipped up in October 2017 when on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Don't blame him too much though, it was in retaliation for a similar prank that Jimmy Kimmel pulled on George and House's Hugh Laurie.

You see, the previous time that George was on the late night talk show, Jimmy promised him a reunion of the cast of George's television show, ER. Instead, Jimmy only brought out the star of another medical drama, Hugh Laurie. Laurie, of course, was the star of House.

Being a good sport, George joined Hugh in a medical sketch on the show that featured the two TV doctors inspecting a wounded patient, Jimmy. Little did both George and Hugh know, Jimmy had taken his pants off under the covers so that when lifted up they were going to get see more than a fake wound. And there's no doubt that both Hugh and George had no idea what Jimmy was going to do; though the audience couldn't see, the two "doctors" seemed genuinely surprised and disturbed. 

When visiting the show on another occasion, George decided he'd get revenge on Jimmy by showing him a photo of his baby... except it wasn't a baby at all... Well, at least, not THAT kind of baby...

9 Starting Rumors About Rumer

Via: Pinterest

Most people know who Rumer Willis is nowadays after her big turn on Dancing With The Stars a couple years back. If you don't know her from there, you definitely know her to be Demi Moore and Bruce Willis' daughter. And if you didn't know that... well... I'm not sure what to tell you. Anyway, according to the Telegraph, Rumer became the subject of one of George's pranks in 2006.

The prank took place at Clooney's Ocean's Eleven co-star Scott Caan's photo exhibit. Coincidentally, Bruce and Rumer were also there. The opportunist that he is, Clooney convinced Bruce (aka: the ever-stern action star from Die Hard) that many middle-aged men were hitting on his young daughter. He even got Rumer in on it so that Bruce would grow angrier and angrier with the random men that George would point out as offenders.

Eventually, the prank imploded when Rumer messed up one of her lines while trying to convince her strict father that an older man was trying to pick her up.

It's pretty lucky that Rumer did mess this up because Bruce does seem like the kind of guy who would indeed go Die Hard on someone who was attempting to be inapt with his daughter.

8 Matt Damon's Complaint Letter

According to Yahoo, George Clooney pulled an epic prank on Matt Damon as well as on Tina Fey and Amy Poehler after the latter two made some jokes about George's womanizing past at the 2014 Golden Globes.

If you don't remember, the comedy pair made a few jokes that included one Gravity related one about how George would rather "float away in space and die than spend one more minute alone with a woman his own age." The joke, which George could obviously take, worked on so many levels — it's ridiculous. But even though he could take it, he wasn't going to let them get away with it and he wasn't just going to take them down alone.

In the prank, George drafted a letter supposedly penned by Matt Damon and sent it to Tina and Amy. In the letter, "Matt" said that while he laughed at the jokes aimed at George and Leonardo DiCaprio that night, he was personally offended by a seemingly innocuous joke about him being a "garbage man." A joke "he" called, "low hanging fruit."

Of course, Matt Damon actually didn't know what was going on until he received a fruit basket from Tina and Amy who stated they had a feeling that Matt was in on some sort of George Clooney prank and that they better step up their game.

Sorry, George. It looks like the women beat you to it on this one.

7 Sitting For Eight Years

I think what I've learned from compiling this list is that some of the best pranks take time. Not necessarily in preparation, but in execution. Generally, when we prank people, we are too excited to see the result that we lose some of the opportunity to make it amazing while waiting on something can make it that much more rewarding. Take this George Clooney prank for instance...

According to The Huffington Post and Telegraph India, Julianna Margulies, George's ER co-star, was booked to appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. She was nervous and unsure about what she was going to speak about and asked George for some tips. George shared an anecdote with her that supposedly happened to his mother. The anecdote is far too inapt to share with you here, but it included a trip to the doctor's office and the line, "I'm not a gynecologist, I'm a podiatrist."

Margulies loved the story and decided to tell it on Leno. Little did she know, George had convinced his then-girlfriend, Kelly Preston, to share the exact same anecdote on The Tonight Show.

But this wasn't revealed until a whopping eight years later when George and Julianna were booked to appear on the same episode of The Tonight Show.

George even had the producers piece Julianna and Kelly's segments together in order to finally reveal his master-prank though he decided to cancel it at the last minute because he thought the visuals would have hurt Julianna too much. So, he broke it to her an easier way...

6 Pranking His Dad

Via: Imgur

In an interview with Access Hollywood, George detailed the time he pulled a good one over his pop, Nick Clooney. Yes, not even his family is untouchable in George's prankster eyes, especially when he's in charge. And in charge was exactly what George was on the set of The Monuments Men, which he directed and produced.

The film was poorly received, which is too bad because the true-story is so amazing and the cast of the film is spectacular. But hey, not all movies turn out great, even with George Clooney behind them. Nonetheless, Monuments Men was important to George and therefore he even cast his father to play an older version of his character.

Nick Clooney only appeared in one scene at the tail end of the movie where he dramatically walks out of a church as the film fades to black. During the edit of this film, George brought in his old man to see a special cut of the film, a cut that displayed "In Loving Memory of Nick Clooney" right after Nick walked out of the church. Nick, of course, was blindsided and asked what was up and George replied, "Well, the film doesn't come out for another six months..."

5 The Brad Pitt Stationary

Via: Zimbio

As you've already read, George did acquire some stationary with Brad Pitt's name on it, supposedly from Jimmy Kimmel, and proceeded to write other celebrities as Brad. The Meryl Streep letter that included dialect coaching CDs is probably the most famous, but when George appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2015, he shared another story that ended up pranking Brad and yet another famous celebrity. This time it was George and Brad's Ocean's costar, Don Cheadle. Yep, George pranked War Machine himself.

This was in 2015, around the time that Don was releasing a film called Miles Ahead where he played famous jazz trumpet player, Miles Davis.

Apparently, Don had spent a great deal of time learning how to play the trumpet for this iconic role and was very excited about this film's release because he also directed the film.

Just ahead of the release of the film, George sent Don a letter from Brad stating that Brad's Oscar-winning production company had just acquired the rights to a film about Miles Davis and Charlie Parker, the famous jazz saxophone player, and had Jamie Foxx playing Miles Davis and wanted Don to play Charlie Parker. Don was reportedly upset because he spent all this time learning to play the trumpet and Brad didn't even know that he was already playing Miles Davis in Miles Ahead.

Three months later, Don figured out it was George and not Brad at all...

4 Roseanne And ABC

Via: Us Weekly

This one isn't so much a prank as much as it is a really hilarious and childish act while simultaneously being really bad advice. Although I wouldn't put anything past George Clooney when it comes to pranking, so this may indeed be a practical joke of some kind...

Anyway, back in the '80s and early '90s, George Clooney played Roseanne Barr's boss on her number one hit show, Roseanne. And when I say that the original Roseanne was a hit, I mean it. It was one of the most successful shows of all time. But that didn't mean there wasn't some in-fighting when it came to creative control.

On The Howard Stern Show, Roseanne shared the story of when she was sent a giant chocolate cake in the shape of the number one by her bosses at the network, ABC.

George saw this cake and informed Roseanne that she had been slighted by the network, even though she was making them a ton of money. Apparently, he formed this opinion because he knew that other shows at the network were getting luxury cars as gifts. Understandable, Roseanne was furious that she had received a baked good while everyone else was apparently getting expensive gifts.

George then suggested that they take a bat to the cake, photograph it and send it back to the network... and so they did... Roseanne stated that she highly regrets doing this because it caused a ton of drama between her and her bosses for years to come.

So yeah, who knows if this was in fact meant to be a prank or not, but it certainly ended up like one.

3 Richard And The Jeep

Yes, it seems like his old roommate, comedian, and actor Richard Kind was certainly one of George's favorite people to prank as this is yet another addition to the list about him. At the very least, I hope that this is getting you acquainted with a very, very talented and hilarious man that many people in the younger generations don't know. And chances are that you've seen him many times before.

Anyway, while George and Richard were living together in their four-story walk-up in New York City, George would occasionally drive Richard around in his jeep. And though it seems like a car is a hard location to prank somebody, George surely did.

According to Richard's hilarious and insightful interview on The Kevin Pollack Show, George would take advantage of Richard's gullibleness at a moment's notice.

While driving, George would see a puddle up ahead, then tell Richard that there was some rattling sound outside the car. Richard would undo his window, lean out and look... only to find that George had driven through the puddle and covered him with muddy water. Apparently, Richard was both irritated and impressed by George's split-second thinking, calling him "an evil genius."

2 George, Noah, And Steven

Via: Zimbio

The reason why I think the earlier addition to this list, about Roseanne and the network, was indeed a prank set by George Clooney is that George did a similar thing with his ER co-star Noah Wyle and their big time producer, Steven Spielberg. Yes, that Steven Spielberg.

Please note that the following prank took place in the early 1990s when George was just starting to become a big thing, Noah was a practical nobody, and Steven was at the height of his fame. Although, that height has seemingly stuck around with recent box-office successes like Ready Player One, and Academy Award winners like Lincoln, Bridge of Spies, and War Horse.

When visiting Conan O'Brien, Noah Wyle told Conan that while George and Noah were shooting ER, George had found out that their boss, Speilberg, had bought the cast of his previous film Always Mazda Miatas (a car for those who don't know); and yet the cast of ER received cellphones from Spielberg as a wrap gift.

George then stated that he and Noah should personally write Spielberg thanking him for "the Miata" but cross out the word "Miata" and write "cellphone." George thought that Steven would think it was funny. Wyle agreed and sent him the letter, George did not. After that, Steven Spielberg never sent Wyle a gift again. George, on the other hand, starred in Spielberg's company Dream Works first film... Well played, George.

1 The One Yet To Come

For a couple years now we've been hearing that George has been planning the prank of all pranks; a storm he will unleash upon the person that has arguably been his greatest pranking rival: Brad Pitt.

In this Vanity Fair article from 2016, George explained that he has been working on a prank that could "end Brad Pitt's career." While I'm sure he has no intention of actually harming his celebrity buddy, it certainly sounds like he's willing to go to world's end to embarrass the man who has qualms doing the same thing to him.

Of course, as you've seen on this list, George has pretty much decimated Brad in the past. His most famous is the inapt bumper stickers that he stuck on Brad's car, pitch-letters to other celebrities like Tom Cruise on Brad Pitt's behalf, and a particularly insulting package of dialect coaching CDs sent to Meryl Streep (all under Brad's letterhead). And Brad has shot back at him with things like turning the entire crew of Ocean's Twelve against George and the list goes on and on and on.

Honestly, it seems like the two can't get enough of punching each other in the gut for the sake of busting one.

So, this prank to end all pranks of George's may not be in the near future, after all, he told Vanity Fair, "If you take the time, if you're willing to sit on one (a prank) for a couple of years, and just plant the seed... there's no rush."

Well, George, we wait with baited breath to see what kind of havoc you will unleash next...

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