Meet George, The Goose Who Helps His Owner With His Weekly Shop

George the goose accompanies hiw owner to the store every two weeks and is quite the local celebrity as you can see below.

Over the course of the past few centuries, humankind has domesticated a few animals that we now keep as pets. Some even help us with tasks, such as guide dogs and service animals. Those creatures tend to be cats and dogs for the most part. A tortoise or a hamster at a push. A goose, though? That's a new one on us.

In our heads, geese are quite angry creatures. If we were to see one in the wild or on a farm, we definitely wouldn't waltz up and pat it on the head. We'd expect to get a swift peck for doing so if we tried to, or at least a warning honk. Clearly, the goose we picture in our minds is not George.

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This Guy Took A Hilarious Trip To The Supermarket With His Goose

Find a bond with somebody like this guy has with his pet goose 😂😂 Pet Goose George

Posted by LADbible on Wednesday, September 18, 2019

George is unlike any other goose we have ever seen before. The feathered farm animal accompanies his owner to Walmart once every two weeks and helps him with the weekly shop. As you can see courtesy of LadBible, not only is he entertaining, but George is also incredibly well behaved. When it's time to move on to a new aisle and a new item, George's owner calls his name and the goose comes running.

As you might expect from someone of George's species, the bird's favorite part of the store is the produce aisle. In particular, he seems to be a big fan of mustard greens. Once the fun part is over, George and his owner are tasked with picking up treats for the rest of the family. Snacks for the rest of the gaggle, as George's owner puts it. That includes s key lime pie for his wife. The man's, not George's.

We haven't told you our favorite part of this story yet. George's coat. The goose wears a bright orange jacket to the store emblazoned with his name, just in case anyone needs to know it. He also waits very patiently at the checkout under his owner's arm while he pays for the shopping. Now excuse us while we head to our nearest farm to see if we can find ourselves a farmyard companion of our very own. We're thinking pig.

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