George Michael Is Still Donating To Charities Even After His Death

Even two years after his death, the popular singer George Michael is still making surprise donations to various good causes. And yet, there still isn't a headstone that marks his grave in North London.

A Los Angeles AIDS charity and the NSPCC's Childline stated that they've once again received generous donations from George Michael's estate. The NSPCC's representative said that the donation was completely out of the blue, but it was also definitely appreciated.

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Additionally, the American charity project named Angel Food has continuously been receiving donations from George Michael, ever since the first time, he donated to them back in 1993. Richard Ayoub, the executive director said that every year, George Michael's generosity keeps helping them. And each and every year, he says that it also manages to bring a lot of help to the people that the charity helps out.

This news has surfaced shortly after the Daily Star Sunday reported that the singer's grave still doesn't have a headstone, despite the fact that two years have passed since George Michael's death. Fans have also been criticizing the fact that there hasn't been any memorial for the singer, whose charitable deeds have only been brought forth to the public after he has passed away.

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While some of the fans have been criticizing these two events, there have been others who said that George Michael was a very private person. So no matter what, he certainly wouldn't have wanted anything grandiose after his death. However, the same people still state that his grave deserves some sort of mark either way, out of respect.

The singer passed away on Christmas Day in 2016 and was laid to rest at Highgate Cemetary, in north London in March 2017, right next to his mother, Lesley Panayiotou. The plot of his grave is only marked with a grey stone cross, surrounded by white flower blossoms.

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After the singer's death, plenty of people came out into the public to state the charitable donations that he had made over the years. They included things like giving a stranger £25,000 so she could pay off her debt, working undercover at a homeless shelter, performing a free concert for the nurses that took care of his mother and many others.

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