Get Paid $1000 To Adopt A Wild Horse

The USA’s Bureau of Land Management is giving $1000 to anyone willing to bring home a wild horse to care for and train it. They have removed the $125 fee for adopting a mustang, and the bureau has placed an incentive instead in order to reduce the population of wild horses roaming about in the West. For those who have the resources to keep on of these beautiful horses, it’s the best time to adopt a wild one.

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The office has estimated that there are more than 66,000 wild horses across 10 states. In Nevada alone, there are 40,000 wild horses galloping about. While it’s wonderful to see these animals run free, their resources are getting more and more scarce. Due to increasing human populations and frequent droughts, the horses’ access to food and water is no longer stable. The government’s initial response was to round them up and care for them in corrals or pastures closed-off from the public. With over 50,000 horses available for adoption last month, they need help caring for the animals.

To help facilitate this adoption process, the bureau has set up an online matchmaking service for horses and their potential owners. The drop-down menus allow you to choose the horse’s gender, coat colour, and age. Depending on your facilities available and experience in handling the animals, you can find the perfect match for your lifestyle. Those who like more of a challenge can select a wild horse, and those who want a gentle companion can choose a tame or more mild-mannered mustang.

The adoption program began on March 12, and it encourages potential owners of horses to consider welcoming wild horses into their homes. Government officials know it’s more difficult to care for wild horses than captive-bred ones, which is why they are beginning to give incentives to encourage horse-owners to consider the wild ones. The ideal level for horses in nature is around 26,000, so there’s quite a number of them that need to be brought in captivity in order for the natural populations to thrive.

While it’s a challenge, many horse-owners are taking on the government’s call. With more wild horses cared for by humans, those in the wild will not have to compete as hard for the scarce resources available. After all, horse-lovers wouldn’t want to see the mustangs suffer in the wild.

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