'Gilmore Girls': 15 Unanswered Questions The Revival Couldn't Even Address

Hello. My name is Zooey Norman and I have a problem. I have rewatched Gilmore Girls over a dozen times and watch at least one episode every night before bed. What was originally a casual interest has evolved into an outright obsession and it may be taking over my life. I know have strong opinions about characters, their development, and their actions (as you will see below.) And I have watched enough episodes in a short enough period of time that I am able to point out glaring inconsistencies that occurred in both the original show and the revival (which I will admit was both very entertaining and well written though did make me concerned for the woman that Rory has become).

Now that we’ve gotten that little confession out of the way, let’s further feed into my addiction to this classic show by discussing 15 unanswered questions I still have after binging both the show and revival.

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15 Lifestyle Changes


When we first meet Sherry, the woman who inspired Christopher to get his life together and start on the path to adulthood, she reveals her five-year plan to Rory during an off-screen dinner date. This plan included children, with or without a man in the picture. Rory reports that Sherry was actually seriously contemplating single parenthood before Christopher came around. She wanted a baby that badly. However, Sherry is singing a completely different tune by the time of her baby shower. The second time we meet Sherry, she does not like or want a baby at all, is terrified of the entire thing, and does not want anything to do with the child until it is old enough to enter ballet. This new state never wavers as Sherry has one foot out the door for the rest of the series. My question is, why did Sherry go from a woman who was willing to artificially inseminate herself and raise a baby alone to a woman who runs out on her child the second a better offer comes along?

14 Delayed Milestones


Though it has been a while and I do not remember the exact amount of time Rory takes off school during her “let men tell me that I am not worthy of my dreams” phase, she was at least a full semester behind her peers. I took one semester off after I completed my second year of university in order to move across the province and that choice ended up delaying my graduation an entire year. How was Rory able to graduate at the same time as the rest of her class? I took summer classes and maxed out my timetable and still had to celebrate my graduation well after my peers. So how was Rory able to reclaim her spot so easily and stay on the fast track to graduation?

13 Daisy, Daisy


What were the effects of all of those daisies on Stars Hollow? Though this question is not as serious as the rest of my concerns on this list, I still wonder what happened to all of those daisies. I know that Lorelai handed them out to her friends and neighbours, and they probably died shortly afterward… but what happened to all of those flower corpses? Were they taken, pressed, and turned into potpourri? Was there a sudden booming industry of dozens of pots of potpourri flooding the Stars Hollow market? Did Lorelai buy herself a tub so that she could always remember the grand gesture that was the 1000 daisies? After things fell apart with Max, did she keep the tub? Did she put it in her “ex-boyfriend” box so that she could smell it and relive the happy memories in the future?

12 A Casual Disregard


When Rory doesn’t say “I love you” back to Dean, Lorelai sits her down for a bit of a heart-to-heart to confirm that she has not inherited her mother’s commitment issues. Rory denies this and asserts that she has inherited many things from her mother but her issues with men are not one of them. And from what we see from early Rory, that was the case for a while. However, each and every relationship Rory enters to is worse than the last. Rory had so much respect for the boy in her life that she stressed over kissing a boy while they were broken up. But by the end of the show, Rory happily exists as the other woman while sidelining her own boyfriend and getting intimate with a potential source (talk about unprofessional). Where did this come from? I know that not every relationship is perfect but this is just rude to everyone involved. Why doesn’t Lorelai say anything? She was shocked when Rory got “back together” to a married Dean so she should flex her mama-bone and knock some sense into the person that Rory has become.

11 Dean One Day, Jerk Another


I genuinely want to know what sparked Dean’s total personality 180. My only theory was that it was done so that audiences would accept Rory with Jess rather than sending letters to the studio demanding that she gets back with Dean. How did this guy, who was characterized as someone who firmly believed in monogamy, the importance of family, and the idea of commitment, turn into the guy who not only cheats on his wife but also becomes a man with such a short temper that he loses it on said wife for simply asking about his day? The show originally painted Lindsay as a villain, however seeing her pleading with the butcher to teach her how to make Dean’s favourite meal nearly brought me to tears. Dean had always had a bit of a temper but normal people don’t go from calling out bullies to chasing down your ex's current boyfriend and threatening them. What happened?

10 The Curious Case of Christopher


Christopher was essentially a side character in the show and rarely did we ever get to see what he thought about things. And, because of that, I have so many questions about the life and lies of Christopher. My first question is what happened to all of his failed companies? Is he crushed under an intimidating pile of debt or did his parents bail him out? Though they were disappointed by his actions, they seem to blame Lorelai for everything wrong in Christopher’s life, so was he still able to turn to them when needed? Were his parents paying off his debts the reason why he eventually caved in and accepted a job with his father's company? He always fought the idea of his parents planning out and controlling every aspect of his life, so why did he end up giving in? Was it out of necessity or due to a sense of newfound maturity?

9 Don't Mention Mick


Another silly question, but an important one nonetheless. What happened to Mick? In the first few episodes of the show, Sean Gunn plays a surly character named Mick who does a series of odd jobs around the town. Suddenly Mick becomes Kirk and no one questions it… it’s not even alluded to or briefly mentioned in an offhand matter. Mick was a random man that no one knew and Kirk was a character who had lived in Stars Hollow his entire life. And, even if you’ve never met Kirk face to face, he is the type of person that you couldn’t avoid hearing about. The characters of the show simply love to tell each other who they look like so I find it hard to believe that Miss Patty never even mentioned Kirk’s lookalike.

8 Financial Aid


When the termites infest the Gilmore house, Lorelai and Rory find themselves in a hole bigger than the one in their front porch. They needed money to fix that hole, which they don’t have, and they are unable to secure a loan. Lorelai even remarks that she has never even seen fifteen thousand dollars and, therefore, could not picture it even if she tried. However, Lorelai owns both a car and a home. I know that houses, especially in small towns, used to much cheaper. However, I am pretty sure that the average down payment has to be at least 15,000$ alone. I know what you’re thinking, “Zooey, she probably got a loan.” Well, how was she able to get a loan years ago with a much less stable job and way less money in the bank if she can’t manage to get one now?

7 Abandon Everything You've Worked For


What happened to Rory? Let’s break this down, shall we? The character of Rory is an incredibly stubborn and determined girl who has never let anyone (especially not a man) tell her that she doesn’t deserve what she wants. She has stood up to both teachers and headmasters who dared tell her she wasn’t good enough or tried to stand in her way. She has been dreaming of being a journalist and being in the Ivy League since she was a little girl. And yet, she decides to abandon all of that because one guy says she doesn’t have this intangible “It factor.” She drops out of school, abandons her ambitions, steals a boat, and mooches off of her grandparents. Yes, people grow and change and leave some dreams behind as they age but no one has ever changed so drastically in human history. Though she does learn from her mistakes and fixes everything, she undoes every single moment of personal growth with her every action in the revival.

6 Anti-Jello Association


This question has haunted me for years. Remember that time Taylor tried to bar a protester from protesting in the town square? Do you remember the banner he tossed out into the world, the wrong way, that immediately tore before anyone could read it? Or the indecipherable mumbled-out chant that he bellowed from the top of the church? What was he protesting? I have lost sleep over this unresolved question. I need to know. Were the townspeople right? Was he protesting Jello? Is he pro or against Jello? What was the town loners opinion on Jello, if that was what he was protesting? The people of the world need to know! I don’t think that I will be able to rest until I find out what that man was protesting.

5 The Growth of a Boy


Did Jess go to therapy? I am serious. When he is first brought onto the show, he is rebellious and angry. He hates the world and everyone in it. He is struggling with abandonment issues, building up walls, and rebelling against everyone that tries to get close to him. When he is first with Rory, he tries to treat her like he treats all the other girls he has ever been with and that does not fly. She is used to the way that Dean treated her and refuses to be treated as a disposable commodity. Don’t get me wrong, I like Jess. I just think that he was not in a place in his life where he could open up to another person. He needed to grow, go out on his own, and face the issues that made him the person that he was (and didn’t want to be). We see him after this journey, but I want to know how he got to that place. What sparked his need to make a change and how did he prevent himself from reverting to his old ways?

4 Privacy Please


Why did Rory think that her mother would want her to write an intimate book about their lives? Lorelai is known for being independent, private, and having a tight lock on all things she would deem too personal to share. Lorelai likes to keep her private life to herself and prefers to live in the now. There is a lot of pain in her past and you would think that her own daughter would respect her not wanting to share it. Rory, it is not your story to tell. But since Rory turned into an entitled monster who thinks that the world should cater to her every whim (I mean, she engages with a married man, is offended when a job offer she refused for a year doesn’t immediately offer her a position when she outright disrespects them during an interview, and consistently refers to Dean, who was a married man at the time, as "her" Dean, and uses that ownership as a reason to justify her deflowering) she throws a huge temper tantrum when her mom says that she doesn’t want her daughter to publish their dirty laundry for the world to see.

3 Traditional Family Values


Though Gilmore Girls was never known for showcasing stereotypical “traditional family values,” I have to wonder what these schools were teaching in their health classes. Don’t get me wrong, I support all lifestyles and think that (as long as everyone is clothed, sheltered, and fed) however you decide to have a family is the right way for you. But when Lorelai is asked to participate in career day, the teens she talks to seem to want nothing more than to talk about how Rory was created and how she affected Lorelai’s life. Their mothers were not happy and it makes me wonder what education they had received on the topic, if any at all. Did Taylor, those mothers, and Mrs. Kim protest the school from teaching the children anything about the birds and the bees? I mean, Christopher (though he is not from Stars Hollow) accidentally fathers two children, Luke accidentally and unknowingly creates one himself, and Lane finds herself with child immediately after her first (and most likely only) dance with the devil.

2 And Then There's Logan


I have so many questions regarding the seemingly unending “Logan” phase of Rory’s life, but I will try my best to narrow it down to a few. My first question being why did Rory allow Logan to let her feel small? He convinced her that he didn’t cheat on her, when he did. He embarrassed her in public to such a degree that Jess had to call her out for it. I know that she loved him and that people do stupid things when they are in love but I don’t understand how someone can be belittled, manipulated, treated like their needs do not matter, and have the people they love open their eyes to what’s going on… and then still stay with that person that selfishly hurts them. I mean, Rory hated Tristan and everything that he represented. So why did she fall for Logan, who is essentially a clone of that original prep school bad-boy? And why was she so okay with being his “other woman?”

What is the long-term goal here, Rory? If he cheats on her, he will cheat on you. Are you okay with that? Why do you treat men the exact way that you called Jess out for attempting to do to you?

1 What Happens Next?


I’ll be honest here, though I loved the original show, I never felt as though there was a need for a revival. None of the questions I had were answered and I was shocked with what they did with Rory. After she came to her senses after her semester in the pool house, she went back to her old ways and appeared to have learned and grown. But revival Rory was that same entitled, spoiled, and selfish girl that left Yale 10 or so years ago. But, after watching the revival, I am overcome with a thirst for more. I need to know what happens next. How does this change Rory? Will this news mature her? Will this responsibility make her realize how she’s been acting and snap her out of this cocoon of self-pity she’s created? Is it going to be a little Wookie? I need to know what happens after those four words were spoken. Come on, Amy Sherman-Palladino, don’t leave me hanging.

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