Gilmore Girls Fans Can Now Eat Lunch At Lorelai & Rory's Stars Hollow Home

Gilmore Girls fans can now experience eating lunch at Lorelai and Rory's Stars Hollow house!

No, this is not a joke or a drill, fans can now take a trip to Stars Hollow and dine at the house of the fast-talking Gilmore Girls. Warner Brothers Studios has added a trip to the favorite Stars Hollow town as part of their studio tour as of December 22nd. Fans get to see the sets of the hit show up close and personal.

The tour guests will get to enjoy some of the most famous scenes from the show, recreated for fans to get the full Gilmore Girls experience. Original props and costumes will be on display to help authenticate the Stars Hollow feel.

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However, the most exciting part of the special tour will include a private lunch at the home of Rory and Lorelai. Fans will eat like they are part of the Gilmore family, which all die-hard fans know that means eating until they are in a food-induced coma. A few of the item's guests can expect on the lunch menu are veggie burgers, oven roasted turkey breast with cranberry shallot sauce, French fries, macaroni salad, and lemon garlic roasted chicken.

A trip to Stars Hollow is not complete without sitting at the famous town gazebo and taking a walking tour of the town. The tour promises plenty of Gilmore photo opportunities that will make anyone feel like part of the prominent family and beloved little town.

Marie Claire was the first to report this outstanding news that arrives just in time for the holidays. The magazine did not say anything about Luke's diner but seriously how can there be a Stars Hollow tour without the iconic Luke's diner. Where else are fans supposed to drink the excessive amounts of coffee like their favorite mother/daughter duo?

Sadly, the ability to see Stars Hollow, as well as eat lunch at Lorelai and Rory's house will not last forever. It will only be part of the studio tour until January 6th, which means those who are interested in this once in a lifetime experience must act quick.

Alright, Gilmore Girls fans, what do you think about Stars Hollow being part of the Warner Brothers tour? Share your thoughts with us regarding this exciting news.


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