Girl Convinces New Zealand To Change Unfair Road Signs

Talk about girl power! A savvy seven-year-old girl in New Zealand got her way within the world of government through a simple little letter that has many singing her praises.

Just last month, Zoe Carew penned an official letter to the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) after noticing “Linemen” signs sitting alongside the roads taking her to visit her grandparents in the city of Eastbourne.

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The signs, which indicate that workers are installing or fixing power lines within a certain area, were thought by the seven-year-old to be extremely “unfair” and not at all inclusive to women. This prompted her to wonder exactly why it was that they only said ‘MEN’ “when women can be line-workers too.”

“I don’t really want to be a line-worker when I grow up because there are so many more exciting things I would like to do, but some girls might want to learn to linewomen,” wrote Carew. “Can you please change the sign to say ‘Line-workers’ instead, or something else correct and fair like that?”

It turns out that Carew’s thoughts were well-received. Fergus Gammie, the chief executive of the NZTA, wrote back to the little girl in utter agreement – all while commending her for her suggestions and for taking both time and real action to fight for what she believed in.

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One small challenge though would be that Carew’s suggestion of "'line-workers' would require the size of the signs to be increased,” as The Guardian noted – and Gammie informed her of this.

The title of “line crew,” he mentioned in his responding letter – which Zoe’s proud mother shared for the whole world to see on Twitter alongside her daughter’s original note – would be a much better fit onto the road signs. The NZTA would go about making all the needed changes to its sign specification approvals to reflect upon this.

“…the new signs will replace the old ones when they need replacement due to wear and tear, this may take some time,” Gammie also mentioned in his note of praise back to Carew.

In a later tweet promoting the young girl’s truly admirable actions, the NZTA also highlighted on the fact that “great ideas can come from anyone.”

As the ninth best country in the world to be a woman for its education, political empowerment, as well as gender pay gap, according to a report from U.S. World & News, New Zealand has long been known for bearing an incredibly progressive reputation. It was even the very first nation in the world to provide women the right to vote in 1893.

Currently, its prime minister is Jacinda Ardern, the country's third female leader. Talk about major girl power to the max.

Go Zoe and go New Zealand!

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