Girl Scout Sells 300 Boxes Of Cookies In 6 Hours In Front Of Marijuana Shop

One Girl Scout sold over 300 boxes of cookies in six hours by setting up her stand in front of a marijuana shop. While her idea was brilliant, and definitely earned her some serious sales, it is also bringing a lot of controversy her way.

According to Vox, the San Diego Girl Scout parked herself right outside a legal marijuana shop and raised more than $1,500. The girl has amazing business sense, as marijuana and the munchies go hand in hand. Selling the cookies outside the shop was a great business move. The money she raised will go back to her local Girl Scouts organization, which is the point of selling the cookies.

The venture was also good for Urbn Leaf, the location where the girl sold all of her cookies. The shop even posted an Instagram of the little girl, whose name has not been revealed, encouraging their customers to come buy pot and cookies.

Although the girl's brilliant idea seemed like a win-win all around, not everyone was happy with her selling cookies in front of a pot store. The pot store’s post was flooded with comments with concern for the girl. Some users thought it was “child endangerment” and that “kids should not be exposed to certain vices.” Others praised her business savvy, and compared it to Girl Scouts selling cookies outside grocery stores or drugstores which sell alcohol.

The Girls Scouts are still trying to figure out how to handle the marijuana adjacent sales. There is not a policy prohibiting anyone from selling the cookies where alcohol and cigarettes are sold. As more states legalize the substance, the scenario of Girl Scouts selling cookies outside dispensaries will likely grow.

In all honesty, as long as she had an adult there supervising her (which all kids should have when they are out selling products), then is there really any harm? It is, after all, about supply and demand. The girl knew where the demand was, so she went there.

This is one hot topic! What do you think the Girl Scouts should do? Should they ban members from selling in front of a marijuana shop?

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