Give These People A Raise! 15 Workers Who Deserve Way More Than Minimum Wage

Minimum wage workers are often under appreciated. Many of us began working under such circumstances, so this may make us more empathetic to their trials and tribulations. From food-preparation, to retail, and many other service jobs, minimum wage workers can sometimes go above and beyond the call of duty in order to fulfill their duties.

This list of minimum wage employees includes people in occupations you know are paid the legal minimum. They prove that many of us wouldn't even recognize the world we live in if it weren't for them!

We've listed people here because they definitely deserve a raise after doing something amazing or having to deal with very difficult circumstances. Even though their pay unfortunately doesn't really equate to their efforts. Hey, we can all spare a dollar or two for anyone who really deserves it, can't we?

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15 Super window cleaners

Via Express

If you want to clean windows for a living, you need an eye for detail. And you definitely can't be afraid of heights. This job is usually done as part of a team, but how you present yourself obviously depends on what type of windows you're cleaning. These two men approached their job with kindness for those who would have to look at them.

On children's day, these two window cleaners for Hospital Infantil Sabara in São Paulo decided to dress up as Captain America and Superman. Children's day is celebrated on the month of October in Brazil. On this day, parents usually give their children small gifts. It was only fitting that these two window-cleaners decided to dress up as superheroes that many children admire.

Pictures of these two window-cleaners actually went viral and sick children were very happy to see these two heroes from their window. The children's happiness also shows us how these two beloved characters have conquered the imagination of children from all over the world. Hey, kids from the State aren't the only ones who appreciate Marvel and DC superheroes!

Their hard work at keeping the hospital's windows clean, along with their kind gestures for these sick children, means that these two guys deserve a raise. We certainly hope their boss sees our post!

14 This server can really dish it out

Via Pinterest

As many can attest, being a server isn't easy even when restaurants aren't busy. The job requires patience, balance, and an ability to deal with people—wherever you live.

Someone went to Indonesia, saw this server and was impressed by his impeccable sense of balance. Most people have a hard time being servers despite having fewer bowls than this. We've all been to a restaurant in which a server sadly lost their balance, causing them to spill precious food. This alone has scared many people away from applying to restaurants in need of a waiter.

This server clearly had a lot of orders for what looks like a delicious dish. Rather than panicking about having to walk back and fourth to many tables, he opted for a strategy that ensured everyone's happiness. Plus, he did this without dropping anything! Now that's impressive.

Most people would have a look of panic on their faces. However, this server's calm demeanor lets us know that everything will be fine. Don't worry about how many bowls he's carrying. Everything is good. Many curious tourists probably took a picture of this server who was carrying 19 bowls full of food at a time like it was second nature. We hope that the owner of the establishment gives this man a raise.

13 This retail employee on Black Friday

Via Border7

For those who don't know, Black Friday is an American event that takes place right after Thanksgiving Thursday. During this time, people are known to flock to malls, stores, and big-box chains in search of the best deals. Presumably for what is supposed to be a Christmas (or Hannukah) present for someone else. Inevitably, Black Friday can sometimes bring out the worst in many people. Sadly, this is why some Black Friday shopping sprees have been known to get violent. Items usually run out faster than customers can get them because of the ridiculously low prices.

Several TV shows even go as far as making fun of Black Friday and satirizing the real patience it must require in order to work a shift during that time.

This extremely patient employee is lucky to be surrounded by a protective barrier (his desk). Quite frankly everyone around him looks exasperated and desperate. There's a good chance that many of us would panic at having to work during a Black Friday shift. Considering the sheer amount of people, we feel he's handling the situation with grace. Many of us would probably flee or even bribe the manager into putting us on a different schedule. This brave employee's patience and his perseverance makes him the eye of this storm. Forget the raise, give this dude a promotion.

12 The barista who made this drink

A Starbuck's barista in Vancouver, British Columbia received an order that was so crazy, they just had to share it with the world. Now, there's a slight possibility that this is just a fake order that a fellow employee made in order to troll this poor barista.

However, we know that some people really do ask for crazy substitutions whenever they go to any coffee shop. We've all seen that rude customer that makes a poor barista's simple job extremely difficult (and doesn't even leave a tip!). This barista at least had the sense of humor to post this crazy order online where others would be amused and baffled.

A commenter on the website where this was posted explained that this "order" would wind up costing $700 dollars. Plus, it would end up measuring several liters because of the sheer amount of different syrups, powders and drizzlings involved. Regardless of this so-called order, plenty of Starbucks baristas have shared pictures of orders that were excessively modified.

We feel that this barista deserves a raise just for the stress involved in simply reading this long list. You know, compensation for additional stress at work or something. It's likely that this barista has to deal with actual strange substitutions such as this, right?

11 Movie ticket takers during Star Wars premiers (or other anticipated films)

Working at the cinema is fun for movie-lovers! However, this is yet another minimum wage job that is often unappreciated by the masses. Ticket takers deal with a lot of underage teens trying to sneak into R-rated films without their parents' permission. they've also got to deal with movie-hoppers who try to watch more than one film, and people who sneak their own snacks into the cinema. Plus, there are people who are late and demand to enter a theatre despite the fact that the film began 20 minutes ago. The nerve!

As fans of pop culture, we have to admit that it must be difficult to work at a theatre whenever Star Wars or any other highly anticipated film is released.

Fans of highly-anticipated geeky films are known to buy tickets way in advance or even camp out whenever a new film is released. Can you imagine the intensity of having to keep that crowd calm?! While it's probably fun to watch people dress up as their favourite characters, they're probably a demanding bunch. We wonder if  ticket takers hate every blockbuster film thanks to the large crowds they have to deal with. Anyone who works  at a movie theatre during this time definitely deserves to move up the tax bracket. Maybe they'd like to attend these movie premieres, too!

10 The makers of bacon-wrapped hot dogs

Anyone from Los Angeles can tell you that they've all left a bar or club late at night and ate a bacon-wrapped hot dog at some point in their lives. Who can resist them? The Los Angeles delicacy is served on a traditional hot dog bun. topped with onions and peppers. Happy clients are encouraged to add mayo, ketchup, or mustard to this creation. and then enjoy it while they walk along the beach.

This minimum wage employee deserves our respect because it must be hard standing out there alone at 2 in the morning. Los Angeles had made recent strides in regulating street food in order to promote a safer environment. However, we can't imagine dealing with customers who have high expectations for their food's cleanliness. Especially considering that they also deal with hordes of people who've had one too many drinks.

Despite all of these factors, this woman is patiently tending to the food she's about to sell, making sure everyone is happy with their meat-wrapped meat. It looks like she's doing this all on her own, too. She's certainly handling the steam on her face with grace. This is yet another champ that deserves a few extra bucks. Maybe even her own restaurant.

9 These bartenders


Bartenders are yet another group of workers that earn the minimum wage. They deserve our respect for being far nicer to us than we deserve. They see some people during their worst moments and even encourage them to take a taxi or Uber. Most Friday and Saturday evenings are probably normal, as rowdy customers aren't the norm (we hope). Looking at this picture, one can imagine that this scenario occurred during a major holiday. Plus, it looks like the female bartender is getting punched.

Ouch! Hopefully that's just the camera angle.

Though this scene looks like a screenshot from a film or TV show with inebriated customers from hell, such a scenario isn't impossible. Bartenders take the time to make our fancy cocktails. Sometimes they let us to try a sip of that new craft beer before we decide to order the entire pint. Some of them even go so far as to help us out if we're stuck with an awkward Tinder date. This means that bartenders in general not only deserve a tip whenever they assist us, but they all deserve a big raise. Working at a bar can be fun, but we can also imagine that there are difficult customers. For now, we can raise a glass to their upcoming fatter wallets.

8 The EMTs who saved this cat from a fire

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) are often the first people to arrive at the scene of an emergency. This could be a fire, a hurricane, or a man-made disaster. Their job is to make sure that nearby citizens end up just as safe and alive as when they requested their help.

These EMTs in particular were called during a fire in Boston, Massachusetts. The stress of this job may mean that some folks prioritize the safety of other people. These EMTs rescued a cat and provided her with oxygen so that she could stay alive. Anyone who loves their pets can understand that what these EMTs did was invaluable to this cat's owner.

Despite the stressful nature of their job, many EMTs are paid the lowest minimum wage in their area. Now, this may often be higher than the federal wage in states that have a different set of laws. Still, many EMTs find their work rewarding and help people solve the many emergencies that life can throw their way.

Unlike other jobs, EMTs report a high rate of job satisfaction despite the obstacles they face. Saving lives certainly sounds rewarding. As such, the EMTs pictured here (and those who aren't) are deserving of some extra cash.

7 This extra-patient McDonald's employee

Fast food workers get a lot of undeserved flack from society. Many assume that all fast-food workers are an uneducated group of people who don't deserve our respect. Nothing could be further from the truth. Fast food workers have to prepare orders quickly, keep the kitchen clean, and deliver happy meals to children who often want the other toy. This McDonald's employee had to deal with a fan who wanted to do the impossible. This kid insisted on paying for food with something that isn't money.

Now, it could be argued that the customer who did this will one day make a great lawyer.

This kid's attempts to convince the employee didn't work this time, but they're obviously onto something here. Perhaps this would have worked at a place where the owner may have been present. After all, McDonald's is a large chain that only works the way it does because it has a set of strict rules that every worker has to follow. Kudos to this patient McDonald's employee who took the time to try and make this customer understand. It looks like this person already moved on from working in fast food, and we hope that place came with better pay. If anything, he got some valuable Pokémon cards!

6 This server

Via The Blaze

Several years ago, a Reddit user posted a picture of a receipt that showed a snarky comment along with what looked like a tip of zero dollars. The writing says "I give God 10%, why do you get 18? - Pastor Alois Bell." It turns out that this employee did receive a tip, but she posted it because she felt it would be funny to share. After all, there are many people who don't feel that tipping servers is necessary.

Not everyone would post something like this online, but to each their own. Those who live in the United States and countries with similar laws know that tipping helps servers make ends meet. The story went viral because many thought that it was a hoax that could've been made up by the server. It turned out to be real, and it also turned out that the server conveniently failed to mention that she did get a tip in cash.

The employee ended up getting fired after the paster in question revealed her identity and felt embarrassed. This attention must have been difficult to deal with. Did this server truly deserve to be fired over something like this, though?

We certainly hope that she's since gotten a much better job. Regardless of whether or not she was lying, it's tough to serve people and deal with some of their problematic behavior. However, we also know there's such a thing as karma. Our hearts go out to all the servers who most definitely deserve their tips.

5 This babysitter

Via WomansDay

Those who take a look at this list of instructions can totally tell that the parents who wrote this were being sarcastic. Imagine being a babysitter and having to actually follow these instructions! Some of them sound great while others sound like this is a recipe for keeping children as rowdy as possible. We're sure that this babysitter got a good laugh when reading this sarcastic note. The story behind this picture is that the babysitter's boyfriend took a look at these instructions and decided to tweet it. It resulted in about 16K retweets and can't actually be found anymore.

Hey, being a Twitter star is hard!

Considering how uptight and worried parents can be about their children, these instructions are a breath of fresh air. The last instruction seems to be real, though, "Do not believe ANYTHING the kids tell you." Every babysitter has met kids who are little angels when the parents are around, but turn into little devils as soon as they leave. Seeing how babysitters often get less than minimum wage, we really hope that this person got a tip after dealing with this scare. Most people who saw this post now have a new appreciation for strict parental instructions.

4 This brave hostess!

Via imgur

Few jobs are as overlooked as that of a restaurant hostess. Many people wrongly assume that their job is easy because they don't have to serve food (or so we think). Some restaurants have strict dress codes for their staff. This brave hostess was stuck with a dress code that really did a number on her feet!

Though hosts and hostesses have many horror stories, this person here totally deserves some extra remuneration for being put through this. A lot of people are raised to be nice to servers and service workers, but this is a case that definitely deserves extra niceness. Hosts are usually in charge of making sure that every server gets an equal chance to make tips. This means they also have to deal with people who aren't happy with their assigned table (another horror story).

But could you imagine ruining a pair of shoes and going through this amount of pain for your job? Judging from the story, it seems like no blood spattered on the floor. That'd be a scary thing to see as a customer. We hope this person eventually got a better wage and a job where they could wear some comfortable shoes!

3 The manicurist that has to provide this special

Nail artists (and those who do pedicures) are often paid the minimum wage or may earn between $8-9 per hour depending on where they live. This is still quite low considering the tests they need to take, the cost of a cosmetology license, and other practical tests they may need to pass in order to keep working. that's a lot to go through for a pay that's less than the minimum! We've seen some crazy nail trends in the past, but this is even more extra than others.

There's a chance that the manicurists in charge are getting paid slightly more than the minimum wage.

We certainly hope so because no one attends cosmetology school in the hopes of someday having to sanitize a customer's former pet. Considering how wonderful manicurists and pedicurists make us feel, it's a surprise that they usually get paid so little. We do know that many customers end up being very happy with their nails that they end up tipping. Social media can also help outstanding nail artists obtain a following which leads to more clientele. It seems like this nail artist figured out a very specific niche. We just hope that their assistants also get to reap the benefits of having to assist with this particular trend.

2 This poor security guard

Via Buzzfeed

Security guards are often the unsung heroes of malls, museums, and schools. Even though some of us hated them all as teenagers. They help shoppers feel safer and often end up doing tasks outside of their job description.

Many parents have relied on security guards to help them find their child that went missing after a game of hide-and-seek, for example. We've often asked them where we can find something at a store, and they're usually nice about helping us with these extra tasks.

Let's remember that they have to stand during most of their shift. Although there are probably many circumstances that security guards don't expect, this guy has to deal with a sudden downpour and has nowhere to go! Judging by the tropical foliage we hope he was able to leave the area safely.

Perhaps we should also learn to tell certain people to stay at home or have a good backup plan for when the weather becomes this dangerous. We can't imagine being caught in this torrential downpour while still having to look presentable. But hey, this is why we believe that this security guard deserves a raise. He'll probably need it to buy a few new pairs of shoes.

1 The Water Goofy

via Dorkly

Working on a cruise ship sounds like great fun, right? It seems like the Water Goofy had to make a major sacrifice for their safety when considering this job offer. Disney characters are known to make $13-$16 per hour, but their work hours aren't exactly 9-5. This means that they earn around $27,000 per year—still pretty low considering the sacrifices that must be made.

So what is a Water Goofy? It's a person who dresses up as Disney's beloved Goofy and works in a Disney cruise ship. $13-$16 is more than the minimum wage, but it doesn't warrant having to wait for CPR in the event of an emergency.

It seems that the cruise line is trying to make sure that they don't traumatize children who may see this. But hey, this is one of those jobs you have to think twice about before accepting. Unless it turns out that you're an incredible swimmer who can save themselves at a moment's notice.

Before hoping this person got a raise, we hope that this Water Goofy didn't drown. Prevention is key here because there's no way you'd enjoy a raise if something happens to you. That, or hopefully this Goofy was able to work on dry land.

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