We're Glad These 20 People Snapped Photos In A Movie Theatre

It's summertime which means that the movie theater is going to be the hot spot to hang out. This is the time of year where all the good movies come out, and sometimes the theater is the only place that is remotely cold when my mom refuses to turn the air conditioning on. I have a student ID that doesn't have an expiration date, so while I'm no longer a student, I'm still benefiting from that sweet student discount because there's no way I'm going to pay full price for a movie when popcorn costs that much.

While the movie theater is a great place to enjoy new films, it's also a great place to try and see how much you can get away with.

They have all of these rules about not using phones in the theater and that outside food and drinks are not allowed, but those rules are meant to be broken. Even though I'm pretty lame and a rule-follower, I've even broken the movie theater rules. I remember a specific time when my friend and I got Popeyes right before the movie and stuffed the boxes in our bags. There was only, like, one other person in the theater we were in, and they were probably very confused on why it smelled like fried chicken in there. It's too bad I wasn't smart enough to document my shenanigans like these people did.

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20 All My Friends Are Here

Via: Twitter

It's becoming cooler to do things on your own but there are some things that still feel a little sad when doing them solo, like going to the movie theater. There's something about going to sit in silence in a dark room for two hours that just feels like a companion is needed. I feel like out of all the activities out there that people do in groups, going to the movies would be something that feels okay to do alone. There's no talking going on and everyone in the theater is focused on nothing but the screen (at least ideally). Yet, there's a deep feeling of emptiness when going to the movies alone and I personally hate that feeling.

Going to the movies by yourself isn't the worst solo activity, though. I would still say that eating at an even slightly-decent restaurant alone is still the most uncomfortable thing to have to endure. The more upscale, the worse it is. There are no problems, except for a big feeling of regret, to eat alone at a place like McDonald's but there's something about having to look a waiter straight in their eyes while ordering for only one person that just sucks.

19 Follow Your Dreams

Via: Twitter

There's no denying it: spending time with a furry friend instantly makes any movie watching experience that much better. It's too bad for every pet owner out there, most movie theaters have a strict no pet policy, but like their no outside food policy, those rules can easily be broken. The way that movie theaters talk about their guidelines makes it seem as though there's airport-like security in front of the theater doors to make sure that no candy from the store across the street can ever get in.

In reality, there's nobody checking because movie theater employees are mostly 16-year-olds who do not care about anything, let alone if someone's brought a bag of homemade popcorn.

It's a bit trickier to smuggle in a live animal, but it can be done. I think the only way that this can happen is if the animal in question is very well-behaved and doesn't make a lot of noise. The owners are definitely way more excited about bringing their pet to the theater than the pet is about being in a theater. Mister Lewis probably did not care too much about this heist, but his owner considered this one of the best things he's ever done in his life.

18 Icing On The Cupcakes

Via: Twitter

Movie theater food looks and smells tempting, but the prices are usually enough for me to lose my appetite. Who thought that $10 for a thing of popcorn was something that sounded rational? But just because I'm not willing to pay for theater food doesn't mean that I'm going to go hungry during the movie.

Bringing your own food has so many perks, but mostly that it doesn't cost half a paycheck to get a snack and a beverage, and that there are many other possibilities of food that can be eaten.

Movie theater snacks are fine for the most part. I would never be caught dead eating a hot dog from there, but popcorn and candy are fine. I also love those blue Icees with all my heart. You aren't able to get things like cupcakes from the movie theater, though, and sometimes a movie just calls for cupcakes, like in this situation.

What I love about this is how much thought this person's mom went through in sneaking in these baked goods. It looks silly to put the buttercream on at the theater, but if she had put it on before the cupcakes would have ended up being a frosty, smashed mess and that's no good.

17 Multi-Purpose Undergarments

Via: Twitter

There are some perks to being a lady, and one of those perks is that it's easier to stuff things under your shirt to sneak food into the movie theater. Some theaters may have implemented a rule that prevents large bags from coming in, but there's no way that they can implement a rule banning larger chests.

Even if it looks boxy and unnatural up there, there's no way that a movie theater employee can try to question the way this person's body looks. It's pretty much the perfect crime.

Sneaking fast food into a movie theater isn't new news, but I do have to commend these girls on their bravery. I know what the deal is with Panda Express takeout bowls and I have to say that the lids are not that great. Chinese food also consists of a lot of sauces so I can only imagine that having saucy meats in a bowl that's turned upside down with only a flimsy cover to protect it is a bit of a bad idea. Luckily for these girls, science did not betray them this time and they were able to enjoy all of their delicious meat and noodles completely unscathed.

16 Still Time To Run Away

Via: Twitter

People love to dress up to the movie theater for whatever reason. I don't really get it considering that everyone's sitting in a dark room all facing one way to watch a movie, but you should do whatever makes you happy... if dressing up is your thing.

Donning a Harry Potter or Spider-Man costume is one thing, and is actually kind of adorable, but there are some movie characters that shouldn't be done, especially a character like IT.

That clown was scary back in the '90s where things retroactively don't look that scary anymore. IT's reboot look takes everything that everyone despises about clowns and horror movie makeup and put it all into one character.

Even though we all know that this is a costume, seeing a deranged clown hanging out at the movie theater while watching a movie about a deranged clown hurting children is just a bit unsettling. I bet that the person wearing the costume is a fine person, maybe with some questionable humor, but harmless all the same. Even so, their costume choice is really adding another sense of scariness in this already scary environment. More than that, that red balloon floating in the air is going to be really annoying to whoever is stuck sitting behind this clown.

15 A Wild Live-Tweeting Of Greta Gerwig

It's not every day that you see Academy Award nominated director, Greta Gerwig, out at the movies for a screening of Amy Schumer's new movie, I Feel Pretty, but Jaye Hunt did.

As seen on Vulture, this woman was going to see this chick comedy by herself but was surprised when Greta Gerwig and her friends showed up to the theater. Of course someone who is a film director is probably a little eccentric, but nobody really knows what someone is like until they see them in person. Luckily, the theater was almost empty and there was nobody sitting behind Jaye, so she decided to keep her phone out through the whole movie to document what Greta was up to.

The first thing that Jaye noticed is that Greta had the biggest soda possible as her movie snack. It's not just the large soda, but that extra-large bucket of soda that nobody ever buys. Then, while the movie is playing, Gerwig apparently couldn't help but give her audible commentary to the rest of the audience. I can imagine that I Feel Pretty is not a cinematic masterpiece, but even if you're a renowned director you should probably keep your mouth shut until the end of the movie.

Someone apparently left halfway through because they couldn't take how loud Greta Gerwig was being. I'm surprised that she never had to get up to go to the bathroom herself after drinking an unreasonably large soda.

14 Spaghetti-no's

Via: Twitter

Growing up, I was in one of those weird American families that was only half American, so I never ate canned stuff like Spaghettios or Chef Boyardee because my mom thought that was blasphemous, and cooked real food for us to eat. Because that was my life and I never had the experience of eating Spaghettios myself, I had to actually look up if you're supposed to heat them up or just eat it straight out of the can.

The consensus was that you can technically eat Spaghettios cold out of the can and you wouldn't die, but it will be a bad culinary experience. I can't imagine that hot Spaghettios are all that great, either.

Whatever the case, this girl likes cold Spaghettios enough to bring them to a movie theater with her. She either loves the cold taste of this spaghetti product or she was very hungry and this was the only food that was available for her to sneak from home. If she likes this stuff, then she's definitely going to be ready for when the apocalypse arises. Other people may have a hard time adapting to cold canned food, but she's been eating that stuff willingly even when there are hot food alternatives.

13 Bad Movie Theater Choices

Via: Twitter

I don't know when movie theaters started serving alcohol, and I can't tell if that's a good or a bad idea. Considering that a regular soft drink at a theater ends up costing an entire paycheck, I can't imagine how much a cup of movie theater wine is going to cost. It's probably disappointing on more than one front. If there was anything that I would sneak into a movie theater even though it was available for purchase, it would be alcohol. At least whatever I bring will be both disappointing and inexpensive.

Now that movie theaters are inevitably dying—thanks to Netflix and the rising cost of movie tickets—theaters around the country are desperate to try and find something that will entice people to come to the movies again.

I don't think that serving wine is really going to be the thing that brings people back, especially since you can get a glass of wine like that literally anywhere else. I personally love going to the movies still, but I know that a lot of people are kind of over it by now. I think the only thing movie theaters can really do is just stay true to themselves and maybe stop selling overpriced food.

12 Not Too Aware Of His Surroundings

Via: Twitter

I don't know what this guy is doing trying to watch Netflix while at the movie theater, but here he is, doing just that. To give him the benefit of the doubt, it doesn't look like the feature has started in the theater quite yet, so there isn't anything to be catching his attention at the moment. Maybe he's just trying to get in a few minutes of a show or something before the movie he paid to see starts playing. Maybe he has no intention of actually watching the movie, having been dragged to it by someone else.

Whatever the case, it's kind of wild that someone would need to be entertained so frequently that they have to pull out Netflix while waiting for the movie to start playing.

I don't like being one of those people that's all like, "Wah, technology is ruining society!" but at the same time, I feel like we're becoming too dependent on being entertained all the time.

Sure, watching Netflix is a great way to pass the time any time but sometimes we just need to unplug a little bit. That's kind of the whole point of a movie theater, after all. I can't judge him too hard though because that waiting period for a movie to start is kind of unbearable, especially when you're on your own.

11 The Teens Are At It Again

Via: Twitter

If there's an opportunity for an impromptu photoshoot, any teen will gladly take it. When I was a teen nobody did things like this because our phone cameras were awful and nobody bothered to take their parent's digital camera to the movie theater, but times have changed and cameras are good and easy to use. I mean, if you're able to jump on some seats without anyone being there to judge you about it, why not do it? You never know when the next time you'll be in a movie theater all by yourself will be. Just remember that there's usually someone up in the projection room looking down at all your shenanigans.

Honestly, these kids are so lucky that they got an empty theater. I don't think I have ever experienced that in my life, and I should have probably by now. The theater I go to is super old and kind of creepy but the tickets are $4.50. Even when I go to a bad movie at 9pm there's almost always just one or two other people in the theater. I just want to be alone, so I can eat as obnoxiously as I want to, but there's always someone getting in the way of that. Even as an adult, if I ever get an empty theater I will also probably take a few pictures just to relish that moment.

10 Chipotle Baby

Via: Twitter

Another perk of being a lady is that nobody can question you when you've got a huge tummy in the shape of a small ball. Normally I don't think it'd be all that fun to walk around looking like you're expecting a baby soon, but when it comes to the movie theater, it comes in handy.

Usually after eating Chipotle I feel like I'm going to have a baby, a food baby that is, so this disguise seems fitting in a sense.

I don't understand why they went to such lengths to hide this food. If it was a burrito bowl I would understand a little bit more because it's hard to stuff that container anywhere, but a regular burrito is pretty easy to hide. Like, they could have just put the burritos in a purse and put a wallet or a scarf over it and they would instantly be able to hide it. With that simple, cylindrical shape they could have just gotten a hoodie and stuffed the burritos into the pocket part. Out of all the things that people are trying to sneak into theaters, Chipotle burritos are probably one of the easiest to bring, but these kids still needed to be extra.

9 Not The Blue Screen!

Via: Twitter

The old way of having the movies at the theater on a roll of film are gone and for the most part, everything is now digital. A good thing about this change is that now you don't have to see that weird black spot on the corner of the screen anymore and movie theaters are now a lot less flammable without all that film lying around. Digital film is not a perfect medium, though, and if you've ever tried to get a projector to work for a PowerPoint presentation, you know that there are always going to be problems with technology.

For the most part, movie theaters know what they're doing but sometimes even the best of them end up getting the forsaken blue screen of death. It's been around for decades now and there's no way to get around it except to take a deep breath and just hope the computer will reboot soon. I just hope that this projector malfunction happened before the movie at least so that it didn't interrupt the movie-watching experience. I guess even if it was in the middle of a movie it was enough of a surprise to make it a memorable viewing experience.

8 Go Big Or Go Home

Via: Twitter

Before looking up people who are being way too extra with their movie snacks, I wouldn't have thought that someone would be able to bring in a whole five course meal of Chinese food into the movie theater, but alas it has been done.

This kid is legendary, not really in the fact that he brought in outside food to the movie theater, but by the fact that he was determined to have a very filling dinner while watching a movie in a dark, public space.

I understand why he would want to get Chinese food to enjoy the movie with — everyone likes Chinese food after all, but I don't think I would be so brave to do this.

The blanket trick is classic but also genius. Nobody is going to really think that there's something hiding inside of the blanket. It's cold in those theaters sometimes and it's normal to not want to feel like you're in a freezer box while watching the Avengers or whatever.

I'm still surprised how he got away with it just by the smell of the food alone. It's not like other foods that don't smell too strong until you get clos... -you can smell Chinese food a mile away. He managed to make it through and will now enjoy his five course meal while everyone around him is jealous that they didn't think of that.

7 Get Off 'Ya Phone

Via: Twitter

Nothing is more annoying than being in a movie theater and seeing a glowing rectangle in front of you that is not the movie screen. Some people may call it rude, but I just think it's distracting. If movie theaters were a bit better lit, I would say that it would be A-okay to take your phone out every once in a while, especially when the movie sucks. For the most part, though, when there are people behind you and it's pitch black, you either have to leave or keep your phone in your pocket for the rest of the movie. If it's a good movie, why would you even want to take your phone out in the first place?

This situation is pretty hilarious and it's good that this person got called out for being a distraction but at the same time, the person sending this message is also becoming a villain of the theater. They had to turn their phone on as well, search for an appropriate reaction image, and then send this message to the other person in the theater. That means that there are now two people in the theater creating another unnecessary glow with their phones instead of just the one before.

6 Just Dudes Being Bros

Via: Twitter

This is one of my favorite movie theater phenomena: two guy friends who go to see a movie together but they have to sit with one seat in between them. This is a truly male phenomena because I have gone out to the movies with just one friend before, and we sit right next to each other and it's never weird.

It's honestly better to sit close to your friends at the movies so you can steal their popcorn whenever you want.

I have seen this with my own two eyes many times and every time I can't help but laugh. This seems to happen mostly when the theater is relatively empty, and it kind of makes sense that they would want to maximize their leg space but at the same time, it just looks so silly. Maybe it's because they know that as dudes they're going to try and manspread as wide as they can, so they're going to need that extra seat as a buffer. If that's the case then maybe more guys should do that in their daily lives. I once sat on a four-hour bus ride next to a manspreading guy, and man, it was awful.

5 A Whole Pizza

Via: Twitter

As I've learned from watching these movie theater pros, there's no such thing as an impossible task when it comes to bringing fine foods into the theater. Some people just bring a blanket or a larger purse, but others go all the way and start Duct taping bottles of Mountain Dew and bags of pizza onto their bare stomachs.

When looking at the first picture, I thought to myself, "How are they going to get an entire box of pizza in there?" but then I saw that they were one step ahead and went outside of the box. It takes a lot less room when the whole pizza is in bags after all.

Even though I commend this guy for partaking in this brave feat, I don't know if I would actually take part in the spoils of this endeavor. Even though the pizza was safely contained in a plastic bag, it still was taped very tightly to someone's sweaty body. That shouldn't have any effect on the pizza itself but I would still feel wary of eating something worn by another human being. Looking at the pictures, this guy doesn't look all that excited to be eating his body pizza either.

4 Fresh Looks For The Movies

Via: Twitter

Here is another case of some movie fans taking their enthusiasm a bit further by wearing costumes to the movies. Unlike that person who dressed up as Pennywise, though, these kids went the cute and comfy route by donning some Chewbacca onesies. They seemed so excited that they were wearing these matching outfits that they had to take a picture of themselves in the movie theater bathroom and the dark theater. Let's just hope that they were setting the flash off during the previews and not during the actual movie or people sitting by them are really going to hate them.

I also remember a time when onesies such as this one were not mainstream, back when I got my first one. I bought a frog onesie with hood and attached hand pockets and it was the most comfortable thing ever.

My dorm floormates, though, probably thought I was a freak because I'd walk around in it when I was cold; it was the only thing that could really properly warm me. Now everyone's walking around with cool looking onesies thinking that they set the trend but no, it was me. It's a good thing they became so popular since everyone should know what wearing pure bliss feels like.

3 Busted

Via: Twitter

Let's all be honest here, that one person using their phone in a movie is probably a brutal person. Like, if they aren't able to disconnect for two hours and enjoy some fine cinema, then there is something wrong with them. There are so many things that would go wrong with this idea, but someone should come around with a basket so that movie theater patrons have to put their phone in it just to prevent screens lighting up in the darkness. It's somehow kind of worse when the person doing that is Steve Wozniak, of all people using an iPhone.

For those of you who don't know, Steve Wozniak is the other Steve who was responsible for starting a small company called Apple. Unlike the Jobs version of Steve, Wozniak left the company pretty early in the game because he disiked working there after a while. I'm not super versed on Silicon Valley tech bro drama, but I guess that this Steve didn't hold that much of a grudge since he's now using his old business partner's phone that he created. That being said, I feel like even if I disliked the person who made the iPhone, I would still get one because there's no way that I will ever be caught dead using an Android. I'm not petty enough to resort to using a trash phone.

2 Potassium Always At The Ready

Via: Twitter

This grandma honestly knows what's up when it comes to bringing unauthorized food into the movie theater. Everyone out here is trying to bring in some pizza or burritos, but this woman knows that health is the most important thing out there. Instead of trifling with unhealthy snacks, this grandma is unrelenting in hiding fresh produce in her bag, ready to be eaten at any time — especially halfway during a movie at the movie theater.

I personally don't enjoy eating bananas but they really are the best way of getting potassium, which is very important for your body to feel good. It's also a great way to get full without munching on a bunch of unnecessary carbs. I have way too many Charlie horses in my legs and my Polish grandmother kept yelling at me about it because I drink too much pop and I don't eat enough bananas.

There's something about grandmas and bananas and while we young people think it's silly to carry bananas around, it's the grandmas that are the ones living long.

I should eat more bananas but I honestly can't stand them unless they're out of sight, like baked in a bread, but that defeats the whole healthy purpose.

1 It's Pickle Rick

Via: Twitter

I have to admit I'm not the biggest watcher of Rick and Morty, but I have been on the Internet enough to figure out that it is a big deal and a lot of people like it. It's so popular that when someone mentions "Pickle Rick," I know exactly what they're talking about even though I've never actually seen that episode.

This guy seems excited to have his own Pickle Rick companion at the movies but from what I've gathered from the few episodes I've seen, Rick is a really bad person. Everyone likes him on the screen, but if there's someone like Rick in your life then there is a 101% that you would despise them.

Memes aside, can I just talk about people eating pickles for a second?

Don't get me wrong, I love a decent pickle on the side of a sandwich, or on a Chicago-style hot dog but I do not understand people's obsession with pickles. There seems nothing appetizing to me to eat a giant pickle like this. Just a little bit of one is a great little snack but that is so much pickle to handle. I would just get sick of eating it after two bites. I also definitely wouldn't trust getting a pickle from a movie theater. There isn't a specific reason why but I would be wary of it. The giant pickle is only the beginning of the wild world of pickles out there. Some people think dipping them in chocolate is an okay thing to do and I would like to personally shut that idea down.

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