18 Glaring Issues Destiny 2 Is Slowly Fixing

There was a huge amount of anticipation when Bungie split with Microsoft in 2007. They had become one of the most trusted developers thanks to their work on the Halo franchise and so when it was revealed they were working on a new sci-fi shooter, players were understandably excited. Yet, their new game Destiny failed to live up to lofty expectations. Despite a solid foundation, most of the game left plenty to be desired.

Destiny 2 was an opportunity to fix the problems from the first title and establish the franchise as a dominant force in gaming. That didn’t happen either unfortunately. Bungie has spent much of the last few years trying to solve all of the issues with Destiny 2 and address player complaints. These are all the problems that the studio is slowly improving.

18 Picking Up The Pace

Getting Player Movement Right
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One of the first problems cited by players was that the characters in Destiny 2 just felt too slow. They were not as nimble or agile as their counterparts in the previous game and this led to gameplay feeling to heavy. Since then, the developer has been working on this issue, re-balancing player movement and speed with each subsequent update.

17 Balancing Weapons

Balancing Weapons
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Ever since Destiny 2 first launched, players have complained about the balancing of the weapons. Some felt too powerful while others were so weak that no one would ever use them. The problem has persisted with weapons such as Lord of Wolves still posing issues in 2019. Bungie's consistently tried to alter the various guns so that they are more balanced.

16 Making The Gameplay Rewarding

Making The Gameplay Rewarding
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A major issue with Destiny 2 was that the gameplay never felt truly rewarding. Completing Strikes or Raids rarely resulted in players getting good loot or items. This would obviously stop users from coming back and playing the game if they were not getting anything from doing so. The studio has introduced a number of new loot features to give players more ways to get rewards, and they are continually adding new ways of redeeming currency.

15 Making PvP Fun

Making PvP Fun
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Although PvP is not as important in Destiny with its numerous PvE modes, it still provides a major component to the overall experience. However, playing against other users has never exactly been fun in Destiny 2. Bungie has experimented to try and create better game modes and playlists with each update as they try and entice players back into PvP.

14 Ensuring There’s Enough Variety In Competitive Multiplayer

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Another issue with Destiny 2 is that there is a severe lack of diversity when it comes to competitive multiplayer. There were only a few game modes and maps for players to use when in PvP modes. Bungie have recently tried to address this by adding more variety by creating new playlists and testing new 3v3 matches.

13 Giving Everyone Access To Multiplayer Modes

Giving Everyone Access To Multiplayer Modes
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The release of new DLC has often meant that players who didn’t purchase it were also excluded from older content. This is because the new missions would have higher minimum level requirements and, if they were in rotations, would prevent a user from joining it. Bungie's acknowledged this as an issue and have gone about trying to fix the issue in the future while also trying to provide incentives for players to buy new content.

12 Reducing The Time It Takes To Defeat Other Players

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An issue that drew lots of complaints as soon as Destiny 2 was released was that it took a long time to defeat other human players. This is because the health of user’s characters had been increased. The result of this was that you had to cause much more damage with your weapons to defeat them, something that Bungie has tried to resolve several times so that the “time to kill” is set at an appropriate level.

11 Getting Rid Of Annoying Bugs

Destiny 2 Glitch
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Although all games have bugs and glitches, Destiny 2 seems to suffer from a more than is usual for a game of this budget. Many of them are big issues as well. Some DLC releases have stopped players from getting achievements or trophies on their consoles, causing Bungie to have to constantly work to get rid of any annoying bugs.

10 No Longer Having Content Droughts

No Longer Having Content Droughts
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Unlike many other games that feature live events and shared worlds, Destiny 2 goes through long periods of content drought. This leaves players having to run through the same missions and events over and over again. Most similar titles have more frequent additions, something Bungie is beginning to emulate to keep their users interested.

9 Bringing Back Older Content

Bringing Back Older Content
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While Destiny had many problems, some of its content and features were well received by fans. The raids are a good example of this and players have suggested that bringing back older content from the previous title could help with the lack of content. Since announcing their split with Activision, Bungie have stated this is an option they could look to in the future.

8 Changing Mission Objectives So They Are Better To Play

Changing Mission Objectives So They Are Better To Play
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Several of the quests in Destiny 2 are disliked by the community. The main issue with them is they have annoying or tedious objectives. These can either be too difficult or just flat out boring to do, such as killing clusters of enemies at once, while taking too long to complete. Acknowledging that many of these objectives are too much of a grind, Bungie has begun to tweak exactly what players have to do to complete quests.

7 Adjusting The Difficulty To Get It Just Right

Adjusting The Difficulty To Get It Just Right
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One glaring issue with Destiny 2 is that the difficultly is not well balanced. Some quests are too hard to complete, making rewards almost impossible to get for most players. There’s also an issue with there not being more challenging settings for skillful players who want to be able to test themselves and get better loot. The developers are slowly working to fix this by adding new difficulty levels and re-balancing previous quests.

6 Sorting Out Menagerie Chests

Sorting Out Menagerie Chests
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A long running problem in Destiny 2 was that there was an exploit with the Menagerie chests. This glitch would allow users to open it multiple times to get access to powerful items at a rate that should have been impossible. Bungie fixed this bug but are now considering upping the rate so that players can open Menagerie chests more often than they currently can, to give players more opportunity to get high level gear.

5 Fixing Cross Save Issues

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Destiny 2 is a cross platform title, meaning that players can play it on multiple platforms and transfer their progress. Unfortunately, this relatively new feature has had a number of issues. Many players are unable to transfer their saves across to other platforms, something Bungie is attempting to fix. There’s also an issue with licenses for DLC transferring so that users cannot access all their content.

4 Ensuring The Game Can Run Properly On PC

Ensuring The Game Can Run Properly On PC
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Some players have reported issues with playing Destiny 2 on new hardware. For instance, the Ryzen 3000 CPU led to some users not being able to launch the title. Bungie have stated they will work with the likes of AMD to sort out any potential issues so that the PC community will not encounter any such problems in the future.

3 Changing The Way Ammo Works

Destiny 2 ammo
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The way that ammo works in Destiny 2 has caused problems for players, especially during raids when they can no longer use the powerful weapons necessary to take out bosses. While Bungie have stated they are aware of the issue, they have yet to fix it fully. This has left users with weapons that they cannot use most of the time due to lack of ammo.

2 Introducing Fan Requested Features

Introducing Fan Requested Features
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Since announcing their split from Activision and revealing they are not in sole control of the development of Destiny 2, Bungie have spoke about the improvements they are hoping to make. An area they are looking at approaching is implementing features that fans have long requested. This should hopefully improve the overall experience and fix some gameplay issues.

1 Letting Players Access Weapons More Easily

Letting Players Access Weapons More Easily
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One of the biggest issues that many players have with Destiny 2 is that the drop rate for rewards is very low. This stops users from being able to get access to some weapons without grinding a huge amount. One way Bungie is fixing this is by increasing drop rates but also introducing bad-luck protection, so that a rare drop is guaranteed after a set amount of time.

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