25 Glaring Problems With The Sims 4 That Fans Choose To Ignore

The Sims 4 is a game that's worthy of being called a sequel due to its vast graphical improvement and polished mechanics. The latest entry in the popular franchise boasts a significant upgrade to its Sims creation tool. Players can now easily shape most of a sim's body parts simply by clicking and dragging! The game also benefited from a multitude of gameplay improvements as well.

Its simplistic approach to Sims creation was even translated onto its easily manageable building tool. Building is no longer as complicated in the past and it's now so easy, everyone can pick it up and become master builders themselves! However, this doesn't mean that all of the game's improvements pleased most of the fans. Longtime fans feel that making the game easier for everyone else to pick up and play with is also like taking two steps back. The game might feel more fluid and accessible now but it many ways, it also feels way more restrictive than ever.

Some fans might have forgotten that the series used to have no borders in their game world, yes? How about how the game takes away player's freedom of shaping their own worlds? What about how some game mechanics are still broken even after countless of new games and spin-offs were released? While there are things in the game that can easily be overlooked by fans, there are still some jarring ones that are quite difficult to ignore. Here are some of the most glaring problems in The Sims 4 that some fans might have not noticed.

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25 No Time For Crime

via sims.fandom.com

New fans might not notice that the game lacks burglars of any sort. That might be an odd thing to complain about but burglars actually made previous games more entertaining. The series' infamous burglars were clumsy, silly and most of all, they're hilarious to watch as they attempt to break inside a house.

Sorry aspiring criminals, there's no future for you here.

Of course, these burglars often fail, triggering a home's security measures which makes up for some comical scenarios. Vampires already invade homes in the game, so why not burglars? Ironically, the criminal career still exists even when burglars don't.

24 Colors Are Limited

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The latest iteration made some major improvements on the series' Create-A-Sim mode but it's missing a minor yet vital feature. There's no color wheel palette option! While players can still pick from various colors, the choices are limited.

The game's simplistic color schemes might appeal to casual fans but the more artistic types would prefer a specific color shade instead of pre-set ones. Ironically, the feature was later released but was only limited to pets, which is weird. What made the developers think that having cotton-candy colored pets was more ideal than having uniquely colored buildings, sim hair, and clothing?

23 Nobody Is Vertically Challenged

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In real life, some people are taller than average while others are smaller than most. Not in The Sims 4 though. In this game, nobody is significantly taller than anyone, period. But where's the fun in that?

Every sim shares the same height as their peers within their age group. It's quite strange how players can alter the shape, size, and length of almost every body part of their sims, but not their height. How can players re-create their very own Addam's Family in the game without being able to create someone as short as Cousin It or as tall as Lurch?

22 Terraforming Is Gone

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Another thing that makes the game's building mode inferior compared to its predecessor is its lack of terraforming tools. Previous titles allowed players to not just shape their house but the land surrounding it as well. Removing that feature is like taking a backward leap as far as lot customization is concerned.

Players now only have a flat and boring plot of land to work with. Those hoping to create mansions on top of unique landscapes won't have much luck doing so here. Terrain manipulation could still make a return via updates but they should've been there in the first place.

21 Multi-Tasking Is A Mess

via sims.fandom.com

One of the major improvements in the game is its multitasking feature. Sims can now do two or more things at once! It would've been a welcome addition to the game, if it only worked properly, that is.

The whole feature is so inconsistent that it feels messy and almost useless.

Sims often stop whatever they're currently doing when multi-tasking certain things which beats the whole point of it. Maybe sims have a hard time concentrating and can't efficiently do two things at once? Wow, just like in real life! Perhaps it's best if they didn't inherit mankind's limitations as well.

20 Sim Feelings Are Too Erratic

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Humans might be moody creatures but sims? Well, they're basically an emotional wreck 24/7! Sims can go from extremely depressed to ecstatic in no time making scenarios seem quite confusing for the players. The game implements a buff system which overrides a sim's needs giving them either a temper tantrum or a temporary energy boost.

However, their feelings are so temporary that this mechanic barely matters. Sims eventually become too happy anyway since these “moodlets” don't last long. It's as if life's ups and downs don't matter, which is kind of creepy, in a strange dystopian universe kind of way.

19 Game Worlds Are Pre-Determined

via simcitizens.com

The game's multiple worlds feature varying themes but most of them somehow feel similar. It would've been great to have an option to create a completely unique game world from scratch just like in the previous games. Unfortunately, players cannot create their personal sims utopia.

Building worlds is more like an exercise in futility than creativity.

Don't like your neighbors? You'll have to bear with them. Not digging the bartender's name? Sorry, there's not much you could do about it but move to another bar. It would've been easier if players could just shape the world to their liking.

18 Sims Become Like Everyone Else

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Sims are quite malleable creatures given how most of them can easily be forced to do the same things as everyone else. They're still capable of doing things everyone else does regardless of their chosen traits. A non-flirtatious sim can instantly be turned into a romantic without much resistance.

Sure, people get influenced a lot too but not on the same level as these sims. Sims almost forget the personalities that the players gave them. This beats the purpose of setting up their traits in the first place since they can be whoever they want anyway.

17 Back-To-Basics Building Mode

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It's great that the new building mode's simplistic design makes it more accessible to casual players. However, it's so basic that creative players won't be able to build any complex structures any time soon. Sure, it's cool to conveniently merge walls and shape roofs but overall, it's still restrictive.

There will always be players who want to create so much more than what the game allows them to. It's a shame since players were able to create some jaw-dropping architectural marvels in previous games. In this case, there's not much they could do given the limitations and simplicity of this mode.

16 Sim Progression Is Linear

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No matter how much the players try and play the game differently, the results will always be quite similar to their last play through. Sims approach events in mostly the same manner making their progress quite linear and predictable. Even a grumpy and erratic sim somehow finds a way to be in a festive mood during special events.

Conformity is certainly in a sim's vocabulary.

This makes personal touches to a sim's personality feel like an illusion since the results are barely noticeable. A way to make sims consistently different would've been nice. Well, So much for individuality.

15 Sims Have Short-Term Memory

via sims.fandom.com

For folks who constantly go through an emotional roller-coaster on a daily basis, Sims sure get over their feelings a lot. Sims experience traumatic events only to forget about them shortly after. People get scarred for life after experiencing something traumatic.

But as for sims? Nope, they get over it faster than changing their clothes. Even life-threatening situations like being trapped in a burning house don't bother them much. Just give them a few minutes then they'll be back to smiling while still having ash all over their faces and all. Weird!

14 Public Spaces Are Untouchable

via simscommunity.info

It's a bummer how fans can't touch any of the game's pre-made public spaces. This hinders players from creating their perfect cozy little district. This limitation is frustrating since previous iterations already allowed players to customize existing establishments.

Instead, the game forces players to simply participate in a world that they cannot alter. Not all fans enjoy fixed structures. These spaces are permanent too which means they eventually get boring over time. Having an option to at least change the aesthetics of certain areas would've made a huge difference.

13 Sims Work Secretly

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Previous games actually highlighted a sim's working life but not in this game. Working sims simply disappear into an unseen world and players are only given a heads-up on how they're doing. This makes players assume that their sims are actually working. But, are they even at work?

They might be karaoke singing instead of working for all we know.

The game's DLC helped alleviate this dilemma but it only featured certain jobs. Aside from that, players are still left guessing what happens when their sim take on jobs offered in the base game.

12 Monkey Sim, Monkey Do

via wassonlegacy.blogspot.com

Is anyone wondering why every sim acts like just about every other sim? The game tirelessly recycles every animation making individual sims feel like a clone of everyone else. Sims react the same way to almost every situation most often than not!

They even reuse the same gestures when they're supposedly doing two completely different things, such as appearing like they're teasing others when they're actually just telling a joke. Don't sims feel some sort of deja vu whenever another sim taunts them in exactly the same way? Well, the players certainly do.

11 No School Life

via carls-sims-4-guide.com

Every young sim goes to school automatically which makes players wonder, are they really going to school? Previous DLCs highlighted a teen's school life but in this game, it's just left to our imagination. What's even more disturbing is that there's almost no distinction between work life and school life.

Teen sims come home looking just as exhausted as working adults. It doesn't help that school almost lasts as long as work. There are even times when a teen sim comes home from school late at night! What kind of school are they enrolled in, anyway?

10 Teens Are Adult-Sized

via reddit.com

Ever wondered why teens are as tall as adults? Sure, there might be teens that are as big as their parents but not all of them. In this game, there's barely any physical distinction between teens and working young adults.

Perhaps they grow up too fast.

It's unusual to see a teen sim seek their parent's advice when they look big enough to move out of the house. How can parents scold their teens if they literally can't even look down on them? This would've been avoided if only younger and older teens weren't consolidated.

9 Sims Aren't Fond Of Reminiscing

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One of the biggest omissions in the game is its lack of event timelines for individual sims. Now there's nothing wrong with looking forward to the future, but these sims are forgetting the past in the process. This makes significant events in a sim's life cycle seem non-existent and unimportant.

Remember the first time your sim mastered playing wicked tunes on the guitar? Great, because your sim won't remember a thing about it. A timeline menu for each sim would've helped them recall. Too bad it's nowhere to be found, just like their lost memories.

8 Sims Suffer From Relationship Amnesia

via atashi77.tumblr.com

Socializing is a vital aspect of a sim's everyday life. In fact, they need to keep this meter up just to stay sane. The thing is, they don't often remember who they're talking to at times resulting in some awkward situations for both them and the players themselves.

Bad friendships last only until amnesia starts kicking in.

Sims who despise each other end up becoming like longtime buddies minutes later. Sims who are on a bad date tell their partners to never call them again only to invite that same partner for some karaoke shortly after. It's a confusing virtual world they live in.

7 Absence Of Emergency Services

via gamerevolution.com

One of the cool things in the previous games was the addition of functioning emergency respondents such as police and firefighters. However, Sims can no longer call on them for help in The Sims 4. It's strange given the presence of authorities in the game's DLC.

So basically, players can work as a police detective but aren't allowed to ask the police force for assistance as a civilian? That's weird. Even house fires are extinguished by the residents themselves. Where's the fire department when you need them?

6 Missing Official Modding Tools

Via: Origin

For a game that relies heavily on mods just to feel complete, the game sure is missing a vital component, an official modding tool. Other games made modding easier for creative players by giving them a complete tool that helps them create mods from scratch. This game doesn't have any.

While the game's developers did express their support for the modding community, they still didn't release any tool to make modding any easier. Despite that, modders still found a way to create some astonishing mods. Just imagine what they could've accomplished if they were given a full-blown modding program.

5 Age Doesn't Matter In Interactions

via Youtube.com

Whenever sims interact with each other, it seems like they can't really distinguish the age of the one they're talking to. They treat every sim the same way regardless of how old or young they might be. In fact, young adults can even engage elderly sims in an all-out brawl!

Even teens can get away with being mean to their parents. There aren't many boundaries when it comes to interactions. Whatever happened to respecting your elders? Looks like these virtual citizens never got the memo.

4 Cars Are Useless

via Youtube.com

Remember when cars actually function as cars in the series? Well, that was yesterday's news for this game. Now they're just useless husks of what they used to be. What's the point of cars in the game if they function as nothing more than a static prop?

It's quite a step back since the previous game featured a variety of functioning cars. Now they only serve as decoration, a reminder of how good the last game was. Perhaps its removal had something to do with the game's divided hubs, which brings us to another glaring problem.

3 The World Is Fragmented

via simcitizens.com

The latest game made quite a controversial move when they decided to divide the game world into smaller and lonelier lots. Gone is the seamless open-world of the game's predecessor. Every sim now only cover short distances before transitioning to another level.

It's more like a litter box than a huge open-world sandbox.

These smaller lots make the game feel a lot more restrictive. This fragmented world approach only makes fans appreciate how seamless the last game's large open areas were. The latest game took that massive world and broke it down into pieces, how is that an improvement?

2 Loading Screens Are Everywhere

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Remember when the series had one seamless world without loading screens? Just when fans thought that these have become a thing of the past, this game brings them back, and a lot of them too! The game greets players with one loading screen after another whenever transitioning to a different area.

What's the point of having many places to visit when the dreaded loading screens only force players to stay put? Imagine spending time just staring at a loading screen instead of actually playing the game. That's what the game accomplished by dividing the world into smaller lots.

1 Sims Don't Use Their Heads

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Some might expect individual sims to have grown smarter especially now that we are already in the fourth installment of this popular series. Unfortunately, that's still not the case. Sims still don't use their common sense when dealing with practical situations.

Common sense isn't so common, even for virtual people.

They would rather pass out from exhaustion instead of just hopping over that tiny obstacle blocking their bed. Whenever the kitchen counter is stuffed, they'd starve to their doom before even considering about preparing their food in another table. It seems like some things never change, even when they probably could use some.

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