Which Pair of Glasses Should You Get Based on Your MBTI?

You wander out of your eye exam with a new prescription in hand, staring at the hundreds of glasses lining the walls. A wide spectrum of colors and shapes you don't even have a name for. There are so many to choose from, leaving you with a difficult decision. A decision that could make or break how people perceive you as an individual and possibly ruin your life forever.


Fortunately, we have pinpointed the exact pair of frames you should buy based on your MBTI. Your personality will shine through with the pair specifically tailored to your individual needs, giving you peace of mind as your reputation remains intact. Keep reading to find out which pair of glasses match your MBTI!

10 Aviator Glasses (ESTP)

ESTP'S should go with a pair of aviators because they enjoy living life on the edge. Think of them like Tom Cruise, in the movie Top Gun, playing the role of a fighter pilot who sported these frames as he defied gravity and the laws of life itself.

They will place ESTPs in the spotlight, as they leap into action. They might make mistakes here and there, but it doesn't matter because with a pair of aviators on their personality will shine through as their morality trumps logic.

9 Octagonal Glasses (INTJ)

Octagonal frames are perfect for any INTJ as it showcases their decisive imagination. These frames scream self-confidence, which they have more than enough of, and the exactness of the angles speak of their perfectionist nature. The straight edges showcase an INTJ's belief in rationality above all else, as their intelligent nature bleeds through.

They crave truth and depth within other people and these glasses will assist them in drawing that sort of information out of people. INTJ's feelings are not pronounced, but their plans make up for it, as their innovative ideas help us in ways we could never imagine.

8 Rimless Glasses (ENFP)

Rimless Glasses are perfect for any ENFP because it speaks of their nature to be free from the confines of any box. These frames amplify their ability to read between the lines as a puzzle materializes before them with every new person they meet.

These frames will allow any ENFP to be as observant as necessary, with no rims to block even a segment of their vision. They will aid any ENFP in their quest to be friendly and popular, as the rimless frames put their acquaintances at ease with their unbound nature.

7 Rectangular Glasses (ISTJ)

Rectangular glasses are a perfect match for any ISTJ as they strive to follow in the footsteps of tradition. They are a strong frame, allowing them to take responsibility for their mistakes without fearing the consequences.


They might lose patience from time to time, probably due to someone's inability to make a snappy decision, but these frames will alert anyone who approaches of their strict nature. ISTJs prefer proven facts and honesty, and these rectangular frames will help instill these values in anyone who dares to approach them.

6 Shield Glasses (ESFP)

A pair of shield frames are the best fit for any ESFP as they showcase their spontaneous nature. They are entertainers who love the spotlight, which is exactly where these frames will put them. ESFP's live and breathe fashion, predicting new trends before the rest of the world catches on. They constantly try new outfits and ideas, which include this pair of frames. Most people might see these as a stretch, but when an ESFP puts them on, they start a fashion revolution. These glasses allow them to survey a crowd and understand their audience, as they provide the entertainment for their guests at one of their many popular parties.

5 Circular Glasses (ISTP)

We associate circular frames with Harry Potter, but did you know they are also an indicator of someone who is an ISTP? Harry Potter, like any typical ISTP, was always coming up with plans and ideas in dire situations.

These glasses speak to their creative and hands-on nature, as they symbolize how every problem has a solution to complete a broken circle. They are also symbolic of their relaxed persona, with no hard edges or abrupt curves throwing emotional curveballs in our direction.

4 Oval Glasses (ISFP)

The oval frames are a match for any true artist, like the ISFP. These frames push the framework of traditional customs and acceptable actions as they work towards a complete and total sense of freedom, their independent tendencies pushing them towards this goal.


These frames are warm and charming, just how ISFP's want to be perceived. They also symbolize their passion as the frames focus onlookers in on their eyes, as they exhibit the energy and excitement they have for a project or topic.

3 Browline Glasses (ESTJ)

The browline glasses call to the inner dedication of ESTJs as they work to become the best version of themselves. Their strong will is exemplified by these frames as it strengthens the intensity of their gaze upon lesser mortals as they organize them into a uniform group.

They work to create order and a sense of security, which these glasses proclaim every time an ESTJ puts them on. The frames themselves are a testament to their judgemental tendencies, but their palpable honesty is prominent beneath the browline frames.

2 Heart-Shaped Glasses (ISFJ)

Heart-shaped glasses might not be for everyone, but they were made specifically for ISFJs. ISFJs are good and kind-hearted people which these frames fully express, as they put their emotions to work, fighting for a noble cause tethered to their souls.

ISFJ's hearts guide their actions, so what better way to express this than t0 purchase heart-shaped frames? They find beauty in the smallest of things as long as it works towards the goal of helping their family and friends, wanting the best for them and willing to do whatever it takes.

1 Cat-Eye Glasses (ENFJ)

ENFJs were born to pull off a pair of cat-eye glasses as they inspire others to make positive changes in the world around them. They are reliable and tolerant like the cat these glasses were based on.

ENFJs believe they can unite a group of diverse people to stand against a particular issue, and these glasses will allow people to trust their heart is true. They can be too giving or sensitive at times as these glasses can portray, but their heart is in the right place, wanting only the best for those around them.


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