20 Pokemon Gold & Silver Glitches Everyone Ignores For Some Reason

While Pokémon Red and Blue hold more glitches than actual Pokémon within their data, Gold and Silver didn’t really fare much better. While looked upon fondly by fans, there are actually numerous glitches and exploits throughout the game. These glitches can do everything from crash the game to grant the player the ability to execute code to do just about whatever it is they want. There are also just a few aspects of this game that need to be complained about more, which we’ll be doing in spades when we cover 20 things that are wrong in Gold and Silver that no one really talks about. Make sure to share anything we missed in the comments below, and let’s jump into it.

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20 Cerulean Gym Fishing

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While fixed in Yellow, the Cerulean Gym Fishing glitch was carried on into Generation 2 for no reason at all. This time around, you have the chance to nab the iconic Corsola and a bunch of other Pokémon that don’t matter whatsoever.

19 Time Capsule Glitches

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If the Time Capsule is used to send a Pokémon to Gen 1 that knows a move it shouldn’t, it will become a Glitch Move. This seems like a bit of an oversight on the part of the developers, but that’s basically the story of Pokémon as a whole in the first few generations.

18 Leveling Up Past 100

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You can obtain Pokémon past level 100 in this game, because what are rules? If this is done, you can actually level them up to 255, as long as it is only through Rare Candies. If leveled up past 255, it will reset to 0. To lose everything you’ve ever worked for… to candy. Heartbreaking.

17 Dragon Fang Does Nothing

via: pokemon.fandom.com

Dragon Fang does not increase the power of Dragon moves in Gen 2, its actual effect is: nothing. That’s because the effect was actually given to the Dragon Scale, an evolutionary item. Great. Don’t you just love when your video games feed you lies?

16 Moon Ball Effect

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There are a ton of glitches in Gold and Silver that affect catch rate, especially surrounding custom Pokéballs. The Moon Ball is supposed to increase the catch rate for Pokémon that evolve with a Moon Stone, but it actually only works on those that evolve with a Burn Heal. Ah, my favorite evolutionary item.

15 The Trainer House Glitches

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The Trainer House uses real-life data from opponents battled with the Link Cable to create CPU opponents for the trainer. You can use this feature to abuse RAM manipulation and get glitch opponents and Mystery Gifts, which even includes the fight of your life, a level 0 Mankey. Monster.

14 The Glitch Dimension

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If the Glitch Dimension is triggered in Gold and Silver (through a variety of different methods), the entire game will... well it might freeze, but if it doesn’t, the entire game will change to different colors. This can even be useful, as Flash will no longer be necessary to light up dark areas.

13 Level 1 to 100

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Because I don’t know how to make this any simpler, according to Bulbapedia, “Level 1 Pokémon using the "medium-slow" growth algorithm will jump from level 1 to level 100 after gaining a low amount of experience points (less than 54 if the total experience is 0).” So in conclusion, this Smoochum means business.

12 Exp. Share Glitch

via: exp-all.blogspot.com

Alright, while not game-breaking, this glitch is annoying. If a Pokémon is holding an experience share and sent in twice, they will only win 50% of the experience twice, which doesn’t always equal exactly 100%. Nevermind, I take it back, it’s actually probably the most game-breaking glitch of them all.

11 Pursuit Revival Glitch

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If a Pokémon faints from the move Pursuit, and is then revived, any status condition the Pokémon was afflicted with is retained. Well, that’s pretty annoying. Gosh, even in the Pokémon world the healthcare system is subpar. What a shame.

10 Fast Ball Glitch

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I guess Kurt is just really bad at his one and only job, because the Fast Ball doesn’t work either. The ball, which is supposed to increase the catch rate of Pokémon who flee quickly, actually only works on Magnemite, Grimer and Tangela. Otherwise, the effect is useless.

9 Cloning Pokémon

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There are actually multiple ways to clone Pokémon back in Generation 2. Through trading or the PC, you can clone Pokémon to your heart’s content, which can obviously be very helpful. Having as many Dunsparce as you want on your team is a power level I don’t want to think of.

8 Present's Damage

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For some reason, in Generation 2 the move Present has its own damage calculation formula, which makes the underwhelming move slightly more underwhelming, or shockingly powerful due to some weird code. I mean, it’s still bad, but if you’re out here rocking Delibird go off I guess.

7 Love Ball Mechanics

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Shockingly, the Love Ball doesn't work either, Kurt seriously you have ONE job. This ball is supposed to increase the catch rate of opposite gendered Pokémon, but instead increases the catch rate for the same gender as your Pokémon. I mean, hey it is Pride Month.

6 Coin Case Glitches

via: attackofthefanboy.com

The Coin Case Glitches are a glitch that when utilized, actually allow you to run code in Gold and Silver, which obviously makes anything you want to happen, happen. Many of the glitches require the player to have a Quagsire in their party, and I just think that fits the Quagsire aesthetic so perfectly.

5 Status And Catch Rate

via: bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net

In Gold and Silver, it is certainly worthwhile to inflict a status to any Pokémon you’re trying to catch, as it boosts the catch rate by an astonishing 0%. This is a huge boost to the usual catch rate, and makes your chances of catching the Pokémon that much higher.

4 Lance Is Cheating

via: usgamer.net

Just throwing out my daily reminder that Lance is a dirty cheater. In his Gen 2 team, he holds 3 Dragonite, none of which are actually at the level that Dragonite evolves. I mean there’s also the fact that half his team isn’t dragons (the other half is exclusively Dragonite) too.

3 Mew Transforms Into Ditto

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In Generation 2, any Pokémon that uses Transform is assumed to be Ditto (Mew isn’t legally obtainable). Thus, anytime you catch a Pokémon that has transformed (even through moves like Sketch), you’ll obtain a Ditto. There are worse things that could happen. He’s pretty cute.

2 Belly Drum Glitch

via: pokemon.fandom.com

In Generation 2, Belly Drum doesn’t verify that the 50% of health required to activate it is present, and thus, will activate even if it shouldn’t be able to, yet it will claim it failed. However, in reality this move is just a bunch of Sword Dances, so it will still raise the attack stat two stages. Yeah, we really don’t get it either.

1 The GS Ball Celebi Event Distribution

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Can we just talk about the fact that the West didn’t get the GS Ball Celebi until 2017? The access to the Onion Fairy was originally a Japanese-only affair, and while English countries did eventually get other Celebi distributions, we never got the GS Ball event until almost 20 years later.

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