"Goat-Fund-Me" Page Created To Get Goats To Help With California Wildfire Prevention

In an effort to prevent more devastating wildfires, Nevada City has started a crowdfunding drive to recruit goats to eat a lot of flammable vegetation. Fighting the wildfires of California is not only difficult, but also dangerous work. With the help of a squadron of goats, perhaps future wildfires won’t ever be as devastating as the ones that happened last year.

The fires last year devastated both the homes of people and the animals around. Fighting the fires took days and the lives of good people. Just as the state needs to be equipped to deal with potential disasters, it should also take as much preventative measures as possible to minimize the damage. The goats can be an effective solution to easily flammable vegetation, as the state cannot just burn them or throw all of it away.

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The “Goat Fund Me” page was started to raise funds to get goats to cut down on the 450-acre greenbelt of vegetation that could ignite during warmer times and destroy the area. It’s estimated that each acre will cost up to $1000 and will need around 200 goats, so city officials are setting the funding goal at $30,000. The plan is to have the goats eat to their heart’s content, and human volunteers will clear whatever they left behind and some of the larger foliage. As of writing this article, the fund as raised almost $20,000, so reaching the town officials’ goal amount shouldn’t be hard to achieve.

While the funding page is doing well, there is a sense of urgency with getting to the goal amount. The town is situated just 70 miles south of Paradise, which was virtually erased from existence in fires last year. Seeing the potential consequences of a fire makes Nevada City residents anxious and would like preventative measures to be done quickly. Furthermore, the window for safely dealing with the vegetation is closing soon. By the end of winter, vegetation could be at risk of igniting and spreading fire with the arrival of the warmer months. The goats have until the early Spring to eat their way through 450 acres of vegetation.

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Despite the urgency and gloom of the situation, the fact that people were able to come up with creative solutions brings hope that devastating wildfires can be prevented. Alongside brave human volunteers, an army of goats is also prepared to help stop fires from spreading across the state. After all, humans aren’t the only residents of the land, and we could use the help of our animal neighbours to protect everyone.

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