Google Partnered with the LA Zoo to Produce These Amazing Animal Selfies

We all know that selfies have become so much more than a self-portrait. Selfies sometimes get a bad rap when people start to throw in words like, "overshare" and "self absorbed", but regardless, it has become one of the most popular forms of self expression – not just a way to determine what your best angle is.

Recently, selfies of only ourselves have started to become a bit mundane, so we have started to include our pets (and occasionally a wild animal) in our selfies. Well Google and the LA Zoo have taken it one step further in their recent collboration, #Zooglephotos.

Inspired by the new Disney Pixar movie Zootopia, Google Photos has set up motion sensor cameras in various enclosures at the LA zoo. These cameras have been snapping close up selfies of some of our favorite animals.

Prepare to ooh and aww over these fantastic animal selfies!

12 This bodacious babe checking herself out.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing an elephant's smile!

11 I need to know which mascara she uses.

Rocking the selfie with their delicious meal.

10 The classic extended arm Myspace selfie.

Ahh, this brings back memories.

9 Just checking out the equipment.

Only the best for these animals.

8 These tourists are totally photobombing this giraffe's selfie.

And the giraffe looks none too impressed.

7 The pensive selfie.

He's probably considering the meaning of sloth life. Which is pretty much just sleep, eat, poop.

6 Seriously, what mascara does she use?!

"Does this one make my nose look big?"

5 So fierce!

I'd be pretty scared right about now if I were that camera.

4 Tyra Banks would be so proud of this tiger using her signature "smeyes" look.

I wish I could get my eyeliner to be that perfect.

3 A great example of the extremely difficult underwater selfie.

That's one talented otter.

2 The selfie game is strong among giraffes.

Who knew giraffes would love the camera so much?

1 A handsome... Boar? Or is it a warthog?

My, what big teeth you have.

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